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Scrolling is a hard work-out

Yeah, I get it.
You've been looking for a slave for what feels like ages and you're starting to get really frustrated about the situation.
And then there she is.
That beautiful creature that makes your heart beat a little faster when you look at her pictures.
You get excited and can't wait to be able to say she's yours!
So you send a message or a friend request asking to be her master..
No previous conversation is needed for that, right? It's not like she needs to know you before becoming your slave, right?
And then you get the reply.

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looking for obediant slave

Look for a female slave who is obediant and doesnt care about rewards and just wants to be dominated.

if interested message me on kik at dickpicsforx

say yes master and send me a live pic of you nude and begging.

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Slut training

Looking for girls that want to become a true sex slave milk cow or wives you will have care

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LDR (long distance remotes)

Anyone own or tried the insertable vibes that are controlled remotely through a phone app? I think I would enjoy using one when I am away from home, but would really love y'all's input before I drop 2 or 3 hundred bucks on one. I think telling your submissive one to have it inside of her while you're away or sending her for errands, or work would be a great way to keep her in constant anticipation.
Thoughts or experiences anybody?

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Why do women specifically want black masters?????

Not being racist or anything but why do women want black masters

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Looking for friends

Im looking more for friends than slaves willing to take slave but online only work has odd hours hopefully can find friend or slave

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A Master vs. a Dominant

Because I like to absorb insight from the community, I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on what differentiates a Master from a Dominant. Not in the aspect that one is a title and the other is trait or characteristic of someone, but an answer that would include a lot more depth.

I have my own thoughts on this and it is to my understanding that there is a great difference. If you care to contribute, I'd be grateful.

Thank you. a

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So I've bought a TENS machine

Now any good sensible suggestions of how to inflict some pretty nasty pain on my sub without killing her? Please be sensible!

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Looking for female submissive into weight gain

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the training of vera m. part 2

as vera left the building she wondered,what could all this mean. i have never been mean to anyone.why would someone want to owe me? she pulled out of the lot and headed home. on the way she had a strange feeling, almost giddy. she was still wet and her nipples were tender. ah her nipples, 2 beautiful round mounds,attached to large tits. 42dd. she said it TITS. she had never used words like that before. it made her mouth feel dirty,and she was liking it.she got home in time to shower,before jim her husband came home.

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