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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 10/06 part 2

Took me 5 tries to upload my blogs lol. Anyway..... As i previously stated I just recently found I can reach one of my nipples in my mouth. So i suck on my tit before i pump now. My right one i can only lick haha. I managed to reach it once (i looked like a dog trying to reach its tail) but i havent been able to reach it again. :/ when im swollen it gets rough. My nipples grew from doing that. I no longer have cracked nipples i believe they are used to me sucking them now. I get most growth from the sides of my tits lately. They still remain upright and i still sleep in my bra.

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 10/06

Lucky me I'm still trying to remember wat didnt post in my last blog. But anyway, in this update I'm gonna give my usual routine then im gonna talk about any changes. This past week I've been pumping every hour but sometimes at night I missed my schedule by an hour or 2 (sleeping like a baby)but it didn't seem to affect me in any way. I massage for 10 minutes (hand expressing)and pump for 30 minutes using nipple pullers, I've been interested in trying a penis pump on my tits it seems to work so well and hold firm.

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Preamble to the photo series that will come...4

My Master's proposal was received with enthusiasm,

"Great idea, thank you"
“Yes, handcuffs immediately confers to a sub, her status”

My master said: "Come, come near this slut, and take!”

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To upload a profile pic

First off: This is to change your PROFILE picture. It does not put your picture in the "media" section.
Secondly: Yes, this is the idiot-version. To make sure everyone understands.
I know most don't need it this detailed, but to be safe, this is how you do it.

Click on "My profile"
Choose the "Edit" tab in the bar above your picture (below the Moderators advice that is under the big black bar that says "Home Create content My profile Messages" and so on)
Scroll down below the map-section.
There's a section that says "Picture".
Under the headline there's a "Upload picture" headline.

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1. It's not whether you win or lose, but how you place the blame.
2. You are not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
3. We have enough "youth". How about a fountain of "smart"?
4. The original point and click interface was a Smith & Wesson.
5. A Fool and his money can throw one heck of a party
6. When blondes have more fun, do they know it?
7. Five days a week my body is a temple. The other two it's an amusement park.
8. Learn from your parent's mistakes... Use birth control.
9. Money isn't everything, but it sure keeps the [filtered word] in touch.

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I'm looking for a obedient slave to explore the ways of BDSM, and in the same time build up a great long term relationship with a strong intellectual, emotional and physical connection. To have fun, do things together, be partners and veel free in sex.

Who am I more ...

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Seeking SUBS

Well In New Mexico Finding a Submissive is hard to say the least . The males wanna get laid that's pretty much it . The Females are either owned , want money , are too stuck up to talk to u or wont even give ya the decency of a no thank you . I have a female slave who will let me do anything to her . She is massively submissive I'm turning her into a pain slut and a whore . Problem is I have to have someone to turn her into a whore with.

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Lonely makes for fantasies...

Not a dark fantasy this time... Pretty vanilla if I do say so myself.

I frequently find myself at odds with reality. I want so much to find a man who will love me for who I am and use me as I so desire. I read stories, I smile at anyone who glaces in my direction, and I try to be available for the "you never know" meet. Well, he still hasn't found me, but I'll be patient and put my fantasies to print.

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Daily Tasks

At the moment i am working away and therefore my Master has set me daily tasks to complete.

Some are simple and others require much thought.
For example taking a selfie each day, a simple task yet i find this embarrassing and it makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable as i hate having my picture taken.

Another task Master has set:

i have to masturbate each day but i am
not allowed to cum.

This task has got harder and harder so Master agreed i
could complete it each morning, have a shower and then concentrate on work.

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Looking for as slave seeking for a long term live in master/slave relationship....

I have gained experience and wisdom, and, yes, patience in developing D/s relationship. I enjoy cooking, gardening, computers, attending arts and music festivals. I enjoy the outdoors, but am not an Outdoors lady  My philosophy as slave in a master/slave relationship I believe that the relationship must be based an mutual devotion and trust. am willing serves my master not just out of obligation but because i will be devoted and loves serving and pleasing my master....... A master will learn about me in order to apply appropriate reward and discipline.....

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