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Pain Day Monday

For trying to be a human, Master has dedicated Monday’s as “Pain Day”.

* Pig is to be gagged from 6:00am - 5:30 pm. To be taken out ONLY to eat/drink and phone calls, if any.
* Teats are to be clamped for one hour on, one hour off all day. The hour of no clamps, teats are to be pressed with a spiked mat (carpet runner).
* Clamps to be applied to cunt lips one hour on, one hour off, all day.
* When no clamps, Tiger Balm is to be applied to clit, cunt lips and cunt hole.
* Pig is to sit on spiked mat all day until it goes to bed.
* End of day, fuck cunt with shoe covered in Tiger Balm

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Claiming future property

So out of curiosity how many masters on here have claimed their property female slave from another country and completely broken them in and to become non exsistant with a new identity. Basically how far would u travel to get the slave u want

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Rules To Live By

1) its name is gutter pig
2) it is worthless, inferior, and subhuman. it is gutter trash. it is a worthless piece of shit
3) it is my property and slave
4) it addresses me as Master
5) it must address all other Dom’s as Sir, and it must be respectful to them
6) At all times, it refers to its worthless self in the third person. e.g. it, she, pig, this pig, gutter pig, pig shit.
7) At all times, it must be obedient and respectful
'8) In my presence, it keeps its head bowed and its eyes averted. it never looks directly at my face

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chat and profile visitors

at the moment we can't fix problem
with chat and profile visitors sorry

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sluts extra efforts

Shower time...

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Looking for a 247 second female slave, 40+ with all the ties of an exclusive relationship with her Master as she will only depend and obey to him in the household.

I mean total slavery rules, servitude, service, behavior, full dependency, obligations and rights.

I mean TPE.

Permanent education, training, obedience, personal relationship with the Master, real life as a slave and as a part of the household. Slave will understand and learn the meaning of the word Property. Mentally and physically. She will also know (or discover) her own importance.

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Besuch im BMH, meine erste BDSM Party

Die ereignisreiche Woche sollte am Samstag mit einem Besuch im BMH in Crimmitschau enden. Es war eine reine BDSM-Party.

Zur Beschreibung der Location:

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Gangbang im B5

Gestern sind wir spontan zu einer Party ins B5 in Chemnitz gefahren. Es war keine direkt HÜ oder BDSM-Veranstaltung. Das B5 ist klein, aber hinsichtlich BSDM sehr gut ausgestattet.

Nach einer schönen Hänge Bondage Vorstellung kamen wir mit ein paar Männern ins Gespräch. Wir sprachen darüber wie lange ich schon Sklavin, was ich mag und zu welchen Partys wir sonst so gehen.

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Daily Mantra

This pig is to recite the following 5x, three times a day....after it wakes up, noon and before it sleeps....


it is not human, it is subhuman.

it is the lowest pig.

it is trash and garbage.

it is a worthless piece of shit

its cunt is not a cock socket. its cunt is for painfully fucking shoes and other objects. its cunt is a trash bin.

it deserves painful punishments, demeaning degradation, and total dehumanization.

it does not deserve comforts or pleasures. it is never to cum.

it exists to obey, serve, please, and amuse its Owner and Master every day,

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Anyone from or around the Kansas City area?

Anyone from Kansas City? Just trying to get in touch with some people from KC since we can't search by area.

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