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Hello people

Hello people I am a 21 year old dom looking for a very submissive sub. Im into just about anything I can get away with though I fully respect the others rules and the words stop don't do that so on and so on. Can be demanding at times, but kind 99 percent of the time. Looking in the ages from 19-25 hit me up if interested

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under my tree !

This year.
I don't want to rid the world of fear.
I don't even want to send out an
abundant amounts of cheer.
All I want. All I need.
is a collections of hips.
a slave with cock sucking lips.
collars, that come in a rainbow full of colors.
Red, blue, yellow and black. Cuff her in front
cuff her in back. She can be either saggy or stacked.
oh a naked slave what a sight.
lip stick making her look like a christmas light.
Oh what a sexy dream.
as tasty as chocolate velvet cream.
this year under my tree.
A domestic slash sex slave for me.

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My lactation journey, Part II

My morning began with an extensive breast massage, followed by a rather complete cleansing and then a healthy application of udder cream (yes, it exists). It was an amazing way to begin the day! Yesterday, I took my first dose of fenugreek and will increase it today. It will be interesting to see if that actually stimulates my milk supply. We are slowing moving off the breast pump to manual stimulation, more sucking, and eventually, manual expressing. It just seems more healthy that way, and I am not very fond of the breast pump!

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Still Searching

Looking for that one slave that fits the bill. Must give ALL to me, body and soul. You are to be owned 100% with no hesitation. This is for LONG term! Breeder bitch is what you will be.

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My lactation journey begins

My journey as a lactation slave has begun in earnest. Master's tits are being manipulated and sucked constantly, and are pumped eight times a day. I have been surprised at how horny this process makes me! Master's ass and cunt have never been used in so many ways! Already Master's tits have begun to release a few drops of milk and his slave has begun to beg for release with his sucking. Sometimes Master's tits become painfully hard! They are also getting plumper! Drinking two large glasses of milk, at least four 16 oz.

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Toronto Master needs to be satisfied by fem sub

Master is seeking a fem sub for friendship and to own, part-time, in the toronto area

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light white fog
covering the ground like a blanket.
the fog looks like a cloud resting
on the grass.
The Fog in the mornings
a Mystery for us to consider.
another work of God. Its
full of Mass but yet we can walk through it.
Fog the sight of things yet
to come? or just a smaller barrier?
nothing to be afraid of says the warrior.

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For my Master

Strip me naked making me ashamed
Pull my hair till I kneel
Slap my face till I lower my eyes
Make me suck Your cock till I choke

Bite my flesh until Your teeth leave imprints
Restrain my body on the cross
Flog my body until I bruise
Make me stay & face my fears

Make me scream for mercy as the pain rips through my body
Whip my body till I beg to cum
Choke me till I pass out
Slap & punch my cunt till it swells & bruises

Use me for Your sadistic pleasures
Make me cry real pure tears of pain & pleasure
Take me to hell & back if that pleases You
Carve Your name in my flesh

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The Whip

The whistle of the whip as it flys through the air making her body shiver with pure fear delight the intake of breath that this slut takes as she hears the whistle coming through the air once again the crack it makes as the sting hits her flesh making her jump ever so slightly, she only sound in the room that she can hear is her own heartbeat, the sound of the whistle comes through the air once more, the sting of the lash hitting her again she bites down on her bottom lip as a smile forms on her lips she hears nothing at all from Him, she knows He is there but she knows He wont speak to her, w

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Something every kajira knows her slave litneys

He is Master, and i am Slave.
He is owner, and i am owned.
He commands, and i obey.
He is to be pleased, and i am to please.
Why is this?
Because he is Master and i am Slave

Book 13, Explorers of Gor, pages 178-179

Q: What are you?
A: I am a slave girl.
Q: What is a slave girl?
A: A girl who is owned.
Q: Why do you wear a brand?
A: To show that I am owned.
Q: Why do you wear a collar?
A: That men may know who owns me.
Q: What does a slave girl want more tham anything?
A: To please men.
Q: What are you?
A: I am a slave girl.
Q: What do you want more than anything?

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