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Self Pain

I think I have finally found something that I can adequately give myself pain with.... The Chain Of Pain. Smile :-) Smile :-)

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my scariest desire

my long desire is to be an owned clitless slave. To find the right master who will make it impossible to masturbate to orgasm by rubbing my clit to orgasm. I would love to be horny all the time but never climax. Always looking to be cunt fucked but never ever climax. I want to be that slave that drinks your piss and your friends piss.

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Public Humiliation

Sir took me to his favorite erotic store for a dose of public humiliation. He made me put on the following for our trip to the store:black booty shorts with a hole in the back so that my pig tail ass plug sticks straight out for everyone to see, a tight black bra top that puts my tits on display, and the black thick dog collar that I find most humiliating with the big gold tag that clearly says, ASSHOLE LICKER on it. I am wet with humiliation the second we walk in the store. There are about six men inside and they all stop and stare as I walk past each one.

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Are you really that worthless and useless??

If you're really that useless, that you can't be intelligent when you reply, then perhaps you're really unworthy of cumming
Kik me Roughkiwi and maybe just maybe you'll prove me wrong

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I finally got a 24/7 master two and a half ago. He is letting blog to let everyone know. Well everything is great get ducked every day buy 25-50 men a day. I am milking. We will be posting videos and pics later. He has non stopped fisted me to where there is no fix in it. He uses everything from small dildos to pineapples on me. I get normal enemas every day three times a day before and after sex. I am not aloud to wear clothes if we go out I am made to where a crop shirt no bra besides my rope bra with nipple clamps. Extme short skirt with no parties while wherein high heels.

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search online cruel sadistic master

hi I'm experience painslut i hv 4 yrs experience of painslut nw I'm searching online cruel master who treat me like fuck toy .....
u add me on kik

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Master searching for painshitslut slave for abuse

Only No Limit Slaves

Master searching for painshitslut slave for abuse

Extreme Strict Hardcore Master looking for a roadside nasty filthy female slut who deserves to be below Man's boots.

If you are a worthless whore, pain-slut, humiliation slut, toilet slut, with degradation, gang-bang and [filtered word] fantasies, I will be your Master.

kik me @ servethesupreme

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The Anal Pear

I want to know if anyone on this site has purchased and used the "Anal Pear."

This metal contraption can be inserted into the anus or cunt and has the ability to expand with pressure on the dial at the top. The main feature that I like about this device is it's ability to be locked into place with a padlock, keeping the device painfully expanded within the slave. While my slavecunt's main fetish is worshiping and taking my seed, I relish using metal restraints on it.

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Master ISO Permanent Female slave

Well, I am 50 in the meantime, had a relationship for almost 4 years. She left the scene. She wanted something else in life. So, I am on the "hunt" again. See my first blog

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