Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Four
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   Keith had Africa burn her old clothing in an incinerator. The symbolism of the act wasn’t lost on her. The thought of her entire race burning in the Lake of Fire made her sick to her stomach. She felt as though she was in league with the Aryan race and their mission to breed her own race out of existence. It was a terribly intrusive feeling.

   It would take a few days for Africa’s uniform to be made. In the meantime, Keith had given her some plain white clothes to wear for her tour of the special colored dormitory. They were only roughly her size and on the small side too. Even though her curvature was on full display for all to see, she didn’t feel embarrassed because only other black girls and their Aryan men would see her dressed so slutty. After all, weren’t they all in the same boat?

   Africa felt a mysterious allure to this magical place where black girls like herself catered to the every whim of the master race. There was something erotic about the humiliation and degradation associated with obediently serving the enemy. It was scandalous, perverted and sick above all else. But it was exciting and beautiful too.

   Walking up to the main entrance, Keith introduced Africa to the ‘Lab.’ “Well now, this is where it all happens. It is here that you will spend the next four years of your life. As you can see, it offers a great view of Glenwood Park and is just a block away from the Student Health and Wellness Center. It was built in the year twenty thirty-six by the Aryan Nation for the purposes of systematically eliminating inferior DNA from the human genome. Shall we?”

   Keith placed the palm of his hand onto a circular disk which hung on the wall seemingly on its own. Africa always did have trouble understanding advanced Aryan technology. It’s the reason why she chose to study history. Her main interest being black history in particular.

   The front door slid open. “While we are here, I urge you to pay close attention. You can learn a great deal from your sisters in bondage.”

   Keith stepped inside with Africa following. He showed her the first floor, student led Help Desk. The black girls running it wore the special creamy white school uniforms. It was a sleeveless one-piece which terminated in a skirt only partially covering the crotch. What surprised her the most about these black girls were their blue eyes. They must be second or third generation half-breeds she thought.

   Next, Keith showed Africa the common room. Inside were several black girls, all of whom were at some stage of pregnancy. There was an Aryan man standing over the one nursing a caramel colored baby. The little one was no Aryan but, she most certainly wasn’t black either. One of the WBI’s approached Africa and introduced herself.

   “Hi. My name’s Shaniqua. It’s always fun meeting the new girl on the block.”

   “My name’s Africa. It’s nice to meet you.”

   “You’ll love it here. We have our tuitions paid for. We eat a healthy balanced diet and we have access to the best personal trainers on campus! Have you met Ashley and Sarah at the Help Desk yet?”

   “Yes, I have.”

   “Great! Welcome to the ‘Lab!’”

   “You see Africa, you’re not going to regret your decision to join the program,” Keith said. “There is always some apprehension at first but, we find that after impregnation the girls become more enthusiastic regarding the role they will play in history. Now I think it is time to show you to your room.”

   Keith led Africa to the elevator which they used to go to the fifth floor. Leading her down the hallway, he brought her to room twenty-seven. He smiled at her mischiefly before unlocking the door using the same palm mechanism as before. Ushering her inside, he closed the door behind them.

   “I think it’s high time we christened your acceptance into the program."

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Four

Nice story. The whole race taboo is so interesting. Even more than the religious taboo. I wonder which fantasy is more popular. White men dominating black girls or the other way.
Now I remember that wonderful scene with Selma Blair in Storytelling when she reluctantly repeats what she is asked to say:"Fuck me, nig ger. Fuck me harder".

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Four

Enjoying it very much, look forward to the next installment

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Four

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