Playing Games Part III Straight Pins
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Saturday I arrived at 7 pm Stacy was Dressed in a tight silver Dress It had slit up the tight I could see the garter belt strap and top of her black nylons and she had on open toes silver high heels.

I took her in my arms we kissed long hard I stood back to drink in the beauty after kissing again we sat down on the couch there was on the coffee table was drinks, we took a swallows of our drinks.

On the coffee table next to our drinks there was a tray on the table on that tray is a spool of wire appliers and a jar filled with alligator clamps that had nasty teeth on them, a box of straight pins and 8 hat pins each three and half inches long and a stapler on the tray I pick up couple of alligator clamps I reached down into the top of Stacy dress and pulled out her tits I snapped the an alligator clamps on each nipple Stacy winch in pain I lifted her dress she was not wearing any panty’s I pushed a finger into her twat it was soaked and the tops stocking were wet.

Picking up a half a doze Straight Pins 2 and half inches long I said to her, ask me to push this pin into your tit I said ask me she said “no! Please don’t I said you want me to stick this pin into your tit don’t you I said tell me you want me use these straight pins in your tits you know you want it “yes! I do I want you to torture me with those pins.

I cup her right tit and slowly I pushed the pin into Stacy tit deeper and deeper until the pin was all the way in Stacy "Aaaaauuuuggghhh NONONOAUGH! Screeching and twisting in pain I pick up a cane and struck her tits 10 times across the nipples hit the alligator clamps as bounced up and down as I struck the clamps " NONONOAUGH Aaaaauuuuggghhh! Stacy screeched as I hit each tit on the nipple I stood back to see my handy work I watch Stacy wiggle and dance with pain, her tits had streak of maroon and each nipple had a alligator clip on it and the right tit had a yellow pin 2 inch and a half long stuck in the tit just above nipple.

I took another straight pin and pushed it into the other tit, I push it in slowly it went in little by little until it reached the head of the pin, Stacy screamed "Aaaaauuuuggghhh NONONOAUGH! She squirmed and danced in agony.

I took the staler and staple Stacy pussy lips to her tight to open her twat up twisting and squirming and bucking and wriggling and writhing and jerking and spasming and flailing and kicking, screaming and shrieking and howling and yelling and screeching.

I staple her pussy lips to her tight adding more staples and more until a dozen staples were in each of her pussy lips her twat was spread open wide for more torture she screamed and sob gasping for breath.

Now let’s see how many pins I can stick into your pussy I said count them, Stacy said NONONOAUGH! The first pin I Slowly I pushed into her clitoris all the way in NONONOAUGH! She yelled please no more screaming #1 as she orgasm I pick up another pin and pushed into her open twat slowly the pin sank into the pussy close to her clitoris “AH AH AH..." sobbing #2 the next pin I stuck in the center of the pussy Stacy screamed # 3 I continued pushing pins into Stacy twat until there was bunch of straight pins in her pussy and clitoris 20 pins in all decorated her open twat the last one though her clitoris gasping and sobbing as the pin went though the clitoris she was having orgasm dripping juice down her thigh and legs.

Stacy moaned softly that the straight pins hurt so much she couldn’t catch her breath, so I gave her a some scotch she took a swallow and sobbed and said I never had orgasm so powerful like this in all my life, those pins in my tits and in my pussy are so painfully delicious.

Stacy ask me to stick more pins in her tits I couldn’t refuse a request like that so cup the right breast in may hand inserted a red pin slowly into the erect nipple it sank all the way into the nipple shrieking with pain and gasping for air, Stacy tits were shacking and jiggling as she wiggled out of my grasp I said tell me you want me to continued with this torture, asked me to use another Straight pin in your nipple of your left nipple.
Stacy said please push another pin into my left nipple I picked a white straight pin I inserted it between the jaws of the clamp and pushed it all the into the head, Stacy “NONONOAUGH! Please give me another I took a blue pin and stuck it into the right nipple deeply I pushed it all the way “AH AH AH..." In a low voice Stacy said might I have another pin?

By the time I finished torturing Stacy tits each had 20 straight pins in them an alligator clamp on each nipple and 5 colored Pins in each nipple, and staple in her pussy lips to open them up, and 20 pins in all decorated her open twat and 2 in her clitoris.
I stood back to drink in the beauty of my creative work, Stacy big beautiful breast full of pretty color pins I went behind her grabbing her tits I pushed my large prick into sore pussy so it would be wet when I slowly fucked her in ass hole squeezing and pinching her big tit as she scream and moaned in pain and pleaser as she had one orgasm after another as I shoot my load in her ass hole, she passed out.

Slowly I remove the pins from her breast and Pussy and staples Stacy open her eyes cried in pain after all the pins and clamps, staples I took a some tissues and a bottle of peroxide and washed her tits and pussy was screaming gasping for air from the pain.

I help her to the couch and she cuddle up next to me I held her in my arms and drank our drinks she whispered to me how much loves’ to be tortured.

The end Wink

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