africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Nineteen
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      I chuckled.

      “It’s true, Master.”

      “You mean the same black boi from last week?” I asked to clarify.

      “Yes, Master.”

      I listened to africa’s report while she groomed herself. Apparently beating it was not enough of a deterrent. Because it found her again and attempted to talk to her.

      Beta black bois make Me laugh. Or am I the only one who’s noticed they’re all talk and no bite? You see, these losers spend most of their time bluffing and lying about everything instead of honing any real world skill. You understand they call this ‘hustlin’’ and ‘runnin’ game’? It’s code for getting something for nothing. they feed on our pity for them.

      To be a Man is to pity none. It’s forbidden. The next time one of ‘em begs you out on the street tell’em to fuck off. I don’t care about their lies and neither should you. It’s all about dope anyway. More black [filtered word] have OD’d on crank than there were slaves in America. That’s a statistical fact. Needle sharing is why so many of ‘em have HIV and AIDS. That too is true.

      Interrupting My thoughts, she continued “It’s been stalking me these past few days.”

      “Stalking you? How can it be stalking you when I don’t let you out of the house alone?” I asked.

      “it must have followed us the day you beat it up Master.”

      I thought about it for a short time. It was feasible. After all, when I finished fucking her atop it I did have to run some errands. So, I was out and about the town most of that day. It was possible for it to have regained consciousness in time to see My direction. Or more likely, it chanced upon Me later on, I didn’t recognize it and it followed Me. Or perhaps it awoke while I was doing her and it only pretended to be out of it. it probably got off on Me using it as a cushion.

      Either way, it now knew where I lived. That bothered Me. I’m a kind Man and I wouldn’t want to seriously hurt it. But I will if I have to.

      I heard a knock at the door.

      “Hold on Africa. Let Me see who’s at the door,” I said, getting up off the couch. I walked to the front door listening to more knocking. Peering through the peep hole, I saw a beta loser black boi. I turned the knob and opened the door.

      “What do you want?” I demanded.

      “… i know who you are,” it said.

      “Oh?” I replied.

      “Y-You’re Mr. Keith.”


      “You make a living beating blacks and raping them too… isn’t that right?”

      “So, what you gonna do about it?”

      The beta black boi was speechless. I have no qualms about what I’m doing to the black race. As far as I’m concerned, being black is a sin. Forgiveness is a function of the soft genocide. What is that? It is the generational interracial breeding wherein White DNA is used to gradually Whiten the black race. I call this ‘the Whitening.’

      I stepped outside My house and shut the door behind Me. Standing on the front porch with it, I stared into it’s pathetic brown eyes. As if already trained, it lowered it’s gaze down to My shoes.

      “What do you want?” I asked.

      There were several minutes of silence before it built up the courage to speak to Me. During which I sized it up. it was short and fat. There were bullets of sweat covering it’s face. it’s pudgy hands were fidgeting and it was shaking visibly.

      “W-Why do you do it?” it asked.

      I thought about why the beta black boi would even care to know. “I’ll show you,” I said, reopening the door. I motioned for it to follow Me inside.

      “The truth is, I do what I want. It’s a hedonistic philosophy. It just so happens to be the case that I get off on hurting other people. White supremacy just so happens to provide an appropriate orientation for My sadism. Get it now?”

      As it followed Me inside nothing more was said. There was nothing more to say. I told it the truth. Entering My house, I noticed africa’s look of astonishment. I had allowed a black boi into My living room. Into the White Man’s home.

      I slowly came to a stop in front of My little White baby incubator with the black boi beside Myself. it stepped through My home timidly, with light foo steps. When it saw her it’s jaw dropped and it’s eyes got big. They were nearly bulging out of their sockets.

      africa was on the floor on her knees looking at My crotch.

      “I told you I’d show you why didn’t I?”

      The black boi was silent.

      “africa, tell it what the rules are for black girls,” I said.

      Without taking her gaze from My crotch, she spoke “A black girl shall never say no to her White Master. she shall serve as a shameless slut and whore with her full body and mind and with no holes barred for White use. A black girl shall serve her White Master’s Friends and anyone He designates as enthusiastically as she serves her White Master. black girls shall willingly serve as party entertainment for Whites when desired including football parties, poker parties, bachelor parties or anywhere there is a gathering of Whites who want to party. black girls shall serve ALL legal age Whites at any time whether short, fat, tall, thin, rich, poor, clean, dirty, young or old. By tonguing ass, licking balls, sucking cock and spreading their legs as wide as possible for pussy or ass usage by Whites.

