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In need of a sadist for torture

My wife is to be tortured for cheating. Will be looking to bring a sadist/sadist couple or group in to torture her while I watch. She so easy gave her body to be fucked, so I see no reason why I shouldn't give her body to a sadist to torture it for cheating. This is to be a very extreme and brutal torture with no limits and no mercy. The torture will have to be done here as traveling is to hard cause of the [filtered word] and has made plans in the past fall apart to easily. Her whole body is to be relentlessly tortured.

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Master Admits to Bumbling Great Start to On Line Relationship

This Sir has been on S F For 4 Great Years . I would like to Say that if Anyone has Gotten to Know This Master has made me A Better for it ... I must say I have tried my Best at Adapt to New Ideas , Using Technology as My Means of Getting to Know Some of You Great Deserving Submissives . This Sir Don't like Immature Games that include , Pathetic , Ungrateful , Want to Be Master's ... I am probably setting myself up for some hate mail and comments , but in all Seriousness This is a Place of Trust in the things We Participate In ...

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I am looking for good, serious written stories about female humiliation / degradation. Nothing is off limits. I feel like I have found all the sites and stories out there and I am bored. Please give me links to your favorite degradation stories. ( not the website..the actual story you like) please and thank you!!

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Slave Farm

I was just thinking about Slave Farm and all it's warts. For the sub/slaves who come here, you are overwhelmed by the number of Doms and wannabe doms who get in touch with you. For the Doms, most of the contacts you have are from people trying to scam you for money.

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Wanting real sick twisted master

I'm I sure wish I could find someone ,that really new how to do this

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slave seeking long time older master

hello master slave here seeking master to own and collar me for long time. i am into sucking,swallow,anal sex,breast sex,domestic,total obedient and more

Lexibear's picture

I need to be harshly punished on the pussy

I have been a very bad little one lately and my master knows that me posting online and asking for other people's help with punishing me would humiliate me. He wants for me to be punished on my cunt/clit very harshly. He wants for me to be degraded so I'll know never to backtalk him again. I am in a lot of trouble so please be as harsh as you would like. I deserve it.

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I have received the following message from Gudmund:

sorry I remove some of your picture Webmaster don't want femdom at the pic it is his rule not mine kindly Gudmund

Fair enough. I understand owners of the site have enforced the Golden rule.

•We reserve the right to refuse images for any reason.

Very reasonable rule. Smile

But let´s move forward though. Gudmund, you should want to remove these pictures from my section too.

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I am a total slave looking for a Dom Master.

Hello and welcome I am an honest person and so you should be. I dont like playing games. too serious for such nonesense.I had a Master but he passed away with no warning or being sick, We had just stated this journey togheter. And would like to continue if I find the right person. I have a lot to offer to the right person,after Master passed away i went back to Mistress.I am honest,loyal and obedient. I do expect respect. I am slave but i am no door mat. I have a brain. I want to be more than your dirty little secret.

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Etiquette and courtesy are important in any society, including the one here at SF. When people draw incorrect negative conclusions based on conjecture and projection and then post publicly about it - well, that is a breach of any reasonable etiquette.

What is even more insidious is for such an event to occur - for a person to draw and post incorrect negative conclusions publicly, to do so in a rude and aggressive way - and to later apologize privately, and backhanded at that, all the while leaving the original post for all to read.

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