Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Seven
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   My school uniform was completed earlier than expected. Keith surprised me with it in the early hours of the morning. It was the same creamy white sleeveless one-piece all the other black girls were wearing. It terminated in an all too short mini-skirt which showed off its matching pair of panties. The fabric was almost transparent and there was a slit in the panties for easy access.

   I was conflicted about whether or not I liked it. The design was certainly provocative. My slender arms and legs are totally exposed. My arousal is on full display too. If I get turned on, my nipples will poke straight through. If I get wet down there, people will see my juices soaking through. Not to mention the contrast with my ebony black skin. Because of its transparency and the slit in the panties it’ll be like wearing nothing at all. I felt mortified at the prospect of having to wear it.

   “Do I really have to wear this? Isn’t there a more conservative uniform I can wear?”

   “Yes, to the former and no to the latter.”

   “You’re serious.”

   “Unless of course you would rather be nude.”

   “Alright then.”

   “Now put it on.”

   The thought that Keith wanted a show flashed through my mind. He wants me to strip for him. My stomach lurched. I still can’t believe I’m doing this for this blue eyed, blond haired, white motherfucker.

   Hesitantly, I pulled my white top up over my head. My breasts eagerly bounced out as if trying to escape the confines of my white bra.

   Keith held out his open hand and took my top from me.

   Next I unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts from it. With one arm, I held out my bra for Keith and with the other I covered myself.

   Taking my bra from me, Keith said “I will not tolerate modesty in a negress. Lower your arm and get to it.”

   I lowered my arm obediently. Grabbing my pants, I pushed them down over my black bubble butt. Letting them fall down to my feet, I proceeded to do the same with my panties.

   “Pick them up and hand them to me.”

   I did as I was told and stood before Keith stark naked.

   “Now put on the uniform.”

   I looked over to my bed where it lay. I stared at it. I was expected to wear this symbol of humiliation and oppression in front of everyone during my attendance here at SOU. After I put this on, it’ll be white on top of black from there on out. There’ll be no going back.

   I picked up the garments from my bed. I held it out in front of me and eyed the fashion statement. My God, everyone will know of my submission to the Master Race. My secret worship of Aryan men will be immortalized in public memory. I wasn’t sure whether to fight against it all or give in to the pleasure.

   Pulling it up over my head, I slid it down my body. It was difficult to fill it out. Its tautness suggested that it was a size or two too small. The damn thing clung to me like a second skin. Snatching up the panties, I put them on. When I was finished, I felt my face flush when I noticed Keith’s excitement.

   “Superb. The tailor did a particularly good job this time.” Keith placed all of my old clothes into a trash bag and placed it by the door to my dorm room. Returning to me, he nicely ushered me to my window overlooking GlenWood Park. “Isn’t it beautiful out there?”

   “Yes.” There were quite a few people outside playing games. A picnic here and there as well. I saw couples holding hands and wondered about the meaning of love.

   Keith grabbed me by the hip and pulled me close to him. Whispering into my ear, he said “You want to succeed here at SOU don’t you?”


   “You understand that means pleasing my every whim? Obeying my every order? Living only to please and serve me with your body? Giving up your filthy mongrel eggs to me and bearing my daughters whom in turn will be white-bred until your entire race is extinct? Do you understand all of this?”


   “Otherwise I’ll have you removed and sent back to the shit hole ghetto in Oakland you came from. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we Africa?”

   “No.” The vibrations of Keith’s voice shook all thoughts from my mind. I was only vaguely aware of my hardening nipples poking out of my uniform. Keith’s grip on my hip faded as he moved his hand down to my cute little bubble butt and began squeezing it tightly.

   “From now on you will address me as Master. Understand, my little slave?”

   “…Yes, M-Master.”

   “Also, you will speak when spoken to. Otherwise you will ask my permission. Understand?”

   “…Yes – Master.”

   Keith delicately nudged my chin with his free hand and turned me to face him. I stared into his crystal blue eyes. For the first time, I realized the extent of his power over me. He’s already made me suck his disgusting ivory white cock. He’ll make me do even worse things for him in the future. Hell, he could even make me change my major from black history to something else.

   He looked at me with a wide smile pasted across his face. Chuckling mainly to himself, Keith said “I find you unworthy to look into my eyes as you are. From now on cast your gaze upon my belt buckle whenever I’m in the room. Am I understood?”

   Lowering my gaze to Keith’s belt buckle, I said “As Master wishes.” Staring at Keith’s manly bulge, I felt my nipples harden. His excitement for me made me excited too.