      black girls shall acknowledge that they were put on this earth to provide sexual pleasure to Whites and Whites only, and they shall set their ultimate goal to be a breeding whore for Whites. black girls shall strive to be White fucked regularly anywhere anytime such as in the backseats of cars, on car hoods, picnic tables, grassy spots, alleyways, cheap hotels and marital beds. Any place a horny White Man wants her. A black girl who is fortunate enough to be impregnated by a White shall continue to fuck Whites until the last possible minute to reinforce her love and lust for White seed.

      black girls shall keep all holes clean and fresh for use by Whites, perform Kegel exercises daily to maximize White satisfaction and use only White dildos and vibrators for tune-up, to work herself into a sexual frenzy for use by Whites. black girls shall only orgasm from the cock, tongue and fingers of a sexually superior White, never from a sexual aid and especially NEVER from a black boi. black girls shall keep their pussy, ass and mouth clean, fresh, powdered and shaved for use by Whites at any time and any place Whites so desire.

      black girls shall walk, talk, act, dress and wear the make-up and hairstyle desired by her White Masters to show the world she is owned by Whites. A black girl may be branded, tattooed, chained, collared, nipple and cunt pierced and ringed for the satisfaction and amusement of her White Masters. black girls shall dress skimpy, exposed, provocative and naked underneath as possible for the visual enjoyment and ready use by Whites and for the teasing and denial of black bois. black girls shall give up their panties and underwear for black bois to wear while they are out dancing, seducing and getting felt up by Whites.

      black girls shall NEVER provide sexual pleasure to black bois. black girls are only for the exclusive use of Whites. black girls may tease but, they will deny black bois and fuck, and only fuck, Whites. black girls are cherished by black bois and may be dominant to them but, they shall be submissive to Whites and relish being called whores, sluts, cunts, bitches, fuck-toys, holes, slaves or cum-dumps by their White Masters. black girls may marry black bois but, only if the black bois are willing to follow the rules for black bois during the engagement, honeymoon and marriage. If a black girl breaks any of these rules, the appropriate black boi, husband, boyfriend or other shall be stripped naked, bound, caned and whipped severely in front of her until she begs sincerely for forgiveness and promises genuinely to obey her White Master in every way without limits. Repeated failures or serious infractions may also result in the castration of the black boi.”

      There was a moment of silence between the three of us. I had noticed africa’s eyes meeting the black boi’s every time she mentioned it. The black boi was absolutely stunned by her little speech. I put My hand on it’s shoulder and said “Watch this black boi. Come here, africa.”

      she crawled over to Me with her pregnant belly dragging across My floor. When she made it to My feet, she began kissing My feet. I allowed her to do this for several minutes as the black boi silently looked on.

      It was important for Me to establish My dominance over the black boi. It was important for it to see africa worshipping Me. I wanted it to know that I was in complete control of what is rightfully it’s. I imagined this was very humiliating for it.

      Then I got an idea. Glancing over at the black boi, I said “Show it just how much you need Me africa. Suckle on My White Mammoth Dick.” it dared not meet My eyes. instead, it stared down at her with a look of defeat.

      africa slowly made her way up My legs, to My crotch. she pulled My zipper down with her teeth and fished Me out using her mouth. Both pairs of chocolate colored eyes dilated at the sight. One with lust. The other with fear. Delicately, africa kissed the tip of My uncut dick. It was a tender kiss. Like how one might kiss a lover. she even closed her eyes doing it. The black boi winced.

      Then africa gently glided her purple lips wide over My head and down My shaft. she spent about a good minute or so swallowing Me whole. All the while the black boi watched in horror.

      “Didn’t I say that I’d show you why I do this?” I said to the black boi while sneering at it.

      Trying to look Me in the eye but, to afraid to do so, it watched africa serve My pleasure. After a time it worked up the courage to ask “… W-What is this?”

      “This is why I do it, boi. you asked Me why. Here’s your explanation,” I said amid africa’s lewd suckling noises.

      it meekly replied with “… i don’t understand.”

      “I like forcing your kind to serve My pleasure as I breed you out of existence. It’s what gets Me off,” I told it.

      The black boi was speechless.

      africa’s head was bobbing up and down on my White Mammoth Dick. she had coated Me in a thick layer of spit and was gliding her purple lips along My shaft with ease. With every withdrawal, she suckled Me fiercely. You could hear the popping noises tick the time away. There were strings of spit dripping from My nutsack down onto the floor.

      Of course, the black boi couldn’t take it’s eyes off My White Mammoth Dick. Occasionaly, I would come of her mouth with a loud pop. The black boi watched helplessly as I symbolically took from it what rightfully belongs to it.

      Not to mention I’d beat it’s ass just the other day. Since then, it somehow found out where I lived. I wondered why it had done this. Could it possibly be that it di the because…

      The sensual blowjob africa was giving Me became overwhelming and I started to focus My attention. My identity shifted. It seemed as if I could feel every undulation on her tongue on the base of My tool. her throat constricted around Me with a melting heat.

