Ownership and duty
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I have been searching for a slave for some time now, and it surprises me just how many different versions of what a slave is I have found.
I would have thought that the word slave would say it all, but it seems it does not.
Some see it to be a playtime thing, being used sexually. Others say there is more, citing the idea of being open to constant punishment. Still others say they can not see how it can be done, with the demands of a job and maybe a family.

Maybe I am unique but I see a slave as somebody who follows orders and is punished in some way when they fail to to as they are told or fail to perform the task as expected.
I am not saying that the punishment will involve pain. If that is something your slave loves then use it as a reward, and punish her by giving her something she hates; time off, treat her with kindness, a decent meal...
The options are as varied as the people involved. And I think it is the owners duty to find out what works best on their slave.

Which brings me to another factor so many see to confuse. If you are a slave and your owner sends you out to work then out to work you go. What work you do, where and when is up to your owner. In fact it maybe that your owner does not want you to work, he wants your services 24/7. That is his choice, and if you do not like it why was it not talked about before you decided to be owned by him.

I know I have said him and her as owner and slave, but I expect this applies equally as well the other way around. Maybe people can confirm that in the comments.

Have I got this right?
Am I alone in thinking this way?

Comments welcome.

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Re: Ownership and duty

As a slave. My master n I agreed omthings before we made the commitment. U r not unique. I agree with most of what u wrote. I’m proud to be owned


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