i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade
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i am new 2 this site and i need 2 find an online piece of shit garbage-whore to humiliate and degrade for my own pleasure. I believe that all women are worthless trash only fit 2 use as cockholes/cum dumps. So to that end, any like-minded sub sluts msg me immediately. For now this will be an online and possibly phone 'relationship', however i am open 2 things progressing beyond that. As my garbage cunt fuckmeat i will abuse, degrade and humiliate you. At ALL times you will address me ONLY as 'Master' or 'Sir'. I will call u anything i like: cunt, fucktrash, stupid ugly worthless whore, etc. You will have the honor 2 learn how 2 beg ur Master 2 let you lick his sweaty, dirty asshole and ballsack. You will be treated not as a human being but as the worthless cunt you are. I will give your feelings no consideration at all, however if you please me and learn quickly you MAY OCCASIONALLY be allowed 2 pleasure urself under my STRICT supervision and instruction. You will drink my piss and eat my cum. You will be degraded and insulted in EVERY possible way. So any and all useless cunt fuckholes out there who crave the cruel treatment i have just described, msg me immediately. If and when u do msg me, you better be goddam sure 2 show the proper amount of respect.

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

no prob, apology accepted.


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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

I am sorry if I have offended anyone, coming off as snide or arrogant or in any way combative. Truly, nothing I have said after my first post was meant in anything but polite respect.
Daniellinda, I want to apologize to as well, I did not mean for you to get the impression that I was dismissing anything you said, I have read and I understand and accept some of your points as valid but I disagree some as well. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that my opinion is my right, just as your is your and we are free to disagree.
I understand what you have said about seeking to impart wisdom and while I admit I have stated categorically I feel that the original post and its author are wrong, I also believe I have tried to share my "wisdom". (Through truthfully I do not see anything I say or think as wisdom.)I expressed a point of view and explained it, where it comes from and my justification for it. I feel that while I may not have been kind in the matter, the author may come to see it from a different view point and re-evaluate his approach. Something I have done many times, even since the original post and the various responses to it and to my own opinion on it.
Again let me thank you Daniellinda, your responses have made me think about myself and how I come across in my posts, I will have to be more careful in the future to ensure I do not come across as dismissive, combative or, bluntly, an asshole.

I am afraid you may have misunderstood me in my explanation. My example of musicians, astronauts and fighter pilots was not so much saying that it was impossible to do so but rather that as [filtered word] most people dream of things like this without considering the reality of the amount of work involved. I will admit there are many people for whom achieving these amazing pinnacles of humanity is worth the work and determination, but most [filtered word] dreaming of these things fail to grasp what is involved in achieving it and when the reality of what is involved comes into play most, not all but most, chose another path.
For your second point I respectfully disagree. While I agree that for some danger is necessary and there is an inherent danger to the inflicting of any type of pain, safe is still possible. Anyone who has done any industrial work has come across what I mean. In an industrial setting there are machines and processes that are inherently dangerous, to make a safe work environment they need to be taken into consideration and accounted for. To that end there are safe work procedures, safety guards, protective equipment, preventative maintenance, the list goes on. The point is that even the most risky procedure can be made safe or as close to safe as possible with the proper care. If someone however does not care for the person who's life is in their hands, there is a very real chance they will take shortcuts and ignore safety. In doing so they put the sub or slave at risk.
You also say that Sane is subjective but again, I disagree. Sane is more about ensuring the mental health of a sub or slave, making sure you do not cause some adverse reaction. A good example I read the other day was the example of a sub being locked in a closet with an argument on the tv in the other room. If the sub had been through a traumatic childhood, an unpleasant divorce lets say, there is a very real chance that the sub could revert to that period and be forced to relive that trauma all over again. It is important for Dominants to ensure that they know their subs and are aware of any potential issues that may arise and be prepared for the ones they are unaware of. Again someone who does not care for their sub or slave will ignore the danger.
You also ask what is not consensual about posting and waiting for a response. Nothing, it is completely consensual, but after the initial contact is made is when it may no longer be. Online it is difficult to see how it may not be consensual, but it is important to remember that manipulation, blackmail, and threats are all forms of coercion. It is important to note the original post also mentions meeting in person.
I would also mention that SSC is something many people, not merely myself hold to be the vitally important to bdsm. Even on this site the number is not insignificant.
I will say, I do not feel I over reacted initially, I feel I was expressing my opinion on the post and the fact it bothered me. I went further to explain it not to justify myself but to explain to those who were curious why I feel the way I do. Just as you have explained why you disagree. I could explain why I disagree with some of your other points but they are more a disagreement of opinion rather than principle. I will say this however, I am a Dom first Sadist second. I go to great lengths to ensure the safety and well being of my charges while I express my sadistic side. I do not think I am better, smarter, wiser, or in any way superior to anyone Master, slave, Dom or sub. These things are illusions we create for ourselves, to sate our egos.
Finally I will say I am sorry you do not see or understand my logic and I am sorry you disagree, but that is your right. I wish you good luck and I hope you have a merry Christmas.