   “In the coming weeks, classes will begin Africa. You will live here, in the special colored dormitory. You will be escorted by me every time you leave it for whatever reason. This will mostly e for your protection. You see, there are those who are against interracial couplings such as ours. It drives the black boys’ crazy for example. The Aryan nation has corrected the behavior of more than a few. More often than not though it’s the Aryan women you want to watch out for. I would encourage you to pay them obeisance, understand?”

   I whispered “Yes, Master.” Still staring at the manly bulge in his pants, I watched him pulsate underneath his jeans. I felt a growing moistness between my legs.

   “It is important that you never leave without permission Africa. You will find guards at every entrance keeping those without authorization out and away from you. Again, this is for your protection. This is a safe place for Aryan men and black girls like us. Do you understand?”

   I wondered if it were true. Hesitating but for a moment, I answered “Yes, Master.”

   “Most importantly, I think we should go over the syllabus. Through the art of classical conditioning, I will train your body to become excited by Aryan men. It only takes a couple weeks for the brain to form new neural connections in response to stimulus y’know. It’s why with repeated experiences we become better than ourselves. It’s how I’ll associate your arousal with white cock. From there I will begin your slave training proper. Through the use of [filtered word]sis, I will train you for desired behavior. The power of suggestion is so great, psychologically speaking. In the end, I will control every aspect of your life. I own you completely and you’ll never escape me. Although, my favorite part is where you love every minute of your own degradation. We both know you wouldn’t be here otherwise. I do however like to break in strong willed women. It is my belief that every woman is a slave girl in her heart of hearts and I haven’t been proven wrong yet. When you give in to the sublime ecstasies of the Aryan man, and you will, my mission will be completed and I’ll move on to the next black girl. In a sense, I’m an Evangelical proselytizing black girls to a new faith. Do you have any idea what I mean Africa?”

   I trembled in Keith’s arms as I listened to his diabolical plan. My ear was moist from his breath. My nipples were harder than they’ve ever been. Also, and it’s hard for me to admit this but, I was sopping wet. I felt little control over my body and its reaction to Keith. There was a sort of separation between my body and my mind. Stuttering like a frightened schoolgirl, I said “N-N-No, M-Master.”

   “Then allow me to explain it to you. Aryan men have transcended their humanity and have become something more. We’ve regurgitated that accursed Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We’ve become as innocent as a force of nature. Ridding ourselves of original sin has returned us to the Garden of Eden where we’ve been transformed into mans’ original angelic, god-like state. Haven’t you ever wondered why we have blue eyes, blond hair and white skin?”

   “…N-No, Master,” I whispered.

   “It’s because we are the image of God. Yes, that’s right. Because He created us in His image, He necessarily has blue eyes, blond hair and white skin Himself. Our eyes are His eyes. So it is that our attributes are reflection of Godhood. Our first commandment was to be fruitful and multiply. That’s where you come in. Do you know why we discriminate against your race?”

   I made a barely audible sound. I thought I replied “No, Master.”

   “It is because your ancestor Cain betrayed God and as punishment, a mark was placed upon his body so that he couldn’t hide his misdeed from anyone. That is why you are black Africa. Through magickal contamination his curse was bequeathed unto you. Your skin tone is proof of the impurity of your very soul; it’s dirty you see. The swarthier the skin the more impure the soul. Likewise, our skin tone is proof of the purity of our very souls. Unlike your race, we are clean, we are not the guilty ones. I know this may be hard to accept but, it is true. Can you accept this Africa?”

   A part of me raged against Keith’s biblical interpretation but, I had no other choice than to comply with his ideology. “I can – Master.”

   “I’m glad. I know that the truth can hurt and hurting you is the last thing I want to do to you. In reality, I want to help you. As you already know, the offspring of an Aryan man and a black girl is half Aryan. The offspring of an Aryan man and a half Aryan is three quarters Aryan. By selectively breeding your race out of existence we are in fact saving your people form their progenitor’s curse. The whole point of the Program and the ‘Lab’ is to help you. Can you believe it?”

   My anger steadily grew as Keith went on. Anger at his bizarre lies about my race and his audacity in insisting that being subjected to selective Aryan breeding is good for my race flooded my very core. However, my future depends upon it. I don’t really have a choice in the matter. All I could say is “I can, Master.”

   Keith’s smirk had become a genuine smile. He held me in his arms firmly. His left hand was playing with my butt and every tug on it pulled at my labia. With every opening my juices trickled down my inner thigh. His free hand grabbed my breast and flicking my hard nipple he cut me to the core of my being.

