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For my collection

It's quite rare to see Joanne Jameson at the receiving end of the paddle or the whip. I already have the movies produced by Nuwest/Leda. But I know there is more and hard to find. If you have any link/information to this peculiar material, please let me know. Thanks.

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master for sub/slave

Experienceed Master in need of a new kik sub slave girl first timers most welcome
Master needs a girl that is:

Obedient from the start

Willing to submit fully

Let master take control of cloths hair and makeup to have every day

how to play with yourself when and where

Full control of pics and videos from the start no questions

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== Results from ==
98% Submissive
97% Rope bunny
80% Brat
79% Masochist
70% Slave
67% Degradee
59% Primal (Prey)
49% Experimentalist
48% Vanilla
46% Girl/Boy
30% Pet
20% Ageplayer
15% Rigger
15% Exhibitionist
13% Switch
10% Non-monogamist
8% Sadist
6% Dominant
4% Brat tamer
4% Daddy/Mommy
3% Degrader
3% Primal (Hunter)
2% Master/Mistress
1% Owner
1% Voyeur

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Meeting a master

Lonely in a new town I figured I would put out a personal add. SWF looking for a fun time, someone to show me the town. I started through many emails and I got one that intrigued me to no end.

Your master awaits, I'm looking for a very sexy girl to show off and do as their told. One that I can take out, pamper, and who is not afraid of anything. I wasn't sure to respond or not and that evening I thought about it over a glass of wine and a long hot bath. Master? Show off? Hmm the thought excited me like no other. I fully enjoyed myself in the tub thinking about the idea.

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An Impossible Search

Who I am/What about me:

I'm usually a serious person...though I can make several jokes with ease. Introverted, but deep in many ways.

I like all types of music, except atonal. If you don't know what atonal is, thank your lucky stars.

I am catholic, but you don't have to be...I'm accepting of all religions or if you have none that's ok. As long as you don't force me to convert. I'm not going to do that to you anyhow.

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The needs of a whore.

I want to be dominated and treated like a whore. In no particular order:

1. Being tied up.
2. Being blind-folded.
3. Being gagged.
4. Being face-fucked (rough).
5. Being analized (rough).
6. Being spanked over the knee.
7. Being whipped.
8. Being flogged.
9. Being pissed on.
10. Being humiliated in every possible way.
11. Being treated like a whore in ever conceivable way.
12. Being subjected to the harshest whore training imaginable.

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Feeling Better But Not 100%

This slave is not yet 100% better
But it is slightly better from being sick with the flu
However as part of its rent it needs to be this families maid so it had some work to do today to catch up.
Also same for this weekend so yes this slave will be on and off online but busy FYI
It's part of its rent so it must do this...

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Been Very Very Very Sick and Offline

Been Very Very Very Sick and Offline

This slave has been very very very very sick with the flu and still this slave is very sick.
So it has been offline and it just came on to post about it being sick so that everyone knows where this slave is for now. It will get back online once it is done being sick.
Sorry for the inconvenience....
Please still message this slave as it will get the messages once it is back and feels better.

Thank you
slave 408-188-383

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Sick With The Flu Today; September 14th, 2016

September 14th, 2016

A quick note; this slave is sick with the flu with a temp of a 103 and throwing up.
So not sure how much this slave will be online today.
Just wanted to let everyone know if it does not respond then today or not answering today and left the browser open which shows that this slave is online when really this slave is not online; then this is why...

Thank you for understanding...

slave 408-188-383

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