Understanding is the most powerful of both weapons and medicines

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

Sorry to get involved, but this is fairly ridicuolous!

I do not hate women and nor do most people here by the sounds of it.

Having said this, Ooragoth: you are making very little sense on this issue.
I am not even going to argue on the points of the case at hand (for the most part), but rather on your argument itself:
Firstly, you argue that 'fantasy doesn't work in reality', whilst citing examples which prove your own point wrong. There ARE astronauts, fighter pilots and famous musicians in the world, thereby proving that fantasy and reality can be one and the same, by your own logic. Just because YOU didnt put in the effort etc, doesnt mean its impossible. So then, you are forced to admit that, only using your own logic, this fantasy (as all fantasies), with enough effort and dedication, could work for someone (just not for you).

Secondly, you define BDSM as Safe, Sane and consensual. This also seems fairly arbitrary. Safe cannot be necessary, because some peoples tastes require a genuine element of danger, thereby making it neccesarily unsafe, at least to some degree. I wont even bother responding to sane, as this is a subjective term which therefore cannot apply to any generalised rule such as this. Finally, what is not consensual about someone posting and awaiting replies? anyone who replies is doing so of their own free will.

So.. this SSC seems to be better defined as Relatively safe, Relatively Sane and consensual.... in other words, just consensual.Again, by your own logic, this poster is adhering to your sacred core of bdsm.

Next you mention his laziness and disrespect. This I do not feel the need to comment on. Some people like this approach, I'm sure, just like some people like to be insulted or to have their feelings ignored. This is not what I enjoy, or want in a submissive, but I guarantee that some people out there find his approach more exciting and attractive than yours, and who are we to tell them that they shouldnt?

Then you go on to complain about his use of the word relationship, which actually seems more in keeping with the definition of the word than your does. A relationship means that there is a relation between those two things. It does not neccesarily have any connection to emotions. the inverse square law of gravity has a relationship to the orbits of the planets, and no emotion is involved there. Furthermore, he would be achieving gratification from this arrangement, as would anyone who chose to agree to it (otherwise they wouldnt agree to it)

I dont think he is a misogynist. I dont think you really think that either. I think you may have been grasping at straws when you wrote that bit, aware that you had overreacted somewhat. As such i will not even answer that point, except to say that I think that we are all agreed that misogyny is a terrible thing. I simply think he was expressing a fantasy which may well appeal to some people, just not to me or you or many subs here or anywhere.

Your next point bothers me the most. You claim that he may not take proper care of his 'charges', on the grounds that he may be more interested in causing pain to them than anything else, then mere sentences later you say "I am a natural Sadist, I a have been as long as I can remember." How does this make you any better than him? Your profile states: "I was born with an inherent need to inflict pain and suffering on others, simple as that." What exactly does this have to do with caring about your "charges" or their well-being, pleasure or emotions?

The rest of your message i will simply ignore, as it has literally no relevance to any of your points really...

