Master K wants to know...
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What is my favorite and most craved food or drink? This question is either a "just getting to know me better" question or I'm being set up for some kind of task or will be used as a punishment weapon. But whatever the answer is to my question, my answer must be turned in by 3 am Sunday UK time or face the consequences(as he mentioned my collection of un-used brand spanking new paper notebooks). I am suspicious , I won't lie.

I had already mentioned coffee. But that's more a need than crave.

Fries were another mention. I have been really good about not buying fries too often while I'm working as my stomach will usually try to divert my attention to the nearest golden arches. But I do crave fries allot. They must be freshly fried fries, not over done!(total disappointment when that happens), but perfectly crisp around the edges but also semi soft and slightly crunchy and still HOT. And when I'm satisfied, the crows and seagulls usually fair well if they are polite birds and not those who jump on your hood demanding your lunch or staring at you to make you feel guilty.
Plus, I don't require dips with my fries, some extra salt will usually complete the event. But if offered a dip, I would say my favorite would have to be between sweet and sour sauce #1, and then ranch. Just plain mustard is good too if neither are available.

Then I started thinking about something I've been craving and it's not very often I have it. Ribeye steak. Onion and mushrooms on top. Bone in, bone out, I don't care. A little fat on it is like having a cooked marshmallow over an open fire.

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