The Room
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The Room

It is May and it has been a warm spring.

You like to dress provocatively when you go out with your girlfriends. Tonight, the Friday night kicking off the long Memorial Day weekend, you were wearing a blouse and you tied it in front instead of buttoning it closed. No bra as you liked to show off your breasts and they strained at the blouse. The little red blouse doing all it could to contain your spectacular rack that men couldn’t help staring at when they talked to you. You tied it just under your breasts, your midriff and lower back nude. You were wearing your tightest, shortest little mini skirt, the black one. A pair of heels accentuating your long shapely legs, an ankle bracelet, belly button piercing and hoop earrings. Your long dark hair looked like silk and was so soft. Your almond shaped green eyes had that seductive, sexy “fuck me” look. Natural bedroom eyes. One of your girlfriends told you you needed to wear panties with that skirt because you accidentally flashed your pussy while wearing that skirt a couple of weekends ago. So, you wore a tiny black g-string.

You were going to meet your girlfriends at the new club tonight. The club was on the ground floor of an old office building. The owners of the club loved that the building was kind of isolated. No one would complain about the loud music ever. The owners of the club also liked the history of the building. There was a kind of dark energy and mystique to the old building. It was said to have been an insane asylum back in the 30’s and 40’s before it was converted to office space. In fact the owners named their club Craze.

I owned and worked in the business that occupied the entire top floor of the building, 6 floors up from where the club was. Not many people in town really knew about that company I owned. I deliberately kept its profile and mine low. The company always been a little bit of a mystery to the locals. There was another room my company had access to in the building. Only a handful of people knew about that other “secret” room.  But I knew the building well. I knew the secrets about the building because of my job and after being in business for several years I made enough money to purchase the building. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when the club owners approached me about renting space and opening the club.

Your girlfriends were late in showing up and I walked in after I finished my work upstairs. I saw you dancing and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You had gotten bored waiting for the girls so you started dancing with some guys you didn’t know but were flirting with pretty heavily. I watched intently as the mini skirt kept riding up and you had to push it down now and again after it had been high up your thighs for long periods of time. You looked so hot dancing. You were bumping and grinding and your ass looked incredible. You even hiked up your skirt and spanked your own ass and I caught a flash of your g-string. Your long legs were shapely and smooth and looked fantastic in your heels. The blouse occasionally betrayed you with a nip slip here and there, but you were drinking and getting looser and not really paying attention. Sometimes you suggestively took the straw in your drink between your lips and played with it as if it was a cock.

I tried to talk to you at the bar, but you didn’t want to be bothered. When I asked you to dance you were pretty snotty. 

“Pffft! I don’t think so, buddy!” you sneered and snickered.

When you went back out on the dance floor, I got an idea.

I slipped the DJ a little cash and asked him to do me a favor. I went out on the floor and danced alone, but close to you. 
I had a spot on the dance floor I needed you to be in and I would dance closer to you and you would move away. I kept moving and positioning you until I got you in the spot on the floor I wanted you to be in.

I signaled to the DJ and an instant later he turned the fog machine on and per my instructions flooded the club with thick, heavy fog that made it impossible to see 6 inches in any direction. With the strobe lights flickering and alternating between total darkness and dim light, I quickly made my move, grabbed you from behind, and with the loud music, no one could hear your screams and no one could see us through the haze of the fog. Even with the thick fog, the spot I had you dancing in made it easy for me to know exactly which way I would need to go once I had hold of you.

I pulled you into the service elevator, partially hidden behind a row of tall plants, it’s door open, near a remote corner of the club, 15 paces from the dance floor. I punched in the code. The secret code that would take the elevator down 5 stories below the basement under the club. A secret sub level separated by 60 feet of earth between itself and the basement. Purposely built by the asylum and used to conduct experiments on patients. Only a handful of people knew the room and elevator code existed besides myself.

I covered your hand with my mouth while the door quickly closed.

All during the ride down you struggled while my hand muffled your mouth. I even let you get close enough to the buttons so you could frantically push them instead of trying to remove my hand from your mouth, but I laughed and the elevator continued it’s ride. Only the secret code would make the elevator stop and rise back up.

The elevator reached its destination and opened to a small, dimly lit hallway with a metal door directly across from the elevator. I pushed you forward and out of the elevator and toward the metal door. The sensors in the elevator detected that we were in the hallway and the elevator door quickly slammed shut behind us. I stopped cupping your mouth.

