Non Marking Sessions
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Sometimes marking isn’t always an option for subs (much as this may be wanted) but that doesn’t mean pain can’t be inflicted....

One such session for me involved being collared (and leashed) and relieving myself in front of my Master - most humiliating. Then followed the usual inspection - including some nipple twisting and pulling and a ring gag was added to my mouth.

I was then restrained with rope whilst on my knees and head on the bed - in such as way that I was immobilised completely with my ass and pussy on show and totally accessible.

My pussy was then “cleaned” with a (clean) toilet brush - shoved in deep and then used to fuck me with. Then a large vibrator was pushed deep into my ass. It’s quite painful as it made me feel the toilet brush even more...

After this I was released from the rope and moved onto my back where the brush and vibrator were removed. I was hooded and nipple suckers were applied to the max - stretching my nipples painfully before a sucker was then applied to my clit.

A rather brutal fisting then ensued (but again not for too long as I cum easily when fisted and He didn’t want me to cum).

Suckers from nipples then removed (due to non marking restraints and they can leave marks). Instead pins were pushed deep into the base of my nipples (using corks to help ensure they could be pushed all the way in). Tens machine applied to my pussy - on a painfully high setting.

Laying with my head back over the edge of the bed He then fucked my mouth and throat (ring gag still in place) and used his hands to push the nipple pins in as he ruthlessly used my mouth.

That’s just some of the non marking activities and the pain is exquisite. Don’t get me wrong I love being marked but it’s not always practical for day to day life!

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Re: Non Marking Sessions

Would love to have seen pictures from that session. Sounds very erotic!!!

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Re: Non Marking Sessions

Kind of you to say so.

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Re: Non Marking Sessions

If I could find someone just like you to make my life satisfying and complete ..

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