africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Seventeen
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      I punched the black boi square in the face. Blood spurted from it’s smashed nose as it staggered backwards. Covering it’s broken nose, africa shouted “Beat it up, Master!”

      The black boi’s eyes widened and it’s mouth gaped. One pathetic tear rolled down it’s cheek. “Yes, Master!”

      I resumed My fighting stance. My right fist led My jabbing arm. My left fist was tucked beneath My chin for defense. My right leg led with a bent knee. My left leg was to my side with a bent knee.

      The black boi assumed no stance itself which suggested to Me that it did not want to fight Me. it just stood right there in front of Me. it looked so helpless.

      My white baby incubator was on all fours behind Me. she was eager to see My might, the White Master’s might, triumph over this black cuckold. Egging Me on, it sounded like she was getting off on the whole scene.

      With lightning speed, I jabbed. It flinched. Bringing My feet forward, I closed the gap between us. Now it was in danger. With hardly any effort at all, I was able to take it out with one punch to the jaw. It spun around before slamming into the pavement.

      I am only a blue belt in Karate but, I do know how to fight. Although I must admit that beating up black boi’s poses no challenge at all. It is mystifying to Me how these lower [filtered word] have no fight in them. Or am I the only one who sees that these creatures are all talk?

      it’s unconscious body lay on the ground, bleeding profusely. With it sprawled out before Me, I turned to My White baby incubator and retrieved her chain link leash from the ground. I had set it aside earlier when it showed it’s face.

      You see, not everyone approves of the kind of lifestyle I live. There are those who are not ready to see a black girl with a White Man. For them, this is the ultimate taboo. This is the final form of play people can experience.

      I commanded My White baby incubator to it’s body. she crawled over and I could see just how sopping wet she was. her juices trickled down her ebony thighs. There were spots all over the concrete and a puddle where she had been. Watching the White Man beat up black boi’s is how she gets off.

      As she climbed it’s body, she looked for a good hold somewhere in it’s folds of fat. Aligning their bodies, she turned around and laid on her back. The she spread her legs.

      I smirked and walked to My White baby incubator laying atop the beaten black boi. On my way over, I undid my belt buckle. In between her legs, I unzipped My pants and dropped them to the ground. I was swelling fast.

      she relaxed, spread her legs even further for Me and reaching underneath her upper thighs with her fingers, spread her labia to expose herself fully. I could feel My blood coursing through My organ as I gazed upon her gaping hole. she was pouring juices all over like Niagra Falls. I could not help but notice how wet the black boi had become. it looked like it had wet itself.

      No words. she is so well trained. I maneuvered Myself down to her sopping wet hole. With My almighty White dick hovering near her entrance, I slid My cock head up and down the slit lubing Myself for the inevitable.

      Once I was fully lubed up I ran the length of My shaft across her clitoris. I took it slow. By the time I got ready to give it to her hard her legs were already shaking. With her entire lower body quaking under My touch I pierced her.

      Sliding Myself in down to the hilt, I savagely crushed her body underneath My own. The padding provided by the black boi allowed Me to be rough with her out there on the sidewalk. I reached behind her hip and squeezed her ass with both of My hands. Leaning in to her, I laid My upper body over hers. In My mouth her nipple hardened.

      I lay there motionless for a while playing with her nipples and ass. There was plenty of time. Here in White City, beating up black boi’s and fucking black girls in public is a common occurrence. It is not punishable by law. In fact, it is encouraged by the local community in the form of monetary payment for each act performed. There are indeed White Men who make a living doing this.

      Throughout the nipple play, My White baby incubator moaned softly. When I was finished gorging Myself on her fresh titty milk, I brought My upper body back up and grabbed the back of her knees. Pushing them forward and back together, I sunk Myself ever deeper into her. her Legs locked beneath My crushing grip. I hooked her heels back behind My shoulders and leaned into her. As I impaled My ghetto black girl on My almighty White dick her pelvis left the body of the black boi and her uterus kissed the tip of My dick.

      she grunted.

      I positioned Myself. Pulling out the full length of My shaft, I savagely slammed Myself deep into her body with My full body-weight. I thrust into her with such force that the natural lubricant splattered upwards all over My abs. Amid the lewd noises her wet fuck hole was making, she moaned and grunted her satisfaction.

      The image was sublime. The unconscious black boi laying on the sidewalk. Atop it on her back lay africa, My adorable White baby incubator who is currently White bred by Myself. Above her was I, jackhammering her. Just brutalizing her tight little black pussy.