   “I can see that someone’s excites about lifting her curse!”

   “D-D-Don’t say that,” I managed to stutter out from my mouth.

   Keith pinched my nipple hard and twisted it until I yelped out in pain. “What did I tell you about speaking out of turn!”

   The pain was so great I saw stars. “I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

   Keith continued to pinch and twist my nipple hard. “That’s the second time you’ve disobeyed me!”

   “P-P-Permission to speak – Master!”

   “And what would my little black bitch like to say hmmm?!”

   “I’m sorry for speaking out of turn! Please forgive me, Master!”

   Keith’s grip on me loosened and he let me go. “You’re going to have to pay for such disobedience y’know.”

   I wondered what Keith meant by that. I hoped it wasn’t going to be painful. The suspense was killing me. I found myself eager to appease him and to be in good standing with – my Master; my blue eyed, blond haired and white skinned Aryan Master.

   Keith fully released me from his grasp and turned my body to face him. Sill holding my gaze on his manly bulge, I awaited further instruction.

   “On your hands and knees bitch.”

   I quickly dropped to the ground.

   “Let me hear you bark like the bitch you are.”

   “Ruff! Ruff! Bark!”

   “That’s a good girl. How do you like being my bitch Africa? I want you to know that you and your race are less than human. You’re nothing more to the Master Race than filthy fuckpigs. Now unzip me and pull me out just like last time.”

   I took his zipper into my mouth and with my teeth, yanked it down. I buried my nose and mouth into Keith’s pants. Using my purple lips, I sucked his ivory white cock out of his pants and freed his white baby-maker. He wasn’t even hard yet and his sacred member dwarfed my entire head.

   “I hope you’re hungry today. Because this time you’ll be swallowing every last drop of my superior Aryan DNA. Now get to it.”

   I carefully licked his balls. The pungent aroma was overpowering. It was like an aphrodisiac. Coating him in a thick layer of my saliva, I moved to his thick shaft.

   “That’s it my little black bitch. Worship your Aryan Master.”

   I licked, kissed and suckled on every square inch of him. I found myself deeply aroused by his salty taste.

   “Do you know why I have you lube me up like this?”

   Taking a quick break from pleasuring Keith’s ivory white cock with my purple lips, I replied “Is it because Master enjoys it?”

   “It’s so that I can penetrate your body more easily.” After Keith spoke, he grabbed my hair harshly with his hand. “Say ahhh.”

   I did as I was commanded and Keith pulled me onto him. He jammed his ivory white cock down my little black girl throat. I managed to take about half his length before gagging. My purple lips were stretched to their limit just accommodating his incredible girth.

   “Swallow it you stupid black bitch!”

   I swallowed him just as if I were swallowing an extra-large cucumber whole. The feeling was one of violation. Feeling him creep down my throat made me cringe. Finally, his balls rested upon my chin. I was disturbed by how swollen with Aryan seed they were. After burying himself to the hilt he paused for a few seconds before slowly pulling out of me. Never fully pulling out of me, he began to pump his hips slowly. Whenever he left his ivory white cock-head in my little black girl mouth I managed to breath in through my nose. It was hard to breathe with his whole cock down my throat.

   Keith picked up his pace as he fucked my face and throat. Now he was ramming in and out of me at a furious speed. I felt his ivory white cock unbelievably expand inside of my ebony black body.

   “From now on Aryan DNA will be a major staple of your diet you black bitch.”

   Suddenly, the back of my throat felt warm and I knew Keith was force-feeding me his thick cum. Jet after jet erupted inside of me. He shot his spunk right into my stomach. It trickled down slowly and I could feel y black body becoming hot from it; in more ways than one.

   Still gripping me by my hair, Keith pulled me off of his sacred member A bridge of white goo still connected my purple lips to his ivory white cock. “Did you enjoy your feeding my little black bitch?”

   “Yes, Master.”

   “Good. Now bark like a dog one more time for me.”


   Keith chuckled to himself. “Alright Africa, I’m pleased with your performance today. You did well for a dumb black bitch. Although Aryan women always do the best job at sucking cock, you can definitely pleasure a man. Tomorrow we’ll sign you up for classes. Until then get a good night’s sleep.”

   Keith replaced his sacred member back in his pants and re-zipped them. Without another word, he left my dorm room, taking the trash bag full of my old creamy white jumpsuit with him.

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Seven

Another great read!!

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Seven

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