Sore Nipples
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This was a dare given to me by a Dom from another site. This is my report:

Dare: Remove toothpaste with rubberband
Items needed: toothpaste, rubberband

I gathered toothpaste and thick rubber bands and sat on my bed. I took my sweater off - no bra, as I NEVER wear one. Oh, yeah. I have 40C saggy udders. After applying a generous amount of toothpaste on each nipple/teat, I took the rubberband and snapped it on the left nipple/teat. Wasn’t too bad. I continued to snap the nipple/teats trying to get the toothpaste off. Midway thru, the rubberband was a bit slippery and the snaps got more harsh. Mainly because it kept slipping out of my hand. Alternating the nipples/teats, by now they were getting more sore with each snap. Until, finally after about 35 minutes, the nips were clean! And very, very sore!! This did not make me cry. But it sure got my pussy wet!

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Re: Sore Nipples

Those udders need harder use than that, and lots of milking

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Re: Sore Nipples time I do this, I will add that in Wink

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Re: Sore Nipples

Now snap your clit for 35 minutes!

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