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Pondering thought.... Everything

i recently became acquainted with a Master locally with in the lifestyle. We met for coffee, and he started a pretty interesting conversation that was thought provoking so felt compelled to share the intense thought to ponder.

He stated that in his experience he had met an 85 year old slave and asked her what the definition of being a true slave was? Her reply, “Being a true slave is everything”. I sat there for a minute pondering the statement repeating the word “everything” over and over in my mind as a sipped my coffee.

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slavefarm website without fake Masters or slaves

hello Masters and slaves
i come with one idea as i like this website and have talked with amazing people here .
i want to ask moderator to put every master and slave to proof his/her self by opening webcam for 30 second in private yahoo or skype for moderator then we know that website will never be a place for fake people .

i hope moderator will apply this idea to keep scammers far from slavefarm

Thanks you

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sir needs fem asian sex slave Toronto

Sir needs an asian sex slave to please him, comfort him and obey him, she live in Toronto area

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Love pain and pleasure

BDSM for me its love your slave/sub ,protect her,give her sweet pain,care about her, never abandon her without a reason.
BDSM for some people its just an project use their slaves to get for themselves money and when she get sick or even if that led her to be harmed to get money then they have no use for her and abandon her, that what i saw in more cases.

why you Masters think that slaves are just an object ??? i believe that slaves have soul and heart never ignore that, if you want your slave to make you happy then protect her, and care about her that mean you are real Master .

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sir needs a submissive fem

sir needs to own a classy female submissive type to use as he pleases, Toronto or area?

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Give up finding a master :(

I give up looking for a master Sad im thinking instead of just posting pictures of what anyone tells me to do (within reason) so inbox me or email me and i shall get back to you with a picture of whatever task/punishment you want me to do
Bare in mind im very inexperienced and the old toy i own is a pink vibrator

Email is


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An update on my life :)

I thought I would write here as I haven't for quite a while. This isnt on one certain topic, it's a bit of a mixture of things that have happened and my thoughts and feelings, so to some it may seem very random.

So, I'm going to start by being honest.

At the start of being a slave to Daddy, I had a big doubt that things would never work out, that I could never be what he really wanted.

It's now 9 months on, and the doubts have disappeared completely. I'm trying my best, learning and improving day by day and I didn't realise happiness like this existed.

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It's been a while

I haven't posted here in a while. Master was extra mean, and extra gracious to me today, so the least I can do is blog a bit for him.

He has been pushing me a lot lately. I have crossed several lines that I thought were boundaries, but, I want to do that for him. To please him. He enjoys humiliating me, and I know that is my place and duty. He has had me covered in piss. In my hair, on my face. My tits and ass red from being beaten. And I still want to please him.

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For a few weeks this has been on my mind, but have never been able to put it down in words. This is my first time I'm going to try, so please if it is not clear, just ask and don't just assume. Also, I'd like to point out that I'm not looking to leave my Master, I'm just wanting to share this without being judged. And maybe get constructive feedback.

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