“LET GO OF ME FUCKING ASSHOLE!! You screamed at me and you struggled to break free of my grasp.

Still pushing you and finally pushing you up against the wall so I could control you, I entered a code on the keypad next to the door and the door unlocked. Behind it was a large door with padding on it and behind it was another padded door and behind that was the room.

Each door unlocked and as I pushed you forward through the doors and into the room, you continued struggling and yelling, “FUCK YOU! YOU GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE OR I’M GOING TO SCREAM!!!!!!!” The three doors all closed, clicked and locked behind us.

It was dark except for a dim night light near a panel on the wall and numerous red blinking lights [filtered word]tered around.

“Go ahead, scream all you want. In fact the more you scream, the better. No one will hear you. Well... no one except you and me in here at the moment, hun.” I calmly and quietly said.

“HELP!!! HELP!!! [filtered word]!!! HELP!!!” You hysterically screamed at the top of your lungs as I went to the panel and started switching on the lights.

“That’s right. Keep screaming. Oh hear that?” I asked.

“WHAT, ASSHOLE? HEAR WHAT?!” You yelled in a shaking panicky voice.

“Shhhh. Remember how loud the music was? Hear any music now?” I cruelly teased.

And the stark realization came over you that your screams would be futile just as you noticed the cameras positioned around the room with their blinking red lights.

“Oh yes, the cameras will hear you too, babe, but when I edit your ‘movie’ for the internet, there are certain things that WON’T be shown on the internet. Like you screaming right now. That might only be kept in my personal copy of your ‘movie’ that we are making right now. Maybe, nothing will be shown on the internet at all, but that will depend and the choices you make.” I calmly said as I continued to slowly switch on the lights.

“WHAT do you fucking mean by that, fucking creep? What movie? What choices?” You yelled but you quickly went quiet as several king sized mattresses positioned at various locations on the floor came into view. And then the high concrete ceiling with padding and thick black velvety curtains covering the walls. There were chains with hooks dangling from wire and pulleys from tracks suspended from the beams in the ceiling. The chains were fastened to steel wires connected to a winch and hydraulic lifts. There was some kind of bench and an odd looking chair. There were wooden frames with eye bolts and spots on the floor where there were large metal rings bolted into the floor. And multiple wide screen TV monitors that were on rolling stands, now warming up and showing live images from the cameras. The cameras capturing everything from many angles.

“Attitude is everything my dear and as I said, the choices you make... Take a little while ago for instance. You could have been nicer to me upstairs, but you chose to be a bitch, and really, for no reason at all.” I quietly said as I slowly walked toward you, taking off my shirt, you backing away from me toward one of the mattresses on the floor. Suddenly you lunged at me, trying to get away from me and you tried to take a swing at me, but I pushed you and you fell backwards onto the mattress. 

One of your heels came off and as you fell your tied blouse, which had been loosening up during our physical struggles in the elevator and hallway, opened up a little more and one of your tits popped out. Your mini skirt rose all the way up as your legs spread while you fell and I could see your pussy lips through the little patch of cloth covering your pussy. I could also see a little wet spot. 

“What do we have here?” I asked, pointing to the dark, wet stain as I knelt down by the mattress where your feet were dangling off.

“It’s nothing. NOTHING. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t possibly think I like this you fucking pervert!!” you spat out. “How dare you do this to me! You get me out of here RIGHT NOW and don’t you FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN!” you said through clenched teeth as you started to use your legs and arms to scooch back away from me. The friction between the mattress and your ass in the skirt pulling the skirt and your g-string down lower on your hips.

But I grabbed your ankle, and yanked you toward me, and the friction of you sliding on the mattress toward me caused the skirt to roll up, past the g-string, which was still pulled slightly down on your hips and the little triangular patch of cloth wasn’t tight up against your pussy, so with your legs splayed and you kicking, your shaved, gleaming wet pussy peaked out for a second as I pulled you closer.

“This wet spot!” I proclaimed as I pressed my finger onto the little piece of cloth and pressed it to your pussy lips, which then made the g-string even wetter. 

You shuddered when my finger made contact with your pussy through the cloth of the g-string.


I reached for your mini skirt to yank it off and you grabbed at it to keep me from pulling it off.

