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Pig for Sale

I'm a piss loving pig in need of an owner to humiliate me.
Add me on my skype, nintendogirl4561
or message me here

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Looking for bliss and depravity

Looking for a UK based Master to guide me into slavedom.

Especially someone who shares my modification dreams (extreme piercing and stretching) and who would like to work turning me into a hucow.

Would like to add that I am only looking for genuine Masters who expect to meet with a view to real life.

Xx xx xx.

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About me

I have been submissive for 20 years or so. I can remember having dreams about it when I was young and even doing self bondage before being in grade 6 in school. I have had a fantasy or dream of being taken and kept as someone's slave. Having to earn my way out of the cage and/or chains that held me to being allowed to move around my Master's property prevented from leaving by an underground electric fence. If I have to leave his property I could only do so with an escort.

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Cowards are talking, again

If people are talking behind your back about you.

Then Just fart.

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Crave beig a hucow

Please note in addition to my previous post I am very interested in becoming a hucow if you are looking to train one, please contact me!! Kik leila55515

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Soft submission

So, since this is my first blog I thought I'd suggest something I suspect is a little different from the usual on here. No torture, no pain (not that those aren't both enjoyable in the right circumstances), so if you're looking for the more sadistic side of domination then you don't need to read further. So, perhaps youare new or young and the thought of submission appeals to you butyou're concerned about getting in over your head or things happening too fast. So here's an idea, submission that means doing what you're told and the threat of humiliation, rather than the act.

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looking for a good and wonderful woman......

Looking forward to meeting a special and wonderful woman. I miss having a best woman to be able to share life's adventures and just chatting about your day with. I am open to what each day has to offer and enjoy the process. I would love to meet someone to share companionship, laughter, and possibly love again. I believe the foundation of a great relationship is being best friends and being completely honest with each other. Taking one day at a time and always believing that something wonderful is going to happen:)

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I've seen so many posts over my years online that I can't resist giving you a few things to consider when writing something.
I have here done all of the things in a list in order to simply show you how annoying each of these "habits" get. Imagine an entire blog or presentation written this way.
I am well aware that some have learning disabilities like dyslexia or spell bad because it's written in a foreign language, but this is not about spelling. This is about the other, sometimes rather irritating, things that people do in writing.

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Just because

Just because I identify as a slave does not mean I will just jump. I have served only one Master and I did so because he was a Master and, he earned my submission.

Demanding I reply to you or even worse expecting me to get on cam and strip for you when we have never even had a conversation is out of the question. It certainly exposes you as not being a Master. Sure, if things progressed this may happen but not on a first “date” (for lack of a better word). These types of “Masters” are not Masters.

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Ice Ice Baby

I Consider Myself A Strict, Disciplined, Assertive Master. I Apply Those Qualities To My Every Day Life Whether At Work Or In The Bedroom, I Get What I Want. I Act Older Than My Age Indicates, So Don't Let Me Being 22 Fool You I'm A Very Mature Guy. I Have Many Kinks, Read My Profile For Them, If Youre Into Any Of That Report To Me Slaves, Be Ready To Serve Your Master, Once I Have Found Her I Will Be Happy! Contact Me Via Kik Since Im On My Phone 24/7 Lol So KIK ME @Edward8892

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