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Looking for a maater

Hi I am a 39 bifemale in hallsville tx looking for a master dom that can teach me and train me to be a better submissive. Have not been on the BDSM for longer some what new to it will to learn and grow as a slave. So hit me up and let talk. Thanks

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Looking for Slave girl

Well, I'm looking for my first slave girl she has to be honest and loyal. I'm into pup play, bondage, spandex, BDSM. And for now, only text talk to her no voice yet
(no spams and or fake accounts

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die peitsche in der medizin

aus wikipedia:

-Peitsche in der Medizin
Im Mittelalter wurde die Geißelung teilweise zu medizinischen Zwecken eingesetzt:
„Die Geisselung erhitze und reinige das Gemüt von der depressiven Stimmung, die nach der Viersäftelehre aus einem trockenen und kühlen Temperament hervorgehe.“
Ferner wiesen damals Mediziner darauf hin, dass die Geißelung auf Gesäß und Lenden sexuell stimuliere und sie wurde daher bei ermattetem Geschlechtstrieb als Aphrodisiakum oder bei Frauen bei Fruchtbarkeitsstörungen verordnet.

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Slave looking for an owner

Just a lonely open slave seeking ownership from the right owner who will use me well

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It doesn't look like we're going to get to the sexual aspect of bdsm anytime soon. He's told me he wants to take it slow. He hasn't ASKED for any pictures but has ordered my verbal mantra I wrote not long ago. I've sent verbal's before, but I'm quite self conscience about my personal self I haven't done much after. In our last chat session he told me he decided on something. Not calling it a task or anything to help explain this. But more of humiliating myself as he says he would enjoy knowing I'm doing it.

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Actively looking in So Cal

Always love the pics and videos on this site, completely authentic. Am really over the heavily produced porn, with actors faking a lot of the sounds. We love the authenticity that a site like this can bring. If you have a great suggestion for a link to check out please share as real subs make the most amazing faces, sounds, and moans.

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Solastalgia, the word for that.

Do you long for the lost days when a leather collar & warm spot beside his chair were your harbor, a refuge against the day? There’s a word for that.

Solastalgia. (Though I might argue for "Solistalgia.") The pain of recognizing that A Place is gone.

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Cow in the pasture

This cow does not have breasts or nipples. They are now udders and teats. This cow has been going through some strenuous tasks by Sadistic Caveman. And it enjoys every one of them. They involve teat, udder and clit torture. As well as eating its chow on the floor. Cow will “moo” for anyone. :Cool

Please feel free to comment any way you wish, or send suggestions Wink

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Sore Nipples

This was a dare given to me by a Dom from another site. This is my report:

Dare: Remove toothpaste with rubberband
Items needed: toothpaste, rubberband

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Amazing chat the last couple of nights. Master K reads me well. I was saying before in my profile that K is into details and he really showed that last night.

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