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Emotional Release vs. Crying Theory

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For New and Current Members!

Helpful information for our new and current members!

Welcome to Slavefarm!
Feel free to contact any of the Moderators with questions as we are here to help you with any site related questions and we strive to make your stay a pleasant one. You will find a list under "Mods" located in the top header.

You may find interest in our forums, video chatroom, blogs and the image media. If you would like to contribute media and unsure how to do so, please contact a moderator and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Many of our community members are very helpful as well!

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About me

Mature bbw-ish female sub/slave seeking hucow training online. Desire large cow udders filled with milk and need experienced and/or knowledgeable Master or Farmer to train and help transform me. Married and live very remote so online is the only option but this is what I strongly desire.

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Fright Night Dom

A bit of humor in the Halloween spirit.

Fright Night Dom

1) Owns a butt plug so big it requires handle bars and a crow bar to remove it.
2) “Physco” is His favorite comedy.
3) Says safe word is full social security number and birth date.
4) Bondage rope is black spray-painted Nerd rope candy.
5) Asks if biting is a hard limit and if blood type is a “Rare” kind.
6) Upon inspection asks to pose in a fetal position and takes your measurements.
7) Cage time is a trip to the local morgue.
8) Has pawned you for a tarot card reading.

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Real life sucks.

So, life you guys. It sucks.

I've been busy and this side of me has taken a back seat... the side that actively pursues daily use/abuse/humiliation. I'm still very much owned and still very much in love, but most of my energy has been spent on job searching and trying to figure out how I'm going to relocate across country with no car and not very much money.

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Slave looking for online Master who would be in control of the slave 24/7. Likes bondage and assPlease contact me if interested.

Hi. I'm a slave looking for and online Master. Someone who is sadistic and only wants to satisfy himself. I believe a slave should be treated like this: I never had a Master so I will probably need lots of harsh training, disciplining and punishing. My Master controlling when I eat/drink/piss/sleep is something that I would like. Not being allowed to eat/drink/piss/sleep for a long time - just on Master's whim - turns me on.

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You know that you make psychologists crazy, right?

Researchers often start with the conceit “my prejudices brilliantly describe reality” and design research projects to celebrate their insights. The best of them, when confronted by evidence that they’re wrong, publicly announce the fact. The rest of them hide the confounding evidence away in a locked file cabinet.

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Additional information

From the questions I've received I don't think I added enough detail to my profile initially. I've updated to include more information. To answer some common questions - I prefer whips over spankings, which is really annoying. I'd love to have long, deep marks that I can feel when I move. Given the circumstances that's probably not going to happen! Needles / pins are wonderful. I've never been exposed to hot wax. Some other favorites are chemicals (cinnamon / peppermint / icy hot etc.) and electric play. I also enjoy long-term, such as "wear xyz all day today".

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I will do anything, but I won't do that


I'll answer some basic questions here in this first blog post.

Yes, I'm female.

No, really!

Yes, I was born female. And, fwiw, I intend to remain female! Smile

Yes, I have experience. In fact, I used to serve my husband among others.

No, I will not do video or voice.

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