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Golden Glow

Golden Glow

THE ROOM LOOKS dim yet alive with movement, with all the lights turned off, the only illumination coming from a series of candles placed throughout, the flickering light in a perpetual dance with the shadows that are pushed to and fro along the wall and ceiling, a result of the candle flames being repeatedly pushed by the air movement created from our bodies in motion, yours squirming under the firm discipline of my open hand.

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I Want Rituals

I want to wake up next to you.

I dream about having breakfast in bed with you. Frosted Mini Wheats and Cap'n Crunch, so we can take turns eating from one bowl and then the other because I want to share little insignificant things with you that become our rituals. I want us to make our own religious practices where we worship the afternoon grass as it pets our arms and we pray to the God of 6 A.M. Sex before the devil brings you his daily deadlines.

I want rituals.

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Male master looking for new submissive female kik slave

Hi I'm a male dominant master who has recently become free and now looking for a new female kik slave to fulfil my fetish
Message me if interested on kik @delcan2418

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Professional Submissive female - but alone very open to explore everything. I am seeking Daddy/Monitor/Master..........

Professional Submissive female - but alone very open to explore everything. I don't like playing games. too serious for such nonsense. I had a Master but he passed away with no warning or being sick, We had just stated this journey together. And would like to continue if I find the right person. I have a lot to offer to the right person,after Master passed away i went back to Mistress.I am honest,loyal and obedient. I do expect respect. I am submissive but i am no door mat. I have a brain. I want to be more than your dirty little secret.

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slave seeking Master

Hi, I'm a 27 year old, female slave, looking for like-minded people to chat with, and with an interest in chatting to any potential Masters. I'm new to slavefarm but not totally new to BDSM. Have had some online and offline experience. Right now, just interested in online, but keen to develop that to total, 24/7 control. Potential for in-person meets, too, but dependant on distance. Always interested in learning, and furthering training, or just finding some handy tips from other people Smile

Conversations are a good place to start, so feel free to message me!

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Look for an online slave for kik

I am here looking for a subimissive or slave that will do the following
1. Be willing to send pictures when required of her
2. Be willing to obey at all times
3. Complete obedience to me
4. Loyal
If you have questions message me at gunblood1997 on kik

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Male master looking for an online female slave (KIK)

Do you feel a burning desire in your heart to be owned completely?

I am seeking an online female submissive (age 18+).You must be committed and inclined to please and serve.

You must have KIK account, sign up for one if you don't have it.

KIK me if you are:
1) female
2) submissive
3) Willing to send live pic whenever asked
4) Obedience

My KIK : sirjimmy77

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Non Marking Sessions

Sometimes marking isn’t always an option for subs (much as this may be wanted) but that doesn’t mean pain can’t be inflicted....

One such session for me involved being collared (and leashed) and relieving myself in front of my Master - most humiliating. Then followed the usual inspection - including some nipple twisting and pulling and a ring gag was added to my mouth.

I was then restrained with rope whilst on my knees and head on the bed - in such as way that I was immobilised completely with my ass and pussy on show and totally accessible.

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Südwestdeutschland (FR)?

Sind willige Fesselschlampen aus dem o.g. Raum auf dieser Plattform?

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Bow to Cock

Sir has attached a big dildo cock with balls to the living room wall.

I must kneel to it every morning and suck it for a minute. Sir wants to hear me choke on it.

I then must bow to it and say:

Cock is king. Man is my master. Long live the patriarchy!

I then must back up into it on all fours so that the dildo cock slides up my ass. I then wait for my next instructions from Sir.

Today, he gave no instruction. He just walked over, unzipped, and pissed on my face.

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