Making ur own barb wire
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making ur own barb wire Imagine a Barb so thin that the barbs and wire sink deep into the breasts, and nipples, pussy. Make Ur own barb wire by using very thin wire to make a barb wire. Cut little pieces of wire, start by cutting 1 1/2 to 2 inches long put the end of the wire together then twist, continue twisting the ends of the wire to make the barb wire. Now U can making the barb wire bands as long as 4 feet, or U can make a bands the will fit the size of the individual breast. Using wire cutters to tighten the barb wire on the Ur sub, or slave this barb wire is very nasty, but fun to use.

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Re: Making ur own barb wire

i need my tits to be wrapped in barbed wire now


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