      There were people walking around Me while I fucked her on top of that black boi. Some commented. I was egged on more than once. My favorite was the group of high school girls who took video of Me with their cells. They taunted africa and laughed at her when she came on the tip of My cock.

      It got Me thinking about just how reprehensible it is for a ghetto black girl to give it up to a White Man. After what We had done to them, it seems almost blasphemous. For so long, We Whites had the black race enslaved and totally under Our thumb.

      These blacks had broken tribal law and were sold to Us by their fellow tribesman. So, not only is unlawfulness and immorality in their blood. So is familial betrayel.

      Once here Our country, We used the black boi’s for slave labor and the black girls for sex slaves. While We made the black boi’s work Our corn and cotton fields, We were fucking their black girls. Every single day, We made those black boi’s work their fingers to the bone and when they gave us any kind of lip We beat them into submission. Tying their arms about trees with rope opened their back to Our whips. Can you imagine them flinching with a practice crack of the whip? What about the cries of pain they made and the tears shed with each strike? What about the blood spurting from each wound? Can you imagine that?

      During scenes such as these, We would take their black girls with Us back inside Our homes. These black girls were mothers, lovers, daughters, aunts, cousins and sisters of the black boi’s. For example, let us say that the black girl in question is the young, nubile daughter of the black boi being punished.

      We would take the daughter back to the plantation style residence. Hopefully, her father would see the White Man taking it’s own daughter away. Inside, the White Man would [filtered word] her. it’s cries of pain matched by her involuntary cries of pleasure as her tight black pussy would be resized for White cock. As it slowly dies by the lash of the ship, she cums on the tip of almighty White dick.

      At least new life will enter the world nine months after snuffing one out. Only problem is, that new life will be half-White.

      This sort of scenario has played out countless times in the past. It is the reason why african-Americans are only part black. Much to their consternation I might add.

      Over the course of generations, the White Man has repeatedly sown His sacred seed within black wombs while simultaneously denying the black boi’s their birthright. Ever wonder why african-Americans are so light in color when compared with regular africans? Now you know why. Somewhere along the line, a black girl took White dick and I will bet she loved it.

      Just imagine how elated these black girls were, being the White Master’s favorite. They were brought in from the fields and made into house slaves. Their really hard work ended. They were housed and sheltered from the elements. They were warm and safe. Working in the kitchens, they even had access to food not normally fed to slaves. Good food too. All they needed to do was spread their black legs wide open for White dick.

      Now remember, an organism will change through the generations to adapt to it’s environment. That is called evolution my friends. That is also the reason why black girls are attracted to White Men. They have been forcefully conditioned to sexually respond to White Men.

      Within their minds they scream in horror at what turns them on. Yet, the body is a kind of mind as well. At least it knows what it wants. It is the same reason why africa, My White baby incubator, gets so wet at the prospect of Me beating up a black boi and fucking her atop it’s unconscious boy.

      By now I was building My momentum. I was coming down on her hard and the voice had escaped her throat. Every time our hips met, a loud squishing noise would catch the attention of passers-by.

      I grabbed the back of her neck with both of My hands to tilt her face forward. This way, she would have to literally watch Me destroying her black pussy. she would have to bear witness to My White meat splitting her black body in two.

      I could feel Myself tensing in anticipation so I sped up. Like a piston, I maintained the [filtered word]tic rhythm for another several minutes before busting My nut in her. Jammed deep inside of her body, we came together in unison. I spasmed out of control while she squeezed Me for every single drop. I could feel her every fold wrapping around Me, mechanically tugging on My White dick. her already swollen tummy was filled to the brim with My holy seed. I came so hard that some of My spunk shot out of her like a creamy, White bullet onto My pubic area. It was as thick as hot glue.

      After a couple minutes, I slowly pulled out. I swear she came again as I did it. her labia stretched wide to accommodate My bulbous head. There was even a lewd pop when I left her gaping pussy. Then came the river of My White, hot jizz. It spilled out of her, ran down over her ass and slowly dripped down onto the black boi’s still unconscious body. It was a huge mess.

      Having finished, I stood back up and commanded africa, My White baby incubator, to put Me away. Still dazed from the intense orgasms, she had a little trouble getting back on her hands and feet. her legs seemed weak. Nevertheless, she made it off the black boi padding I had made for her all the way to My almighty White dick. With her dainty little hands, she put Me back into My pants. she zipped Me up.

      Leash in hand, I led africa down the sidewalk away from the unconscious black boi.

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Re: africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Seventeen

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