Looking for my Daddy/Dominant/Master
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I am an honest person and so you should be. I dont like playing games. too serious for such nonesense.I had a Master but he passed away with no warning or being sick, We had just stated this journey togheter. And would like to continue if I find the right person. I have a lot to offer to the right person,after Master passed away i went back to Mistress.I am honest,loyal and obedient. I do expect respect. I am submissive but i am no door mat. I have a brain. I want to be more than your dirty little secret. A true Master understand the gift of submission and doen't treat it lightly. I am a sensual and sexual woman and not afraid to admit it. Will i get down on my knees and suck your cock the first time we meet. that would be a no. A Master says that he will take you under consideration Im sure some will not agree with me on this but the Master is also under consideration. My likes and dislikes will only be discussed with some one who is interested.I do not am but will text talk on the mail after we get to know one another.A true Master needs not seek submission it will be given to him with out hesation.My slave name is pet given to me by my last Master he said i was a sweet as a submissive.

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