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Edwardsville Kansas

I am in Edwardsville Kansas today and tomorrow would love to meet and play with a female

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There and back again.. oh wait, that's another story...

Glad to see this site is back to looking like before, especially the media. We've gotten some nice ideas from them, depending on our mood...

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Humiliation kik slave wants online master

I am looking for an online master to humiliate me and degrade my body via kik. I am interested in body writing, ass and pussy training, and just in general being told what to do in demeaning ways. If you are interested in this cunt please email me!

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The site

First of all I would like to apologize to all those who wrote to me during the past days. I was away from home with no computer and very limited access to the Internet.
Second, I have NO idea what is going on. I know just as much as all of you. I know nothing about technical issues and my role here was basically that of a scammer buster.
I have written to Gudmund and to the webmaster but still no answers to my questions. I'm still waiting. You may say I'm a dreamer but let's wait a little more before we start talking about the end of Slavefarm.

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Website fucked up

What's happening to the website?? And no one word from moderators? Really bad.

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Is this working?

Umm.. ok
The media has disappeared.
Also, thankfully, I took my avatar down as everyone else's avatar appears at the moment to be gigantic on the front page. It was a little humorous one day to log on and see a big dick pic front and center...I'm not a dick pic connoisseur but I must say, it was a nicely shaped erection.

Now on to more pressing matters. If this is the beginning to the end, it was a pleasure to see you.

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Conditioning a Slave

Where do you suppose the above process starts ?
It certainly isn't due to some inherent domliness trait I possess.

It starts with someone willing to be controlled. Someone that desires that state.
The end state will be rewarding in and of itself. There are multiple avenues but probably does involve some element of submission or reward through service.

Somehow we meet. You know that first it probably helps if there is friendship.
Because that equates to trust and respect in both parties.

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new here

new here hello

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Bored as fuck

Hey I’m bored as fuck someone message me

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Answer a question for me- Your Ultimate Desire

To all the slaves on here, I ask you what is your ultimate desire?

Share with me! MARKRAE89 - KIK

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