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Preamble to the photo series that will come...8

As I thought I get again a gust of salacious comment "Fuck this fat bitch is expert licking !! "" She likes it. Which tongue!!! If she sucks cock with so much envy and mastery, it must be something !!! Look there !!! ". For two or three minutes, the men commented and revel in the scene "She loves her wet this slut !!! " " There is still some !! Applies you, fat bitch !!! "" Fuck what a slut !!! " And then the horsewhip move away from my mouth and abandons my tongue outstretched into the empty desperately seeking leather and iron ...

Slavegirl Academy's picture

Lesson 1: Fantasy

Order a new buttplug.
Schedule a massage. It would be best if you could go in to meet the person who will be giving you the massage.
See a boring afternoon movie and touch yourself discretely throughout the entire thing, fantasizing about your upcoming massage.
While you are getting the massage, imagine that it is just foreplay to some amazing sex.
Before you leave the spa go to the bathroom and insert your new buttplug. Wear it home.
Masturbate to orgasm as soon as you get home, thinking about the pleasures of someone touching you all over.

Mr. CoS's picture

Types of female orgasms

There are 4 types of female orgasms:

1. The religeous orgasm: "oh god, oh god, oh god"

2. The positive orgasm: "yes, yes, yesss"

3. The negative orgasm: "no, no, noooo"

4. The fake orgasm: "oh [name of person she is having sex with]"

If you have more types, feel free to share them.

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chapter 4 Executive Notice

So our Fine Young aspiring Elevator Tech , is headed to A Lunch with A Executive from the Publishing Building he was Working in, where it all Began... How lucky can a Guy be Advice from A executive suit type , A free Custom Suit ,Two Blow Jobs ,A Penetrating Good Ass Time with Seamstress's Sex Slave , & A Final Dump of Jizz on the Slaves Face ....

Now a Free lunch , what a Day !!! Some more Free Advice , our Elevator tech is starting to overcome his fears & Shyness, lets just hope he doesn't get to cocky ....

Freiherr_Von_Okkulte's picture

looking for Real Time play partner in midwest

still looking for a good long term, submissive or slave, play partner to develop into Real Time. American Midwest, Everything is negotiable except your submission. (maybe you're 'the one')

The-Yellow-Ardvark's picture


I remember the day we had nothin' to do
So we went down to the City Zoo
Just to kill an hour or two
Out in the good sunshine

But we had so much fun, we were glad that we came
We fed all the [filtered word] and gave each a name
An' didn't even mind when it sarted to rain
We had a real good time

But now that it's over and you're far away
I miss you more with each passing day
And all my friends sympathise and say "He'll forget in time,
Yes you will, give yourself a little more time"

But it's already been well over a year
And just in case you're interested you might like to hear

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Looking for some asscheeks torture

Anyone has good ideas how I can torture my own ass cheeks?

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The beginning of my obsession

One relationship in particular led me to be interested in my particular kinks. For a time I kept an older Japanese lady as my "weekend slave". She went about her business during the week (working as a designer, living alone) but stayed with me from Friday night until Sunday evening as a slave and personal fucktoy.

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Hunting Naked.

Hi All, Hobomonk here. New to this forum as of January 2016. White male 61, low mileage, well maintained. I am a self described ''soft dominant'', which means not into inflicting pain, not necessarily. See my fetish tags above. Especially interested in crucifixion, (yours), and done right, as it will be, make you a happy sub. Preferably looking for a LTR, permanent/committed relationship, although not sexually exclusive, as we will both ''get around'' some.

Craving_Payne's picture

Day 1

As I've previously mentioned, my partner's limited interest in being the dominant in our relationship is an ongoing frustration and constant challenge to my respect for him. My recent job loss due to corporate downsizing has given me more idle time. As I'd venture to guess with most submissive women, I'm not intrinsically motivated, and thus, I'm nearing the end of my unemployment period with very little prospect.

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