RRRRRRIP!!!!! And all that was left of it was a narrow band of cloth you still clutched in your hands, the waistband of the skirt, and as the ripped portion in my hands slid down your legs I pulled off your other high heel. 

“LOOK what YOU did!! You can’t do this to me! You’re an asshole! Let me go!”

You rolled over and frantically tried to crawl away. I let you get far enough away so that when I grabbed your ankles to pull you back toward me you dropped to your belly and in the scuffle, your blouse came fully untied exposing your breasts and your nipples rubbed against the mattress.

Pulling your ass and pussy close to the edge of the mattress, with your legs mostly off the mattress, SMACK went my hand on your ass! SMACK!

“OW!!! STOP!!! Please Stop!” you cried.

Laying myself on top of your back to keep you immobile while you struggled to get free, I ripped the part of your skirt that I tore off of you into narrow bands of cloth like short ropes. Then quickly repositioning myself and putting my knee in your back and using one of the bands of cloth “ropes” from your skirt, I tied your hands behind your back. Then I took another band of cloth “rope” and tied it around your hands again to make the ties more secure.

“What are you doing??? Untie me right now!” you pleaded and cried. 

You started to use your legs to crawl on your belly away from me, your tits rubbing against the mattress and the friction from the mattress as you wriggled caused your open blouse to roll down a bit off your right shoulder and down your arm. The view of your right breast from the side and a flash of its erect nipple was very sexy! The g-string also rolled down, lower and below your hips, the string about halfway down your ass, the little patch of cloth now far enough away from your pussy to expose it to me... and the cameras for longer than just a blink of an eye while you wriggled around.

Enjoying the “strip tease” you were doing for me by way of your attempts to get free, I let you get your legs fully on the mattress before I stopped you by grabbing your mini skirt waistband “belly chain” with my left hand. I then took my right hand, grabbed a handful of hair and made it clear that I would pull you steadily and slowly up to your knees either alone by pulling your hair or with your assistance. You complied.

You saw the monitors in front of you. One monitor was the camera shooting from the front and the other monitor was the camera shooting from the rear.

“Oh no, no, no... please... no.... please... don’t hurt me....” you begged as you looked at yourself in the monitor. So helpless.

“That’s up to you my dear. The choices you make.”

You were breathing hard and your open blouse had rolled partly off your right shoulder so your right breast was completely exposed, your erect nipple proudly jutting out. Your heavy breathing causing the left side of the open blouse to almost expose your left nipple as your chest heaved in and out. The mini skirt waistband “belly chain” was just below your belly button piercing. The g-string rolled down, resting just above the slit of your pussy, showing a smooth shaved pubic area except for a little soul patch of trimmed pubic hair. The triangular patch of cloth of the g-string now hanging down several inches away from your pussy. Your sexy thighs trembling.

So fucking hot looking in the monitor showing the front view! My cock was bulging against my jeans.

The monitor for the back camera showing the back of your nude right shoulder, with the blouse slipping down a little. Your long dark hair cascading down. Your tied hands resting on your ass and the string of the g-string rolled halfway down your ass.

So fucking hot looking at the monitor showing the back view! But I thought both the front and back view could be even hotter.

Gently reaching up under your hair to the collar of your blouse and taking a few seconds to make sure none of your hair was tangled up in the collar....

WHOOOOSSSH! As I ripped the blouse all the way down to your tied hands, fully exposing what had just been your partly covered left breast, now both hard nipples proudly at attention and your sexy back, with your long dark hair ticking the small of your naked back all of which caused you to let out a breathy short “Ahhhh!” and you started breathing more heavily and rapidly.

I quickly reached with my right hand to the side of the mattress and just under the mattress to retrieve something.

And as I slid my left hand down your back you started trembling. My hand glided over the blouse gathered at your hands, then gently down the curve of your ass cheek, stopping to cup and squeeze it, slightly down the back of your right leg, then softly over your trembling, silky smooth right thigh, softly brushing against the smooth but damp vulva and finally up in the space between the hanging piece of cloth of your g-string and your pussy. I could feel the heat and moisture before I even made contact.

“Oh” you breathed in a shaky voice. As I cupped your womanhood in my hand and your knees went weak, your thighs started shaking harder and your breathing was more rapid.

“Oh no... agggghhhh......nnnnn.....nnnnooo....please don’t touch my pussy” 

My fingers worked between your soaking wet, swollen lips, and finally, I got to your clit. Circling it, running my finger over it and around it, gently flicking it.

