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Amazing chat the last couple of nights. Master K reads me well. I was saying before in my profile that K is into details and he really showed that last night.

When I started my new kik, I used my cats name as my nic at the time and hadn't changed it since. He told me he thought it was about time I changed it. He said I should come up with a new one or a few and he'd let me know which one to use or he could come up with one. I worried about this on my way to work yesterday. I didn't want some name that wasn't comfortable or familiar. I wondered what name was he thinking of or maybe he was going to name me something I wouldn't be able to feel warm and fuzzy over. I take these sorts of things quite seriously. I worried up until my first hour of work then forgot about it, I was way to busy to worry anymore..

Finally home and relaxing I pick up my phone again and tap the kik screen. There it was again.. grrr Now I had to come up with something or he would. I don't know what he would name me or maybe he already had something in mind, but before I sent him my greeting, I quickly changed my name to the slave ^^^^^.

It would be a few hours later that we discussed the fact I changed it. We were talking about the idea of a internet activated vibe and being at the check out when it was started. My mind was concentrating on that idea and imagining the situation as I was typing him back when he said "I love it when you are typing". I sort of passed on that statement as I guessed just watching I was responding in a quick fashion was a good thing to see. I'm guessing this because in my past relationship, because he was balancing between 2 woman, responses came slow and sometimes days later, so quick responses tells us we are actually having a dedicated discussion. So I thought maybe he was glad to see my attention. But after I responded he asked me if I noticed that statement, I told him I had and why was that? (i'm going for clarity these days rather than mystery)

He said..
"Rather than me telling you, why don't you type something and I'll send you a pic"
So I begin typing him back again and he posts me a picture of our chat and asks..
"do you see why?"
……..It took me a minute as I looked over this picture then at the top it was very telling...I told him..
"You see details, my nic worked out well!"
He said,
"Of course I do, no your nic did not work out well!!! However it did work out Perfectly!!"
Now whenever we chat and I'm typing he can watch "slave typing".

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