Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Five
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   Keith grabbed Africa’s udders from behind her and began fondling them roughly. A defeated moan escaped her lips as her nipples hardened underneath the tight, creamy white jumpsuit she wore. They were clearly visible. He stood a full foot above her and could see her excitement over her shoulder. Milking her udders, he made his way to his wanna-be-pygmie’s now fully erect nipples. Pinching them softly, he whispered into her ear “Do you like that?” Another quiet moan indicated an affirmative. Then, he twisted her nipples sharply and she yelped like a bitch in pain.

   Africa couldn’t admit it to herself but, Keith’s work had her sopping wet. Her conditioned beliefs regarding the master race coupled with her unexplainable sexual excitement caused her great confusion.

   Africa thought to herself, am I really enjoying this? I knew I’d have to do this but, I never thought it would be so pleasurable. Whatever happens to me I will not give him the satisfaction of making me come. I will only ever come for a respectable black man she told herself.

   Keith glided his hand down Africa’s midriff and eventually found its way to her hot pussy. He grabbed it with his vicious strength and the electric jolt up her spine had her standing straight. She leaned on his massively broad chest for support. The tingling sensation originating inside of her threatened to totally engulf her. For the first time, she became fearful of his power over her. With one hand still teasing her nipple and the other in between her legs, he worked her ferociously. As his onslaught continued, she became weak-kneed and her legs started giving out on her. It seemed as if he was holding her body up as her pussy subconsciously sank down onto his hand.

   Africa was lost in a whole new world of pure pleasure. She had forgotten where she was and who was doing what to whom. She was only just barely conscious of what seemed to be an immovable object jammed between her legs.

   Africa couldn’t form a single coherent thought.

   Keith stopped suddenly. Whispering in Africa’s ear, he said “Now don’t get carried away. I’ll let you come when I’m good and ready to. But first, my fun has only just gotten started. Lift your arms up for me.” Africa’s body was on fire with sensation. She worked through her frustrations and raised up her arms high above her head. Keith peeled the sweaty top of Africa’s jumpsuit up and over her head. Getting her arms out, he casually tossed it to the floor. Her watermelon size udders bounced out with her perky nipples poking through the white bra she wore. He deftly unhooked the bra and dropped it to the floor at her feet. Her purple nipples heaved up and down in sync with her heavy breathing.

   Keith then peeled the sweaty bottom of Africa’s jumpsuit down over her cute little bubble butt and let the rest take care of itself. Her white panties were soaked through and clung to her like a second skin. He peeled them off too. Her lubricant from her tight, virgin, purple pussy stretched as it wouldn’t let go of her panties.

   Yes, Africa was a virgin black girl. She had been waiting for the right black boy but, growing up in the ghetto of Oakland afforded her very little options. Every black boy she knew dropped out to join petty gangs and get addicted to drugs. Many of them had become homeless after refusing to make an honest living. They had given up on life and embraced a philosophy of stagnation, impotence and death.

   When Africa looked for love, she looked not to the black community but, to herself. It was right then and there that she decided to apply for the program. She had heard so many positive things about the Aryan man that she became intrigued and wondered about them from time to time. Were they really so successful at everything they set their minds to? They excel at education. Their ‘gangs’ run the world. They also stay away from drugs. Many of them owned land and lived in large mini-mansions because of their great work ethic. The Aryan man exemplified progress, virility and life.

   Africa couldn’t help but compare the loser black boys she knew from personal experience to the victorious Aryan man.

   Keith stepped around to Africa’s front and stared her down. She lowered her eyes down to the bulge in his pants.

   “Down on your knees.”

   Africa did as commanded.

   “Put your hands behind your back and unzip me using your teeth.”

   Africa moved her face forward and bit down on Keith’s zipper. Pulling down with her teeth, she unzipped his pants.

   “Now pull me out using your lips.”

   Africa maneuvered her lips into his pants and with some difficulty, sucked Keith’s veiny cock out of its cage.

   “Let’s see how good your blowjobs are shall we?”

   Keith’s ivory white cock flopped out onto Africa’s ebony black face. He was larger than the bulge implied. His girth was comparable to her forearm. Big and veiny as he was, he was still growing.

   Africa softly pressed her lips to Keith’s cock. She kissed every inch of him. She began slovenly licking him all over. His taste and smell sent her into a Bacchic frenzy. Passionately kissing his uncut tip, she took him into her mouth. Her lips spread far and wide to accommodate his thick shaft. She managed to take half of his length before he hit the back of her throat. Gagging a little, she pulled back a few inches. Choking noises filled the room as her head bobbed up and down his cock.

   “That’s it girl. Worship me like the god that I am. And if I find you pleasing, I’ll paint that ebony black face of yours pure white. Wouldn’t you like that? To be a beautiful white woman? I know that you black women are jealous of them. It’s your deepest, darkest secret. Isn’t it?”

   Africa voiced a muffled “hmmm…”

   Keith grabbed the back of Africa’s head and started face-fucking her. He thrusted in and out of her mouth with no resistance. Strings of saliva dripped onto the floor amidst lewd wet noises. This went on for what seemed like forever but, was perhaps only ten minutes or so.

   “That’s it girl. Suck that ivory white cock you black bitch.” As Africa sucked Keith’s cock, she felt him begin to pulsate in her mouth and throat. Taking a fistful of her black hair, he ripped her from him. Aiming himself at her upturned face, he blew his load. Jet after jet of thick and chowder-like Aryan DNA splashed upon her face. It was hot and sticky, it pleasantly warmed her face. The salty taste in her mouth completed her debasement.

   “Spread it around your face and rub it into your skin. I want to see your inner white woman.”

   Africa touched the gooey substance covering her face. It was still warm to the touch. Smearing it across herself, she mixed it with her own tears. Rubbing it into her skin like lotion, she continued crying.

   At least he didn’t make me come, Africa thought to herself.

   When Africa was done massaging Keith’s Aryan DNA into her ebony black face, she glistened and sparkled with the superiority of the master race.

   “I’ll bring your uniform to you when it’s ready,” Keith said as he put himself away and zipped up his pants. “’til then, get to know your sisters in bondage.”

   After Keith left, Africa held her sticky face in her hands and wept bitterly.

   “Nooo…,” Africa lamented. “I-I-I love white cock!”

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Five

Very good!

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Five

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