“Aaaaghhhh please...please...stop.... ohhhh....mmmm.....please..ple .. I can’t...I can’t....”

Consumed by what I was doing with my left hand to your pussy you weren’t fully cognizant that my right hand had a scissors. I was cutting away your blouse, still gathered at your tied hands. And my left hand kept working your clit, leaving your clit to slide between your pussy lips, get your juices on my finger and then rub your juice on your clit to keep it nice and lubricated. Then I increased the speed that I rubbed your clit and your ass began to grind.

“Oh no!! I can’ so wrong, so wrong.. .aaahhhh....please don’t.... please.... please.....oh please....please don’t make me....CUMmmmuuughhhhhhhhhh! ........I....I....came?!?!?!? blouse!!!???....what did you do to my blouse???....You can’t do this to me! You’ve wrecked my clothes and stripped me naked and forced me to cum!”
“Well, hun, I wouldn’t say you’re totally naked and that ALL your clothes are wrecked....yet” I said cheerfully and snipped the scissors in the air a few times before I moved toward the g-string. I slipped one blade of the scissors under the string and you started panting as I slowly, teasingly started closing the scissors.

“What if I just snipped? Would you like that?”

But then I slipped them back away from the g-string and set them to the side. I took the cloth of g-string and dabbed your pussy with it, getting it soaking wet.

I then positioned myself behind you, pulling your body against mine, your naked back against my chest and stomach, your tied hands resting against my hard cock in my jeans. I put my hands on your stomach and slid my hands up to your tits, cupping them, caressing them and massaging your nipples. I pushed you forward a bit and moved your hands to the left so they wouldn’t be between our bodies, then pulling you back tight up against me, and pressing my bulging cock in my jeans up against your soaked g-string, which then pressed the soaked cloth and my jean covered hard-on against your pussy. My left hand started massaging your left nipple again and my right hand made its way down your trembling stomach, where below your trembling tummy I played with the sexy little patch of pubic hair for a few seconds before slipping under the g-string and sliding down between the pussy lips to get my finger wet again. Then back to your clit and your thighs began trembling and your breasts heaving!

“ nooooo..... please....stop” you begged.

I whispered, “So what about that wet spot on your little g-string? And what’s with you cummmmiung, huh?” As I mocked your breathy orgasmic utterances.

“, you made me....” you breathed out and my finger started speeding up a little and “ wrong so wrong... I can’t like this....I can’t like this....agghhhh” and now your stomach was trembling harder and your ass involuntarily started grinding your pussy against my cock, now soaking my jeans with your juice!

“Why is it wrong sexy babe? Your pussy doesn’t seem to think it’s wrong” I whispered with a smile. I increased the speed of my finger on your clit.

“’’s...dirty....slutty...wrong.... please nooooo....not again.... nooooo.... please don’t make me....aghhh....aghhh.... CUMmmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!”

Quite the show you were putting on for me and the cameras!

“Pervert! need to stop” you cried and you tried to twist yourself free of me.

“HEY! I’m not the one with the soaking wet g-string and getting juice all over everything!” I cruelly reasoned as I again used the patch of g-string cloth to mop up your soaking pussy. “And this is fucking smoking hot. How many times have I cum? Hmmmm? You know what I think? I saw you how you were dancing in the club before. I think you ARE dirty and slutty. A dirty slut!” I cheerfully said.

I moved back and to your right, letting your arms come back so your hands rested against your ass. I reached again under the mattress and retrieved two more items.

I pushed you down, face down into the mattress so your ass was up in the air...and then I took one of the items, a tube of lipstick and I used it to write something on the back of your left leg and thigh.

“What??? What are you doing???” Your voice nervously shook

Then I grabbed your hair with my left hand and pulled slowly and you helped again to raise yourself up a bit so you could see the monitor and...

“See??   D i r t y  S l u t  written right here on your sexy thigh so you’ll remember what you are, and my, oh my a very naughty dirty slut at that!” and with my right hand I used the second item I retrieved from under the mattress.

SMACK! went the paddle on your ass! SMACK! SMACK!!! You watched the monitor from the rear camera. SMACK!!! And the flesh of your ass shook. And you ground and gyrated your ass and hips with each SMACK!

“Aaaaaaghhhhh......oooohhhhhh” you groaned as I pushed you all the way down on to your stomach and laid my weight on your stinging smarting ass, which felt hot and great against my back, again so to keep you from going anywhere while you struggled, which now felt like you were humping the mattress.

