africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Eighteen
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      Today was a special day for africa. Halfway through her white pregnancy, I scheduled an ultrasound. Today I was to learn the gender of My offspring. The bi-racial child will have a hard life either way. If it is a girl then her destiny will be submission to white dick. If it is a boy then it’s destiny will be cuckoldry.

      I studied her. At the end of the chain link leash, attached to the metal collar, was a black beauty kissing the shoes of her white Master. Five months have passed since she was white bred and the swelling was starting to dwarf the rest of her body. Even those udders were filling with milk. her body prepared itself well.

      Here at the veterinarians it was packed with people and their pets. There were a few dogs inside but, most were nigger bitches like africa. None of the others were quite as pleasing to Me though. They were all misshapen in various ways. Their udders were not as full. Their bodies had too much fat on them. I could go on and on.

      An [filtered word]’s condition says a whole lot more about its Master I might add. A fat nigger bitch is nothing more than a reflection of its Masters laziness. I was pleased that the second best belonged to an Aryan like Myself. We are natural Masters.

      I turned My attention back to africa who was now licking My ankles. The white baby incubators velvety tongue tickled My skin. Every bump on that tongue sent shivers up My spine and I got a little excited. I was so engrossed in it that I nearly did not hear the receptionist calling My name.

      With a jolt, I stood up to go into the back room where the veterinarian will give africa her ultrasound. I strode up to the door, opened it and entered the hallway. My destination lay at the end of the hall on the left. Tugging on the leash, I momentarily stopped to allow her to catch up to Me. It was pleasurable for Me to watch her kiss the very ground I had walked upon. Even the receptionist got a kick out of it.

      By the time I made it to the designated room, the veterinarian and ultrasound technician were already there.

      “Hello Mr. Keith. I am Doctor Drake.”

      “Pleased to meet you,” I said.

      “This must be africa.”

      I waved My arm over her, “Yes, this is she.”

      “Why do we not have her lay down for a while. We can chat until the gel is nice and warm.”

      I motioned to africa saying “Go on ahead africa. Get on up there.”

      The three of us watched her crawling and climbing. Once she was fully situated, I looped her leash around the barrier designed to prevent her from falling off, effectively tying her to it. When I was finished, I tied it into a knot. Now she was secure.

      “Has she been following her prescribed diet of Caucasian sperm?”

      “Twice daily,” I answered.

      Doctor Drake went to a filing cabinet. Opening it, he rummaged through africa’s file and pulled out a piece of paper. “I know it is a little late for this but, the program requires that she sign this pledge,” he said, handing it to me.

      I have never liked paperwork so I have never bothered with it. Yet, it must be read and signed by africa before the program will pay for the visit to the vet. He held it out to her.

      “Go on ahead and take it from him africa,” I said.

      She did so.

      “Now read it out loud so we can all hear this.”

      “i, acknowledge that my pussy is a privilege deserved only by real superior white men and not by inadequate beta losers, of any other race. i know that, without shame my pussy needs to be fucked long, hard, and deep by large stiff pale dicks, not noodled, poked at, or dribbled on by anything less, especially black boi-clits. i affirm natural feelings of contempt for inferior beta males of other races and my inferiority to the superior white race. Therefore, i pledge to deny the privilege of vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and fellatio to anyone, to include my partner or spouse, except white alpha male bulls now and for evermore. i accept my role as white only breeding cow and will always strive to please my white superiors. i promise to do my part to enforce and encourage black boi submission, feminization, celibacy, chastity, virginity, vasectomy, and castration. If i ever have a moment of weakness or decide to take pity on a beta male, i will offer my hand, my leg, or observe as he pathetically fucks his own hand pussy to completion while laughing. In exchange for limiting my intercourse to real superior white men, i retain the right of unlimited access to and personal use of white dildos, toys and cunnilingus from beta males until ownership of myself, and by extension my genitals, to a white master or white mistress is established. In taking and adhering to this pledge, i understand that it rightfully removes purely inferior black offspring with an unfair advantage in a competition based on racist social constructs as opposed to true sperm competition which favors the superior white male. White and mixed babies only! No black boi-clits!”

      “Just sign and date that africa,” I said.

      she did so.

      Doctor Drake, taking the slip of paper from her, said “Good. Now we can do this ultrasound. The gel head heated and the nurse prepped africa for its application. The nurse lifted her shirt up over the swollen belly.

      I found it erotic. This ghetto black girls body was incubating My DNA and it was growing inside of her. As if in admission of My genetic superiority over her inferiority. I imagined her body ready to pop. her belly button bulging out got My blood pumping. The crowning of the infant reveals the race of the father. Even the doctors and nurses know that she is a proud race traitor. I chuckled thinking about the race of the doctor. Despite the remote possibility, the doctor might be black. If that were the case, then I would request a white doctor. I do not trust black bois.

      The nurse had finished applying the gel and we all got ready to learn the gender of My offspring. Doctor Drake got to work. There were a couple minutes where I waited for the identification. When he was finished, he stood up and approached Me.

      “Congratulations Mr. Keith. It is a girl.”

      I let out a sigh of relief. “Good. I was worried that it might have been a boy.”

      “Luckily, that is not the case.”

      “I know. This way, she can be psychologically groomed to believe in white supremacy. she will never even want black bois. Never.”

      “I am glad.”

      “It looks like the future is white. Very white.”

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Re: africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Eighteen

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