Times Flying
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It's fall already and getting into the mood for the end of year traditions. I love that every costume will be pretty much available in a store near me and I don't have to sneak into a adult toy store to buy stuff. I'm looking for some long gloves and maybe extra long socks. Haha.. I just like those socks.

I have a stripper pole now. Don't ask why, just have one.. I hope to do some fun stuff with it. I'm not a light weight kind of girl, so I'll have to be a little careful as if I go swinging around too hard, I might end up flying on out through the wall.. Yes, imagine that would be a funny sight, but I know I'll probably not fair well and would most likely never touch it again. So for now it's set up in the family room, but off in a corner. Now what if someone comes over, like family, and see's this here stripper pole? No worries folks.. the story goes... I'm just baby sitting it...nods nods...and honestly, allot of people have strange things in their houses these days, so a stripper pole is par for the course. Heck, I have a huge death star lamp next to me soooo....

Not much in the kinki zone. I did enjoy a football game on sunday. I didn't plug up. I will usually put one of my smaller plugs in as a sacrifice to the football gods, but I guess they were satisfied with my show of faith in the last 7 games as my team won, but barely. So this sunday I will pay homage and put a plug in.

Speaking of plugs, Master K thinks subs should be plugged often. As much as I like that idea, maybe we can institute this into our relationship somehow, maybe my days off or every other day, or something like that. Its not feasible to plug everyday as I've tried it before. But I do love anal play.. Oh yes, I think I've said this before somewhere.. Hehe

Until next time, falina.

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Re: Times Flying

Thank You Brian.

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Re: Times Flying

Hi Falina
It was fun to read your post. Enjoy life and keep writing.


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