Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Six
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   The next day, Africa left her room to go to the common room. She liked watching the news first thing in the morning. Africa liked to think of herself as someone in the know. It was one of those things that the black boys back home didn’t understand. Knowledge is power and those damned [filtered word] are incapable of seeing this truth. It’s amazing just how small their worlds are to be honest. In the world, black boys are like raindrops falling from the sky. They are the ephemeral and pitiful ones. Whereas the Aryan men are like bolts of lightning smashing into the Earth. They have overcome their humanity and have escaped the shackles of limitation.

   Africa had surprised herself with her train of thought.

   When Africa finally arrived at the common room she found another black girl already watching the news. It was Shaniqua.

   “Good morning!”

   “Good morning. Mind if I watch with you?”

   “Oh, of course!”

   Africa sat down on the couch next to Shaniqua. She examined her creamy white uniform and noticed quite the belly. It hiked up her mini-skirt so that her crotch was entirely visible. If it weren’t for her matching set of panties, her pussy would be on full display. She thought that she must be incubating quite a lot of Aryan DNA in her belly. She wondered how far along she was.

   “When’s she due?”

   “She’s due this April.”

   “I see. Will she be your first?”


   “You must have just been accepted to the program a couple months ago then?”


   Shaniqua shifted on the couch and turned toward Africa.

   “Let me guess, you got fed up with all those black boy’s and indulged your curiosity of the master race by applying to the program here at SOU. Does that sound familiar?”

   Africa was caught off guard. She may have a thing for white cock but, she wasn’t ready to confess it in front of another person. Not even to another white cock addicted black slut.


   “I had the same problem too. My old black boyfriend was less than satisfying. No matter what I did for him, he never wanted to fuck. He just couldn’t get it up for me. Then one day, I found out why. I caught him in the act of watching pornography on the internet! What’s pathetic is that he’s addicted to it. He’ll never live out those fantasies.

   It wasn’t just him either. Most of the black boys I know are like that. Whether it’s at home, at school or at the library, they are watching porn. Haven’t you noticed that?”

   “I’ve seen black boys use the internet for something other than pornography.”

   “Girl! Don’t be so naïve. Those are the gay ones!”

   Africa couldn’t help but laugh at the assertion. She wondered if it were true.

   “Maybe that’s the meaning of ‘thug lovin’.”

   Africa laughed even harder.

   “Let me tell you a little bit about the program and the ‘Lab’.”


   “The masters like to break us in slowly y’know. It starts slow enough. Just a little foreplay. A titjob here or a blowjob there. Then comes the constant fucking. They never wear condoms. It’s blasphemy in their religion. Over time, they train our bodies to sexually respond to them and them alone. Once addicted to white cock, it won’t be long before you genuinely love it and the master race for sharing it with you.”

   “T-They did that to you Shaniqua? How?”

   “It only takes a couple of weeks for the brain to form new neural connections in response to a stimulus. For example, say that one of the master race touches you and utilizes unfailing techniques to make you aroused. Such repeated stimulus becomes associated with arousal. In about half-a-month to a month, your response becomes automatic. Before you know it, our becoming aroused at just the sight of one of the master race.”

   “And it’s all true Africa,” Shaniqua said. “My black pussy can’t get wet unless it’s white. They call it being kinky but really, it’s ad addiction. To an extent, it’s debilitating. Needing that fix I mean.”

   Shaniqua cradled her swollen belly, her voice became almost husky. “And soon, you too will be one of us. If you’re not already. It’s inevitable. The men of the master race will make you respond to them. At first, it will confuse and shame you. But, eventually you will succumb to the pleasures of the Aryan man. They will break and ruin you. Eventually, you will come to love their white god cocks. They will have you begging for it and you’ll be the white man’s cumdump like myself.”

   Africa was so disturbed by Shaniqua’s honesty that she lost her voice for a moment. She wanted to change the subject from Shaniqua’s admiration for blue eyed, blond haired white supremacists. She remembered her vow not to give in and let them make her come. She also remembered her moment of weakness after sucking Keith’s ivory white cock.

   “By the way Shaniqua, what’s on the news?”

   Returning to her peppy old self Shaniqua said “Oh they’re just doing a story about declining birth rates among the African minority. They say that at this rate, blacks could go extinct as early as the year two thousand five hundred. Others argue that as more and more black women fall for the Aryan Nation, the date of our extinction could be much sooner than projected. Isn’t that great news Africa?”

   “Yes. Yes, I suppose it is.”

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Six

Great read thank You, going to take a while to finish it!!

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Six

very good thank you

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Re: Africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Six

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