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Day 2

Day 2 was intense. Master had very little time, and it was clear. He arrived and immediately grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into the floor. He groped me, pinched my nipples, and inspected my ass. He had told me to have a plug in. So he fucked my ass with the plug a bit. He demanded me into the tub. I climbed in. He fucked my face...making tears stream down my cheeks. He gagged me with his huge cock. He slapped my cheeks and made them red while I attempted to take in every inch of his cock. I worshiped his cock. I begged for more. I licked him.

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3 days with my master - Day 1

Master has told me to blog.

I happen to be traveling to where he lives. And, I am in fact staying within 2 blockes of his work. So, amazingly, I have seen master each day for the last three days.

The first day I was SO NERVOUS. I actually pounded a beer and had wine before he arrived. We have been talking and playing for almost 2 years, but this was it.

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Hi, my name is property and i’m a slave with wants. Worse still, i’m a slave with needs. It means i’m hungry for something, i have desires, wishes, cravings, a strong appetite. If these are ignored long enough, i’ll suffer for it. Does this make me a bad slave, or just a normal human being?

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searching for sub to play with

good day mature master looking for submissive in the Montréal area to play with

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about you...

Searching for a female slave for friendship and to serve her new master.

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15 Picture and 5 video tested
all work
if member still have trouble
mess me here

Allan Wink Smile

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(^.^)/) NIce Master Looking for a submissive female as well as a slave.

First of all I would just like to say. "Hello!" seeing as I am new to this website. Even though I may just be 19 beware as I am very experienced and well surprise most of the people whome have talked to me beforehand. With that being said I am looking for a submissive female I could talk to on kik, as well as a slave I can talk to on kik. Do not worry I an a caring and loving master even with the punishing I always make sure to leave my ladies satisfied and make sure their urges have been fulfilled for the time being. If I am to bite or anything you'll get a treat in the end.

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So... Where to now?

What do you do when you are old, alone, and cant see any path back to happiness?
When youve relocated to the middle of nowhere, and your life is dead in the water, where do you look? What do you even look for?
When the idea of socializing makes you physically ill, how do you talk? What do you even say?
At what point during all of this do you simply give up?
And after you have found the answer to that last one, have accepted and embraced it, what do you do next?

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Let's Play a Game

I greet you at the door. You look tired and a little worn out from the day. I can tell you are ready to put away the thoughts of your work, and I can see from your eyes that you are happy to be home... happy to see me... happy to be about to start our evening together after a long day.

You hold my chin gently, turning my face up to you and you kiss me. "Hola querida," you say and I smile as you go off to have a shower. Dinner is prepared, simmering until you wish to eat. While you are getting ready I think of the ways I might make your evening enjoyable.

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I know this isn't a blog. But I'm very upset and need someone to talk to

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