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I am a master in need of a new kik slave

Hello I am looking for a new slave who can dedicate themselves to me through kik and maybe then be relocated to my location if I am pleased
Pm me for more details

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Daddy's Little cum hole slave

To look me in the eye and tell me to say please. I long to feel Daddy's hand to smack me hard and make me cry.
I want somerelease, to wince, to beg, to cry. Be dropped down to my knees and look downtoward the floor.

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For thé one who seek for true African slave

For whom to seek for a true ebony et sexslave :

Let me tell you my story about her :

In the year 2013, i've met an escort girl (bollocks full of Cum, just needed to emptied it.
An African escort was around my town un France, Brittany. She was so gorgeous but yet, she admit it, she préférés Girls than boys ....... Ok then ><
But has soon has she known about me !
(I'm a true Scorpio, sex is my only way of life, with works of course).

You seek for a true Real African sexslave ? Give her what she Ask, and you'll bé rewarded by thé gifs themself !!!!

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Teenie submissive girl. Needs a daddy to own me. I'm 5'3, 110lbs, curly brown hair and eyes. Small boobs, perky ass, and firm little body. My limits are what Daddy says.

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New female kik slave needed

In need of a new female submissive to please me and help my needs be fulfilled, one that will provide photo proof or what's the point
Lol me @Delcan2418

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online slaves needed

Good day, I am 29 years old master and my name is Joe. I am looking for online FEMALE slave/submissive, preferably KIK as a platform.

Below are my criteria for slave/sub:
1) Able to sent live pic and videos whenever asked (face is optional. You may hide your face/identity).
2) willing to obey orders and rules.
3) Loyal
4) Long term relationship

If you met above criteria, do KIK me at joemaster33

Attach your erotic pic along with greeting message consist of introduction, e.g : limits (if you have any) and fetishes.

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Hucow audio

This is interesting. A gal on Gone Wild Audio has posted a 3 part (so far) series of stories about being a hucow.

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africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Nineteen

      I chuckled.

      “It’s true, Master.”

      “You mean the same black boi from last week?” I asked to clarify.

      “Yes, Master.”

      I listened to africa’s report while she groomed herself. Apparently beating it was not enough of a deterrent. Because it found her again and attempted to talk to her.

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be WHAT you are ...NO MORE LIES

a "sheltered" life, a life nestled away from the scrutiny and judgement and ignorance of lesser and shallower minds. thats what many ones I cross life paths on sites like this one and others lead. nothing wrong with warm safe familiar enclosure where one can lower their guard and unmask. "any enjoyment is weakened when shared." -MDS-

HOWEVER, I am not talking about them sheltered from NONE other than "the facade " they placate and attempt to bribe and deceptively attempt to pawn off a rendition of... a bad cover band act.. that they call "themselves"!

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