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Looking for a submissive!

I'm looking for a submissive to have fun with. She can be any age and even long distance. Message me on kik app search for musicflo2 or text me at 214-497-6951 for more details. MUST BE AVAILABLE 24/7

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First Job Interview

My first job interview was in a fur coat showroom to model fur coats. The ad on craigslist said to dress sexy and to show cleavage and wear at least 5 inch heels and that D cups and above should apply.

Within 5 minutes of arriving, I had been instructed to strip in the changing room and come out modeling nothing but the coat and heels.

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Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Nine

   Africa laid on the bed in the dorm room. Her hands had been tied with blue silk cord to the bedframe. Her upper body had been completely immobilized. Securely anchored down and helpless, Keith stood over her. He had removed the scanty, creamy white school uniform from her body prior and admired the contrast between her swarthy skin tone with the vibrant blues and yellows beneath her.

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Privat Postings

Did read again the new posted "For All members" blog, submitted by Lilian, regarding helpful information for new and current members.
Sorry to noticed that again no information is given of the fact that the moderators are able and allowed to read your "privat" wall postings.
The choice "privat" and "share" is ONLY intended to prevent that other members can read your posting.
To be clear.... the moderators still can read it!
This gives from time to time some rise to some confusion, not only to the new members, but also to current members.

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Male Master looking for an online female submissive. Any age, any location.

Do you feel a burning desire in your heart to be owned completely?

I am seeking an online female submissive (age 18+).You must be committed and inclined to please and serve.

You must have KIK account, sign up for one if you don't have it.

KIK me if you are:
1) female
2) submissive
3) Willing to send live pic whenever asked
4) Obedience

My KIK : sirjimmy77

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Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Eight

   As I had feared, Keith changed my major from black history to theology with a minor in philosophy. Accordingly, my courses changed as well. For my first semester, I will be taking: Introduction a la Soleilianisme, Devoirs Domicile and Sexologie. I’ll be considered a full-time student as each course is worth four credits. Keith also informed me of the extracurricular activities I’ll be participating in. He tells me they’re for my Baccalaureate Core and are required for graduation.

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Slave wanted

My Master would like another slave to join us for a session. Master Hellequin has high standards he expects total obedience he enjoys using his belt or cane. He would expect me to service you and for you to use me as directed by him

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For All members

Helpful information for our new and current members!

Welcome to Slavefarm!
Feel free to contact any of the Moderators with questions as we are here to help you with any site related questions and we strive to make your stay a pleasant one. You will find a list under "Mods" located in the top header.

You may find interest in our forums, video chat room, blogs and the image media. If you would like to contribute media and unsure how to do so, please contact a moderator and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Many of our community members are very helpful as well!

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