Cow in the pasture
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This cow does not have breasts or nipples. They are now udders and teats. This cow has been going through some strenuous tasks by Sadistic Caveman. And it enjoys every one of them. They involve teat, udder and clit torture. As well as eating its chow on the floor. Cow will “moo” for anyone. :Cool

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Re: Cow in the pasture

The cow should be checked inserting three fingers in her cunt to see if she is in heat and ready to be mounted. Only when she's found wet and in heat it's worth to mount her, even if it happens several times a day.

It will be a farmer's choice if mount her or just insert a drinking straw in her cunt, driving it with a finger (or several fingers or, why not, a hand) inserted in her ass, in a cow artificial insemination wise...

Of course she's expected to moo all her satisfaction (or, in case, unsatisfaction...).

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Re: Cow in the pasture

Master of sluts — Cow eats breakfast and lunch off the floor and licks it clean. And it reallllly wants to be hooked up to a milking machine!!! Cow would let a sty of pigs to mount her just for that!

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Re: Cow in the pasture

The cow should eat out of a raised trough with the cow's neck squeezed between two adjustable upright posts. A milking machine should be attached to udders while feeding.

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Re: Cow in the pasture

you should of finished your post with a moo, silly cow!

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