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Young slut wants tits bruised and beaten

kik jessnoseworthy if you want to bruise them, im an amature so I don't have much of anything and I live at home so I need to be quiet.

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Likes, dislikes, limits

Likes: corner time, writing lines, sleeping dares, clothespins, tasks, control, spanking, bondage, blindfolds, kneeling.

Dislikes: pussy torture, kneeling on uncooked rice, edging (I am not allowed, as I am not allowed to get pleasure without permission), mouth soaping, workout exercises, breast play.

Limits: public, excessive pain, sending pictures, anal, needles, wax, anything unsafe, noisy tasks.

I don't own toys, only household items. For example, I have ice cubes, diapers, wooden spoon, clothespins, sandpaper, ropes, duct tape, hairbrush, padlock.

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Kik female sub/slave training school new enrolling for new semester

Experienceed Master starting new first time girl classes as most first year girls have graduated to to second year. Master looks for the girls that like 24/7 control sexual and non training not just girls that what to get off and go. Full control is best control.

Master needs a girl that is :

Obedient from the start

Willing to submit fully

Let master take control of cloths hair and makeup to have every day

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Seeking a Master

I am seeking a Master to punish and degrade me. I have no known limits and I am still learning how to be a proper fat slut.

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Torture in mind.

A serious dominant to lay a devoted submissive beneath him, respectfully but firmly. Torture, humiliation and caring is what this item is looking for...

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no limit nasty online slave seeking

looking for an online slave for nasty degrading no limits chat . sending pics and doing cams or a plus but not necessary . if u are interested or anything u want to know first pm me . just on skype kik or email

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Ownership and duty

I have been searching for a slave for some time now, and it surprises me just how many different versions of what a slave is I have found.
I would have thought that the word slave would say it all, but it seems it does not.
Some see it to be a playtime thing, being used sexually. Others say there is more, citing the idea of being open to constant punishment. Still others say they can not see how it can be done, with the demands of a job and maybe a family.

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Total Power Exchange, Master/slave

What are you looking for?
A single female who will willingly become a slave and participate in a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE) with me as their Master. This is a personalized TPE and obviously (like many things) this will be different compared to others. So I am not the authority on the subject.

This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle.

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Hucow want to be

I do not need romance or seducing. I am a fuck slave. I am to be used. Not mistreated, but to be the receptacle for hard cocks continually. I need it. The cock owner does not need to even speak to me unless he wants to direct me in what position to be. He can talk to my Master. My Master approves in advance any one that has permission to fuck me. He is currently training my ass to take cock so I can be a 3-hole slut.

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