      Our body heat became as one. The deeper I went into her body, the greater My sense of conquest. Grabbing the back of her head, I jammed Myself down her throat as far as I could go. Most Men have to deal with the ever dreaded gag reflex and all. But I robbed her of hers a long time ago. With enough training, any girl can be trained to suck cock.

      The black boi’s eyes bulged as I held africa’s head. her nose was buried deep in My pubic hair and she was drooling all over my nutsack which stringed down to the floor in thick ropes. Now, usually I don’t hold her for this long. However, this time I held her to Me much longer than that.

      africa couldn’t breath with My White Mammoth Dick jammed down her throat. It restriced her wind pipes. Though I trained her to keep the hands crossed behind the back as though for binding, she broke position and brought her hands up to My washboard abs. But still I held her head.

      I allowed her to pound on My abs for almost a full minute. Then her eyes rolled into the back of her head. she was losing consciousness. When I saw that, I knew to release My grip on her hair. Popping out of her mouth, she gasped for air and heaved violently until she had had her fill.

      “Do you see why I do it, boi?”


      “Got nothin’ to say, boi?”


      I grabbed africa’s hair once more and guided My White Mammoth Dick back to her lips and thrust Myself balls deep down her throat.

      “What’s your name, boi?” I asked.


      “Don’t just stand their staring at My junk, boi. Talk to Me.” I demanded.

      “… i-“

      “you are to refer to yourself in the third person,” I told it. “That goes for you too africa. This is a new rule.”

      I felt africa voice her affirmation with My cock.

      “ja-jamal understand.”

      I looked over. it’s eyes were still glued to the blowjob africa was giving Me. “So your name is jamal?”


      “Yes, what?” I demanded.

      “Y-Yes, sir.”

      “Listen up you two. Neither of you are persons. Both of you are property. It is for this reason that you two are to be named by Me. Like livestock. I’ve given africa her name already. Now, when it speaks it refers to itself in the third person and by the pronoun ‘it’’.

      I will not tolerate non-Aryans who disobey. Only Aryans deserve to have legal names. Only Aryans deserve the respect of being a legal person. Are you listening jamal?” I asked.

      “Yes, sir.”

      “Let Me explain something to the both of you. Here in White City, We recognize only Aryans as legal persons. Whether Man or Woman. Yes, it’s true.

      We Aryans treat our Women as equals. That means we treat them with respect. All other forms of life are inferior to Us,” I told the two of them.

      I built a rhythm fucking africa’s black face with My White Mammoth Dick. Everytime My hips met it’s face I could feel the wet hotness of it’s body completely covering and constricting around Me. My nutsack, heavy with Aryan seed kept slapping it upside the face as if mocking it for serving My pleasure.

      “I’m goin’ to call you jamal ‘cause you’re a yes-boi anitcha?” I could not restrain My evil laugh. it could not take it’s eyes from My violating one of it’s so called ‘sistah’s’.

      jamal was totally mesmerized.

      “It should be understood that neither of you have any rights here. Nor should you anywhere especially here,” I reminded the two of them. “We have complete and total control over all aspects of your lives. We claim this as part of Our birthright.”

      Just then My loins began to throb and shudder. I could feel the stiffening to such and intensity that it was almost painful. I erupted deep inside of it’s body.

      “Fuck yeah,” I growled.

      I shot rope after rope of thick cum down directly into africa’s stomach right their with jamal watching.

      “…!? W-What are you d-doing to h-it… sir?” jamal asked.

      “I’m feeding it lunch, boi, “ I remarked. “It’s important for black bitches to eat man from heaven every day. It sustains their spirit, “ I told it.

      “Mana from heaven? jamal asked.

      “Yes,” I said.

      “How do you mean?” jamal asked.

      “I mean that mana from heaven is Aryan sperm. It is the mystical food source which sustains the body. Cooked within My loins, it is mine to dispense. So it is that I make it a reward for those who please Me,” I said.

      “Oh…” jamal said.

      “The idea is that by ingesting the Aryan essence it is possible to become like us. The seed takes root deep inside the brain and makes permanent physical changes to the neural network resulting in an obsession with White Mammoth Dick,” I continued.

      “i see,” jamal said.

      I held africa’s head to Me, it’s nose crushed against My pubic area. By now I was done filling up africa’s belly with hot, sticky mana from heaven. releasing africa’s hair from My grip, I allowed it to pull away. A strand of saliva connected the two of us when I turned to jamal.

      “This is why I do it. In My own way I’m helping your kind. Think of it as the Whitening of the black race. It is an elevation in status for the black race. I want to make them like Us so that We can all be equals. Isn’t that a fine thing?”

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Re: africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Nineteen

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