africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Thirteen
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I held africa’s face in place while Blair grinded her pussy into it. “This nigger bitch sure does like being dominated by white pussy!”

“It’s because your insides are coated with my holy seed. Since I’ve allowed her to eat only of my sacred substance these past months, she has not only grown accustomed to the taste and smell of Aryan cock but, now her body craves it for sustenance.”

Blair’s glistening juices comingled with my own. africa’s face was buried in between her ivory white thighs. Blair’s clit bobbed up and down on the tip of africa’s ebony black nose. africa’s face was covered in a white frothy mess. “Take that you nigger whore! It sure is nice having my freshly fucked pussy cleaned out. Why didn’t we do this sooner! This should be how we feed her from now on. You fuck me silly, dump a huge, thick load deep inside me and then we’ll let the ghetto black girl just go to town!”

“I can make that happen.”

Blair was beginning to make high pitched squealing sounds. Alongside the lewd noised of Africa muff diving I found myself hardening again. By the time Blair had cummed on africa’s face, I was at full mast. She saw how excited I was and said “Well, I can see that.”

Pulling on africa’s curly black hair, I removed her from her feeding trough. Throwing her back behind me, I positioned my throbbing member at the entrance of Blair’s sopping wet pussy. At first, I slapped her clitoris and then, I slid myself in between her labia. “Oh, put it in already!”

As if on cue, I penetrated my wife. I had stretched her out a long-time ago. Now, her inner walls perfectly conformed to my size. I roughly slammed myself balls deep into her and she let out a little yelp. Grabbing her inner thighs, I raised them up and over my shoulder. I leaned forward for maximum penetration.

Blair squealed in response to the gut punch. Once I hit the opening of her cervix, I brought my knees in to better pin her down. After I got nice and comfortable, I turned my attention back to Africa.

The look on her face was one of astonishment.

“Yeah that’s right. I cram all this into your filthy nigger holes. ‘Specially that purple cunt.”

africa was awe-struck by my enormity. The black boys back home in Oakland just couldn’t compare to an Aryan Man. It was hard for her to believe that she had been taking me all the way to the hilt all this time. It was in that moment that she had a spiritual awakening. That moment when ‘i’d like to fuck a White Man’ becomes ‘i only fuck White Men.’

I love converting tight nigger pussy to the worship and adoration of Big White Cock. There’s something inherently attractive about taking females from their males and sexually dominating them. Making foreign girls submit to us and manipulating them with our White Cocks boosts our ego’s. It’s because we have less of a right to nigger pussy than black boys do and yet, nigger pussy consistently chooses Big, White Cock every time. Those black boys must feel so defeated.

“Don’t just sit there with your jaw dropped, droolin’ all over yourself. Get over here and lick my Ivory White Balls, you White Cock addicted whore.”

On all fours, africa crawled over to Blair and myself. Then, I felt her warm, wet tongue caressing my Balls. she traced the tip of her tongue along my seam and sent shivers up my spine. Balls deep inside of my wife, with africa coaxing my thick cum with her tongue, I began fucking Blair. Almost immediately, she came. Her whole body arched. To me, I had always thought her to be strongest when pinned beneath the weight of my body. That is to say, Blair’s pussy clamped down on me like a vice and milked me like a machine.

So, there I was. I had a ghetto black girl whom we were affectionately calling ‘nigger’ licking my Balls. I had an Irish redhead cumming hard on my Aryan Cock. Needless to say but, I was in heaven. Even though Blair was cumming, I pounded her small freckled body with all the force I could muster. When I pulled out, her entire body would rock as her vaginal walls bottomed out.

There is nothing more beautiful than an Aryan Man breeding a woman. The White flesh hugging her every curve as he plants his seed deep inside of her body. Her frantic spasming as his seed takes root in the fertile soil that is her womb. Yes, White is wonderful.

It was enough to make africa reflect upon the masculine strength and White power growing inside her own body. I had impregnated Africa nearly three months ago already. I had invaded her tight ebony pussy and dumped a thick load deep inside of her. Millions of strong Aryan warriors had assaulted the african egg.

I imagined africa wondering whether or not her precious little egg fought to protect itself from my Aryan intruders. No, most likely her egg had happily descended. it, her body, would have known superior genetics. her body would have been a race traitor the instant she laid eyes on me. When a girls catches my scent she gets real wet.

Blair’s pink twat and africa’s worship of my nutsack was enough to send me over the edge. I felt myself tensing, seizing up. With one last stroke of my virile baby-maker, I exploded into my wife’s cervix. I pumped and pumped. It seemed like I’d never stop. Some of my hot seed spilled out of her and oozed down into africa’s eagerly awaiting mouth.

I was glad to see some initiative for once. After all, I hadn’t commanded her to do this. I was delightfully surprised.

africa continued to lick us with her warm tongue. she ate our cum like it was honey. she even slid her tongue in between us for more. And I was still shooting ropes.

After having filled Blair’s womb and pussy with my hot nut I pulled out. No sooner had I done so, africa began greedily licking my superior Aryan DNA from up off Blair’s lower labia. I was oozing out of her. she licked the outside. Then she licked the inside. The she stuffed her little tongue into Blair and started making sucking noises.

“That’s a good nigger bitch. You eat up all my thick cum now. Do you like it? Do you like my taste? The taste of a strong Aryan Man? Do you like being full of my cum? Withh my baby growing inside of your body? Do you like submitting to the White Man and His woman?”

africa turned in my direction and not taking her brown eyes off my Ivory White Cock she said “Yes. Yes, africa does Master. africa likes being full of your cum Master. And africa will do whatever it takes to please you. Even eat out a White woman.”

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Re: africa's Ethnic Cleansing Part Thirteen

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