I grabbed the scissors again and cut some strips of cloth out of what used to be your blouse. You continued to struggle and/or hump.

“Now what are you doing? What are you going to do to me???” you begged to know.

Sliding down a bit from your ass to the backs of your legs and above your knees because you were still struggle-humping to free yourself, I pulled each calf toward me and I tied a piece of cloth around each ankle and left enough extra cloth to make a loop after the knot was tied. Then I reached for an item next to the mattress and you heard a motor noise and some clanking clicking noises.

“Oh what???? Oh please don’t hurt me” as you begged and struggle-humped under me.

Sitting up to get off of you and keeping my right hand firmly on your right ankle, which I just finished tying the cloth around, I had to use my left hand to pull the g-string back up to where the string went across, halfway down your ass. It slid down under my body when I went from laying my back across your ass and then sliding myself down to the backs of your legs.

I then quickly flipped you over on your back. And very quickly before you realized it, I slid the loops from the tied cloth around each ankle onto hooks at the end of the chains. The chains you had seen hanging from the ceiling when I first turned on the lights. The lift was on a track so the chains could be positioned at different locations in the room. Using the remote I began to raise the chains and slowly your kicking legs went up. Then your ass lifted off the mattress swaying back and forth as you kicked. Then your lower back. Up and up until all that was left in contact with the mattress was your tied hands, your arms, shoulders and the back of your head. Your struggling just made your ass swing back and forth, side to side so sexily, almost looking like the way you were dancing upstairs.

“Ohhhh dirty slut, soooooo sexy baby! Wanna see how sexy you dance?” And I walked over to one of the monitors to position it so you could see better.

“Nooooooo.... nooooo....please.....don’t hurt me....” you begged and whimpered.

And then... SMACK! The paddle on your ass! SMACK! SMACK! Your ass swung back and forth and shook after each hit. Then that motor sound and suddenly the chains were moving and spreading your legs apart!

“Wow slut! Look at that wet spot NOW!” I said slipping my fingers under the soaked cloth and pulling it aside so I could really get a nice look at your pussy. So wet! And the pussy lips were parted slightly.

“Please....I’m...I’m not a piece of meat! Stop staring at my pussy... please” you pleaded.

“But how sexy the way YOU open your legs and invite me to your pussy, dirty slut!” 

“Uugghh... I....didn’” and my tongue, starting at that little spot between your anus and pussy, licked all the way up between your pussy lips to your clit.

“AAAAGGGHHHHNNOOO!!!! Please no...” as your ass began grinding uncontrollably against my chest and I circled and flicked your clit with my tongue. Grinding your ass like dancing. I moved away from your clit to lick the juice from the smooth shaved vulva, your silky creamy shaking right thigh brushing against my face and then another long lick starting from that little spot between the anus and pussy, up between the pussy lips and up to your throbbing tingling clit! Tasty!

Such a sexy show for the cameras!

“Please NNooooo....I can’ wrong so wrong...I don’t want....” you panted and sobbed as I started flicking your clit more forcefully with my tongue and suddenly...

I stopped flicking and the chains started moving your legs closed.

Lifting my face from between your legs, “What’s that???? You don’t want to???? You can close your legs if you want to. The PUSSY PARTY is OVER”

“No...I...didn’t... I...di..” SMACK! The paddle on your ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!! And your ass swung back and forth. Rotating your hips side to side, to and fro, you watching the action on the monitor.

Then suddenly the chains were moving and spreading your legs open again. 

“Oh sexy dirty slut! Opening your legs and inviting me to your pussy again?? How nice of you!” 

“” and I pulled the g-string aside and went right for your clit with my tongue, vigorously punishing it! Your ass grinding and slapping against my chest.

“Haah...haah...Haah....” you panted. “Nnnngghhhh.....ughhhhhhhh.....pleeaaa.. nnnnnnnnn......Not again....oh no....don’t make me....”

“Damn, slut!” I exclaimed as I suddenly pulled my mouth away from your pussy. “I LOVE this sexy dance you’re doing! Thank you!! You know, this is WAY better than the dance you could have done with me in the club, don’t ya think!!”

