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Kong toy training

My Daddy is using a wonderful kong toy to train his pussy to open for him. We started with a small one a few weeks ago and this weekend i am excited and nervous because he is giving me a graduation gift of the next size up because of my progress. When first starting with the kong it hurt and it scared me. Now i find the way it feels addictive and i feel empty when i can't have it inside.

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Wear sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen.
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.
The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience...
I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded.

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Top 20 Politically Correct Way To Call Someone A Pervert

Top 20 Politically Correct Way To Call Someone A Pervert

20. Morally Challenged
19. Sadomasochistically-engineered
18. Sensationally-accomplished
17. Kinkifically-resolved
16. Exhibitionismically-oriented
15. Missionary-incompatible
14. Dominantly-endowed
13. Submissively-enabled
12. Orientation-curious
11. Contusion-achieved
10. Gender-empowered
9. Pain-reliant
8. Polycapable
7. Deviationally-fixated
6. Fetish-accessible
5. Restraint-compatible
4. Leather-dependent
3. Endorphin-enhanced
2. Spank-natured

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Top 10 Signs you are Too Old for BDSM

Top 10 Signs you are Too Old for BDSM

10. Sensory deprivation is when your Dom hides your hearing aid batteries.

9. Your nipple clamps have training wheels.

8. Edge play is standing by the microwave with a pacemaker.

7. When you tell your sub to get the cane, she has to specify "walking" or "beating".

6. You can't tell the difference between your tattoos and your age spots.

5. You shout "One, two, three, CLEAR!" for electrical play.

4. Your idea of breath play is when your wheelchair runs over your oxygen hose.

3. Your idea of suspension is an Ultra Lift bra.

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Nipple Rings

The top ten reasons nipple rings are a GOOD idea:

#10. You gain a new and much higher threshold for pain.

#9. You have more than just your purse to keep from losing your car keys.

#8. With a little body english and a short copper wire, you can pick up
pay-per-view if the weather is right.

#7. You can now jump car batteries without cables.

#6. With only a spinning table and spot light you can earn extra cash
renting yourself out to Club parties.

#5. Those nasty stretch marks are no longer the center of attention for
your husband or boyfriend.

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Looking for female slave fun in KC metro area

Looking for a female slave in Kansas City metro area who is interested in online or in-person slave fun.
if interested, please message me or email me.

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A story I wrote in some spare time

So here is part one of something I wrote for someone I know. It's not great but there's another part ready to post if anyone enjoys this one...
Comments/criticisms are welcome. Feel free to pm me about it if you like! I quite enjoyed writing a story tailored to someone's precise kinks. May have to try it again!

Lucy at the doctors office.

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General Rules

1. slave is property of her Master and will always conduct herself in a manner that will honor Master’s name.

2. slave is to always address Master as Sir or Master.

3. slave is to greet Master with a kiss and then bow her head respectfully then kneel waiting instructions.

4. slave is to wear her necklace 24/7 as slave’s pledge of commitment to her Master and O/our relationship.

5. slave is to be at home every evening by 10:00 pm unless she has Master’s permission. Master must be notified of any curfew that will be missed prior to 10:00.

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Looking for a master that is strict but caring, has rules and gives punishments if they are broken, that is loving, praises me for good behavior and scolds me for bad behavior.
On a regular basis I am very obedient, respectful, giving, caring, good mannered. But, I do have bad days. I'm going to have those days when I need to be disciplined, scolded.
I need a master who will not just ditch me because I snapped slightly, but instead, I need a master that will teach me not to do what I did wrong, again.
I have kik, so message me and I'll give it to you or just message me to talk.

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