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Pet and Master seeking Toy


My pet and I are looking for a female toy to own. We hope to find that perfect live in toy for me and my wonderful female alpha slave (my pet).

24-7 toy will be caged and used as I and my pet feel fit.

Interested parties please private message.

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Master in need of a online slave

I'm a master that's looking for a online female slave. If interested message me on her or kik me at alexdu1 . We can talk about limits and what I expect from you then

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Nettles, zip ties and soapy enemas

Another adventure.

I walked off to a nearby forest and got a large handful of stinging nettles while wearing painfully tight zip ties around my breasts under my clothes. Back at home I stripped off and braced for the staggering pain I knew was coming. I gave my painfully swollen breasts about ten swats with the bunch of nettles. OMG that hurt! Big red marks and blisters appeared within minutes. Burning pain and itchiness. I followed this up with ten nettle lashes to my fat tummy. OMG... the pain!

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Punishments - breast torture and filthy food

Last night I did self punishments because I forgot to buy wine (for wine enemas).
First part of the punishment was removing my clothing and fetching black duct tape and some clothes pegs. I tightly wrapped the tape around the base of my saggy udders and placed the pegs on my nipples. They stayed there for the next few hours, gradually hurting more and more... Turning red then purple.

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Master seek submissive female slave (kik)

Greetings Slaves !
Which of you want to get under my complete control ?
i will do with you what i want !
Then i want !
I don´t care about your age or how your look !
the only importen is that you follow each of my commands !
Send me your kik id as a pm !
and you will find your master that you always search for !

i await from you:




Willing to serve

Can keep a conversation

Self motivated to please master

Pictures Of Tasks/Punishments required

Videos Of Tasks/Punishments required


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Daddy in need of his little slut

I require a slut to entertain me, she must do as i say or she will not be rewarded. Must be able to send live pics and vids. Any girl slaves that wish to serve me message me at kik: _john_smith_2403 You will know more about me if the idea of serving someone peaks your interest.

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Enema fun

My favourite thing to do lately is to use a 2 litre bag type enema kit to put a lot of alcohol up my ass (red wine seems particularly effective at getting me drunk almost instantaneously). I use a buttplug or tampon to keep the liquids in place while I get completely smashed. I'm in such a horny obedient state that I go online looking for someone to abuse me. I never release until I'm given permission. I'm desperate for some harsh cruel master to take me and make me their [filtered word]Pig.

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Behavior issues

Behavior, attitude, way of thinking and acting is very important for a girl. I refer to subs and slaves as girl. I began my life journey with my first Dom at 17. One of the lessons I learned from him was the behavior a girl exhibits is extremely important and some things are not acceptable. It is quite disrespectful to the Dom you belong to or one you have newly met and have a mutual interest in. Jealousy and possessiveness are very unbecoming of a girl.

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Looking for sub/slave

Master here looking for a sub/slave on kik. Add: MidThrust88 females only

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