As I spoke and you were on the brink of cumming, the chains moved your legs cruelly back together again as you let out high pitched squeals of frustration. Your ass was wildly gyrating, trying desperately to rub your clit against anything...even the friction of rubbing against the soaked g-string if it had been dry and tightly up against your pussy...anything. But instead the soaked little patch of g-string cloth stuck to your pussy and gyrated with it. Cruelly, there was nothing for you to rub your tingling clit against. Squeezing your thighs together and trying to rub them together. Your ass and hips grinding in short powerful thrusts, hips rotating slightly to and fro and you panting, shaking, your tits heaving, your tied hands pounding the mattress.

DAMN! What a show!!

It was so fucking sexy watching you!! And the cameras liked it too!

“Oh, you closed your legs again? Awww ...too bad slutty dancer bitch, too bad...such a shame your pussy didn’t get to...”

“I....please....nnnnooo....Aaaaagggghhhh .....plea....I....”

SMACK! The paddle on your ass! SMACK! SMACK! High pitched squeals and then you moaned and groaned and your ass swung back and forth while you continued to hump the air, trying desperately to relieve your clit!

Then suddenly the chains were moving again and spreading your trembling legs apart! Again!!

The opening and closing of your legs had rolled the g-string back up almost to where it would normally be worn. But I thought it was more sexy pulled down a little. So after adjusting it to the location of my liking, the string halfway down your ass, your soul patch of pubic hair uncovered, “Hey now hun, I just want you to look your very best when you dance for me and the cameras” I laughed and pulled the soaked cloth aside...

“Wow whore! YOU opened your sexy legs and invited me to your pussy yet again? Thank you!” As I admired your juice soaked pussy and made sure the cameras admired it too in great detail. The parted, swollen pussy lips falling more open and whiteish juice collecting between them.

“I.....ughhhh...” you could hardly speak.

I again went right for your clit with my tongue AND slipped two fingers in to your tight, hot pussy!

You were wildly grinding ass and your pussy was involuntarily clamping down on my fingers as I slid them in and out slowly. You weren’t even really able to say actual words...just grunting and finally, “iiiiim a dirty whore..... dirty whore ...uugghhhgh..... cumm.....slut.....” your fingers digging in to the mattress and your voice quivered and went higher, “aaaaaaaghhhhhh.... it....nooooo.... please.....don’t....Not again... oh no oh no....dirty whore dirty whore... NOOOOO... please don’t make me....cummmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaghhhhhh!!!” Your ass wildly slapping against my chest.

Damn!!!! That was so fucking hot!!! For the cameras too!! I almost shot my load into my pants

Panting and sobbing and slowly grinding your ass, I reached into my pocket to pull out the lipstick. In nice big letters I wrote on your ass and your right thigh.

Then I asked, “Can you see the monitor?”

You looked and D i r t y  W h o r e was written on your right thigh to match D I r t y  S l u t  on your left.
C u m was written on the right ass cheek and S l u t was written on your left

“Please let my go now...” you whimpered

But without a word I walked over to the cabinets, out of your sight line and gathered a few things. Your ass swinging and grinding.

“Oh my god no....haven’t you done enough to me????” Your ass continuing to sway back and forth.

Without saying a word, I again used your g-string to mop up some of the sticky cum that had gathered on your pussy. Then I slipped back under the cloth and rubbed my fingers in your juice, getting my fingers soaked and patting your pussy. Then I took my hand and rubbed the juice on a.... dildo, which I then proceeded to slip into your pussy as I pulled the dripping patch of g-string cloth aside which made you moan loudly.

“OOOHhhh NOOOO....”

Your legs were still spread apart and now I lowered them so your ass was just touching the mattress. 

Then you heard a switch and a low buzzing sound.

“What happens a little while from now will depend on what happens right now and whether you can use your pussy to hold that dildo. Don’t let it slip out!” I cheerfully challenged.

And the vibrating wand was cruelly applied to your throbbing clit!

“OOOOoooOOOOHHH FFFFUCK!!!!” You moaned loudly. “PLLLEEAAASSE... no more...please no more...” and you were fighting not to grind your ass so you could hold that dildo in your pussy. Not knowing what would happen if it slipped out.

The wand was so unforgiving and powerful!

“Nnnnnnnnnnooooooooo..... cummmmmming!!!!!” And the powerful orgasm ripped out of you forced your thighs to shake, your ass to grind violently and.... the dildo slipped out from between your pussy lips and fell to the floor.

“Oh it slipped out... no” your shaking voice cried.