Now im sorry if ive been at all rude, but this seems like hypocrisy... and badly argued hypocrisy at that! I think we all thought the same thing when seeing his post. That "oh right, another one *sigh*", which seems to be my reaction to about 20% of the posts i see on here. But to pretend that you are any different and use that to lecture others in illogical ways is counter-productive at best. You may think he is dangerous, but I think that you taking on the role of judge of what is 'real' bdsm and what isnt is equally dangerous.

once again, I dont want to cause offence, I just cant stand to see illogical arguments

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

you may be, you may not be wrong about each or any one of your points, ooragoth. my point is that none of us can know a whole lot about him by this and it might be worth some investigating before pouncing ...
i just think taking the oneupmanship approach to someone who you as well as others here may very well be able to impart wisdom to is counter productive ... take your dismissive tone to me and what i said- it may actually benefit you to alter your perspective a little when it comes to something you claim to value so dearly- such as understanding, and even The Lifestyle you revere, and who knows? people may ultimately become more drawn to you than repelled, as you have indicated they are presently. stranger things have happened.
BUT, it seems we'll never know, will we???

i'd like to add that, in my opinion, bdsm has it's blackest marks reputation-wise from the infighting and overall lack of humility to one's approach and practices ... this can manifest in many ways, but shunning others without even attempting to understand them is one.

since i am not into contentious exchanges with strangers i am going to opt out of responding further, no matter how snide or mean-spirited any replies are from here forward.
i do hope i have offered some good food for thought for some.

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

I want to thank you Daniellinda, for this quote. I'm afraid I had never heard it before I will have to look it up at some point.
On a side note though, I don't believe that your quote and my signature are referring to the same kind of "understanding". The quote you use seems to refer to communication and learning, and getting to know people, where as my signature refers to seeing the truth in things and the how and why. It also refers less to understanding other individuals and more about understanding the world and above all ones self.
I could be horribly wrong here as has happens often enough, but that's something I shall discover in time.

As for putting CuntAbuser in the "wrong box", I stand by what I said. Like all sentient creatures I am entitled to my opinion be it right or wrong and when I feel its relevant I will choose to express it as is my right.
I Hope quite truthfully that I am wrong and I have misjudged because either here or somewhere else I am certain he will find a willing sub and if I am wrong they may be happy together. If I am not, someone will be hurt and everyone involved and open about their bdsm lifestyle will have yet another black mark. If I am not wrong then there is a very real chance he will turn many women; possibly even men, who would otherwise be happily fulfilled in the lifestyle, against it. Worse than that however is that some of these people may be like myself, incapable of living a vanilla life. Being turned away from bdsm by abuse and mistreatment would mean living unfulfilled and unhappy. As I said I quite truthfully hope I am wrong about him.

Understanding is the most powerful of both weapons and medicines

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

oh honestly... I've seen worse on this site, some darn near making me blush. But not saying worse as in the quality of the post, but in dirtier group of words describing what they want. Get horny enough and one might reply to see where it goes.
All the dirty words, all the humiliation and degradation in one pot.. oh my!..can you say......smorgasbord?!. These slaves know who they are and may have already responded as the slut anal cock whore they are...


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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

i find Nasty_Male's question the most intriguing of all the comments so far.
the rest seem to be more consumed with placing CuntAbuser deep in the bdsm wrong box.
i too am curious about where he is coming from, and not as interested in assuming up and down and all over the place about this post and it's author.

@ooragoth if "understanding" is so dern "powerful"-
"Seek first to understand, and then to be understood."
@Hard2Please thank you for that- very interesting and beautiful.

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

Thanks to ooragoth for his words of wisdom

-- Ancient Egyptian woman's slave contract --
I am your servant. I shall not be free. You will protect me; you will keep me safe; you will guard me. You will keep me sound; you will protect me from every demon.

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

Thanks to ooragoth for taking the time to explain, I agree with you. I guess I took it a little on the lighter side like SFNewGirl did, thank you also for explaining your comment. I'm still learning the bdsm lifestyle and the more good people like the ones here explain it to me the more I like it.

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Re: i need a good sub cunt 2 humiliate and degrade

If you think all women are worthless trash, why would you want to spend any time with them?

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