Our Mid Week Getaway
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This week, Daddy took me to a hotel for two nights. Right before going to the hotel we went to the sex store to pick out some new, exciting toys. We got some electroshock machine, a new butt plug, and a wartenburg wheel. As we got to the hotel, I knew I was in for a couple nights of fun but I didn't realize just how dominant Daddy could get. It was like someone flipped the switch and he went from caring and almost gentle to a full out torture machine. He would tie me up, legs spread out to show him my goodies, and leave me there for hours. He turned the electroshock machine on high and placed a total of three different vibrators both in and on me. To top it all off, he would flog or hit me on occasion. I was in a submissive heaven. We even partook in a little breath play. This week we pushed the limits like we never have before and I'm so grateful for it. Thank you, Daddy.

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