I lowered your exhausted, sweating, limp body all the way back down onto the mattress. Then I untied your ankles. 

“Well, I wanted to see just what kind of a slut you are. Maybe just a dirty cum slut. But I guess since you very apparently didn’t want that dildo in your pussy........... maybe something else? My cock perhaps?

“No no no no, please no, please don’t [filtered word] me” you begged as I rolled you over on your belly and took off my jeans.

“I’ll give you a chance. I’ll let you struggle to crawl away from me, but if you flash your pussy at me, I’ll know for sure what you really want.” I then pushed your legs together, and re-using the cloth strips from your blouse, this time I tied your ankles together. I pulled you backward toward me so your hips and pussy were resting right at the edge of the mattress where I was kneeling and you could use your toes on the floor to propel yourself forward.

“You need to crawl or wriggle your way in a straight line across the mattress and off of it so that your feet are touching the edge of the mattress directly across from where we are. If you get there you’ll be lying on the floor basically, with your feet touching the edge of the mattress directly across from us. Understand? But like I said, if you flash your pussy at me, that is how I will know what you REALLY want, ok?”

I even sportingly hiked your g-string up a little, higher up then where I was getting off on seeing it on you all night. The string was positioned at the top of the curve of your ass.

“Oh... and there’s a time limit,” I lied (there really wasn’t because I was going to enjoy watching this but to force you to not be careful about not making the g-string roll down). At the smack of your ass, you may begin. 

“But....but” you stammered knowing full well the g-string was likely going to roll down as you slid across the mattress.

“That’s the rules! Show me you don’t want my cock in you! Now...on your mark....get set....” SMACK!

As you frantically tried to wriggle and crawl away somewhat gingerly at first but not moving very far and because of the supposed “time limit”, the friction of trying to slide your sexy body across the mattress caused the g-string to roll down almost immediately on your first major thrust forward when you used your toes to push off from the floor, down lower than it had been all night. Down past your ass cheeks, down to the middle of your thighs. Then lower with more movements. Down to your knees. And of course all your movements allowed me and the cameras to see your glistening wet pussy. Finally as your head neared the other end of the mattress, I grabbed your ankles and quickly untied them. Pushing your legs apart the little g-string rolled up from your knees to your mid thigh, but still too low to cover you. 

“Thank you for stripping your pussy for me and inviting my cock to go in it, dirty slut!”

“Nooooo....please please.....noooooo!” You cried out

Pulling you back toward me your head in the mattress and on your knees with your ass up in the air, I pulled at the g-string and let go of it so it snapped back and hit the back of your legs. 

I did it again...and again..and RIP! And it wrapped itself around your left thigh.

I slipped my cock into your throbbing tight pussy and you let a long loud moan out. Slowly and rhythmically I pounded your pussy as you grunted, looking down to watch my cock slide in and out between your pussy lips. I was getting off on watching the wrecked g-string slide down your thigh with each thrust.

“What happens next depends on who cums first” I warned.

I grabbed the vibrating wand with my left hand and switched it on and reaching around the front of you, I pressed it against your clit while my cock continued to pound.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh gahhhhhddddd
Nooooooo...... please....Not again Not again Not again.....”

Then with the vibrating cruelly punishing your clit, my right hand....S M A C K!!! On your ass!

“..... CUMMMMMMMMMING!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhggggggghhhhhh... “ and your pussy tightened around my cock, your hips and ass wildly gyrating and a few minutes later I finally shot my huge hot load of cum into your pussy as your pussy kept involuntarily squeezing and milking every drop of cum out of my engorged cock!

Pushing you forward and down on your belly, my cum oozed out of your pussy as you lay there panting. Used. Spent. Limp.

I quickly got up and quietly gathered my clothes and headed for the door. You were struggling to get up as I keyed in a code that unlocked the doors and turned out the lights.

“Nooooooooooooo” you cried

“I made you cum so many times. But you’re so selfish, you couldn’t even wait for me to cum just that once. I think you’ll be here for awhile. “ I said into the darkness just before I slipped out and left you to ponder our next encounter.

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bindmeslut's picture

Re: The Room

This is the most vivid, erotic blog i have seen on this sight in a long time. There used to be a lot of erotic BDSM stories and fantasies on this site. Now they are few and far between. Maybe we could revitalize the site with more of these erotic tales and other erotic media contributions.

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