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my little cumdumpster

I arrived at my office this morning, like I do almost every day. My little cunt sleeping in her cage next to my desk. Normally she is wide awake and eager to serve me, not today. I woke her up and opened the cage. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my semi hard cock out and sat down at my desk. I motioned for her to come over, she hesitated. Bad move slave. needless to say she will be sore for days after taking my cock in her ass with no lube at all HARD, after dumping 2 loads in her I put her back in her cage. I wish I had more time to use and train her, she needs discipline badly.

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Admin Info

Sorry there are still trouble
with profile Picture
webmaster still try to fix it

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being myself

i know Master probably wonders why i wanted to join here when i am a happy taken slave. A few reasons for that. Here nobody knows the real me so i can post all my slutty thoughts, pictures, or punishments. i enjoy serving Master and i want to share i don't know if that's right or wrong. The thoughts and writings are mine. The pics will be ones my Master wants to display. Just like my latest punishment i don't know of anywhere else i could post it. Master had warned me more than once. i forget to flush the toilet when i pee because mine leaked so i didn't flush unless it was necessary.

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Wet and thoughtful Cumdump

This cumdump must admit that it is very emotional and at times paranoid. This slave at times fears that it is not pleasing Master properly. Sometimes Master humiliates this slave or calls his cunt names. This cunt is deeply wounded and spends time thinking about what was said. Yet sometimes this cunt relishes the names Master calls her. Especially if He is vulgarly telling his cunt to cum on our thick k9 cock toy like the bitch this cunt is.

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What happened?

What happened to the old days when Masters took time to get to know Slaves? Every first message I get is "I'm your Master, do as I say" or "I added you on such and such messanger, so get on now slut!" Ya that really makes me want to submit *sarcasm enhanced* I came across so many in so little time, that I believe that just want to get off and live a fantasy

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Submission/ Domination without Domination/Submission

Submission without domination is when you keep doing what he wants even after he keeps insisting he doesn't want it. Domination without submission is when he keeps telling you to do something and you keep telling him to fuck off.

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That's It, I've Decided - Victoria, BC

I'm 43 years old and now I've earned the right to my very own slave. The perfect one for me. A good girl, precious even, worthy to be taught, eager. Are you feeling worthless and worn out? No self esteem? Have you spent your whole life as a fuck toy? It doesn't matter in the slightest! The wonderful part is that what you think doesn't matter, it's up to me to decide. There can always be hope. I want to cherish my slave, I want to look into her eyes and for me to want to be in the moment because you are compelling to me. Irresistable maybe?

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Question for Moderators

if a profile is deleted by sf what happens to all the persons media images and Blogs? Is everything deleted? or can the written material be sent to the owner of Blogs.

Also, if a profile is deleted or login email lost does a new profile have to be opened.

Finally, what would happen if a master or Dom has the girls password then changes it - How would slave farm Moderators handle such an issue?

Thank you.

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Feeling a bit naughty so wrote this story.

I'm waiting in your home for you to walk through the door. I have gathered
several things from around your house to use on you. I have some tape, a
pillow case, an extension cord and a few more surprises. I think about how
I will grab you and begin my assault on you. My mind fills with images of
your nude body under my control. My dick is hard as I think about abusing
you for my enjoyment. I rub my dick and get it ready for what is about to
happen. I hear you pull in to the driveway and peek out your window so I
can see you shake your tits and ass as you walk to the door.

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The need for sluts

It seems to me that while society generally frowns on sluts there is an ever growing need for them. I know all my girlfriends over the years have practically reduced their men to celibates. And God forbid they want a blow job or cum in their mouth. Their faces practically cringe at the thought of having sperm in their mouth. It's too funny and a bit hypocritical I think. They don't mind having their man go down on them and have him taste their cum but can't return the favour. Seems ridiculous to me.

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