Pierced, tagged and re-collared
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Today I've come home from a long weekend at Masters place.
I arrived at friday night around 9PM with a bag of clothes and things he had asked me to bring as well as some food stuff that I had picked up on my way to him.
The first glance I got of him as he opened the door took my breath away.
He was wearing a three piece Hugo Boss suit, his hair was slick back and the goatee freshly groomed.
Right away I felt under dressed, even though I wore a skirt, stockings, garter and a deep cut tank top under my jacket.
I fumbled as I tried to turn the music on my phone off and put it away and when I eventually got the jacket off and stepped out of my knee high boots I were so flustered I didn't know where to look or what to do.

Master took me with him to the kitchen and had me put the groceries away before pouring us both drinks to take with us to the living room.
We sat on the couch and just talked for a while. I don't know how long, but I had finished my first drink off and gotten another before I were told to go to the bathroom and wash up to get ready for the piercing I would now be given.
I tried to drag it out, talk about this and that, drink more (ended up finishing my second drink off right then) and generally trying to avoid what was next until Master sharpened the tone a bit as he sent me off to the bathroom.
When I got back I had cleaned my pussy off really well with soap and water, washed several times and really made sure to do as much as I could to prepare.
I were laid down on the chaise part of the couch with my feet on the edge and my ass between my heels and Master then placed himself on a foot stool below me so that he could see what he was doing.
It took a few attempts and misses before he got the clamp on as he wanted and although I felt ridicules laying like that at first that was a feeling that soon passed as the tong (clamp) hurt with each attempt to put it on.
Eventually (I don't know how long it took. 10 minutes perhaps) Master was happy with the placement and after what felt like an eternity I then felt the most intense pain of my life!
It burned, it stung, it radiated through my entire body.
I screamed, trying to stay as still as possible in order not to make it harder for Master to finish, and eventually the pain subsided.
I remember laying there and just trying to remember to breath, to keep my legs apart in order not to poke myself on the needle in any other places and just trying to come to terms with the fact that the needle was through.
When I were again somewhat ready to talk I asked Master to just finish it ant get the ring in place.
That wasn't half as painful as I expected it to be and when the closing ball was put in place I could finally relax and breath again.
The overwhelming sense of belonging, of being property and of honor rushed through me at the same time that I felt such intense pride!
I had done it! Without being tied down, without Master having to force my legs apart, without trying to pull away.
I had laid there and freely spread my legs so that Master could force a needle through my pussy and put a ring in me, from which it hangs a tag proclaiming me as his.
As I laid there in Masters arms I laughed and kept shaking at the same time, all emotions running through me and it all being so very intense.

The pain still haven't disappeared completely, although now not so intense or constant any more, as a reminder in every moment of the complete surrender and submission I have given.

Later that same night it was time for my new collar to be put on.
It is a much more delicate one then my old steel collar and it's one that I now wear with enormous pride.
I got to kneel before Master, answer a few questions to promise to obey and honor him, that I am his and that I will always be his. He in return promised to always care for me, take care of me and protect me.
As he had done so he placed the collar around my neck and closed it with a lock under my chin. A lock I have no means of opening without him.

The rest of the weekend was very loving, very tender and very focused on each other.
We spent a lot of time talking about our feelings for each other and what these rings (collar being one ring, the piercing another) mean to us and such.
To us, this is the same thing as if we had gotten married.
The only difference is the legal and financial implications, something that we're not currently in a position to take on.
The emotional commitment, the promises to each other and the value of what we did this weekend is however the same.

I am completely, utterly, joyfully, honorably his. In every way humanly possible.

I feel the need to clarify the fact that I have been Masters property for years already and that he claimed me as his a long time ago. Just as he has had me collared for a long time. However in another collar then that I now wear.
This was our way of taking things yet one step further. A way to officially commit ourselves to each other in a intimate way that doesn't require a lot of money or changes.
You could call it that we got married, only not in a legal way. We got "bdsm-married" and further strengthened the already tight bond between us.

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

Thank you! It was indeed very very sweet and special to us, the sign of our complete commitment to each other and of my total submission to his will Smile

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

That's so sweet an you are so lucky to have your master's collar and ownership sign, I wish you well x

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

PetiTheHun wrote:
Congratulations, for being declared as your Masters property. It would be nice to see a picture of your the Tag you now proudly wear!

That is a declaration he made years ago, but I will ask about posting a pic of the tag. It is not a decision I am comfortable making myself.

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

Congratulations, for being declared as your Masters property. It would be nice to see a picture of your the Tag you now proudly wear!

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

A double ring ceremony with you wearing both of the rings....so fitting for a slave. I especially like the ownership tag you now wear on your cunt....such a totally fitting and meaningful way to proclaim Ownership and for you to accept His ownership. Lovely. Thanks for sharing your great story of a wonderful love and submission. Oh, and the bit about the cunt pain was excellent way to demo your submission, unrestrained.

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

CommonWhoreWife wrote:
Sounds painful, but awesome. Congrats!


Painful doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.
Broken bones are like an itch in comparison! But it was awesome and SOOOOOO worth it!

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

Sounds painful, but awesome. Congrats!


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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

Slave i am sure your Master is very proud of you and how you took being Pierced,Tagged and re-collared.

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Re: Pierced, tagged and re-collared

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this beautiful documentation of your Sir claiming you!

diamond in the morning

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