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My Life

I wish to be on floor naked at the end of a leash or in cage. I have some experience as a dog girl. part-time I hope to be treated exactly as a real dog and have all the same rights and privileges as a real dog. Always naked, always on a leash or in a cage, no talking, no furniture, eat only from bowls on the floor or my hand, taught to obey commands and to do tricks, etc. I truly desire and need to leave my old life behind and become the dehumanized animal i was meant to be. But so far in my life i have had no luck with this. If you think you can handle the responsibility please hit me up.

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Looking for someone who wants to breed a fat worthless cow

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Why do I even bother?

Why do I even bother? None of the subs/slaves that I want will relocate to "Middle Of Nowhere" Illinois. The ones that I want that ARE local are all collared, claimed, protected, or otherwise unavailable. When you try to compete for one you face dire consequences (not like I ever had a chance in the first place). I don't know if she will ever be available again but, when she is I'll be waiting......Alone and with open arms.

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A way to save money

I have been in the adult sex wear and sex toy business for many years. I have always been a cash only for those that buy locally since I got burned by a few bad checks. And only did credit cards when selling on e-bay. So I am considering a new credit or discount system for those females that buy in my area. Since most of my clothing is for strippers or the females that prefer their bodies only covered where it has to be.

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Deep throating

I want to please my master and become amazingly good at deep throating before we meet in person I was wondering if anyone could give me so helpful pointers on how to do this.

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simply walking

I have never been much good at writing, especially about my thoughts and feelings. Can never seem to find the right words to do them justice, to really explain them but I shall try. Please bear with me.

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Read the message

Love me not.

Unusual statement I know.

Report me if you must.

Accept me if you can.

Inspire yourself, when you can.

Never despair.

Examine every road.

Explore every dream.

Dream the dreams.

Help the needy.

Except the truth.

Listen to the wind.


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Rubber collars?

It's time once again to replace my sub's collar. Over the years, I've purchased cheap ones, expensive ones, or made my own. I've gotten them locally and online. Regardless of where I've gotten them, they've always been constructed of black leather. I simply like how they look and function around her neck until they become worn out and start looking shabby...which leads me to this question- do any of you use a rubber collar? If so, would you be so kind as to tell me the pros and cons that you've experienced with them?

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scare crow

consider the scare crow.
made out of hay and old clothes.
set in the corn fields,
Set there to scare the crows away
it does no such thing.
the crows land there. make their noise,
and their calls. While pulling at the
scarecrows string.
It puts up with the Wind.
It puts up with rain, it puts
up with mother natures abuse.
fighting an unending war, with out a truce.
So, is it with a woman with out any
tenderness and love.

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Just a reminder;September Theme Party

This is just a reminder that our "Back to School" theme party in the media gallery is still going on now through the 30th of September. There's still 2 weeks to get your pictures in and graded by your peers. If you are new, and want to play along but not sure the curriculam, hit me up in PM or check here
See you in class!!

(PS.... Make sure to title your pictures Back to school days or similar.)

Thankyou to those you have already shared their pictures and or commented on those who have! Smile

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