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What are you looking for?

A single female who will willingly become a slave and participate in a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE) with me as their Master. This is a personalized TPE and obviously (like many things) this will be different compared to others. So I am not the authority on the subject.


This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle.

This is in no way forced slavery or a lifestyle that promotes anything against anyone's will or anything against the law. This is, I REPEAT. Not an ad for the sale of forced incarceration or servitude of other beings!

If you want to deal in such things, get lost.

You must provide the choice and consent all the time and it will be respected, no questions asked.
It is not an abusive relationship. Nor does it forcibly take away someone's rights as a human being. Rather, it (as well as everything) is given up freely as a choice. To let go. As such with all M/s style relationships.

Isn't TPE BDSM though?

Not necessarily, although it can include that. I am not abusive and do not like inflicting pain. Training is a necessary chore to be done, and discipline is part of the crucible one needs to go through to develop into a slave designed for my comfort, satisfaction and to serve me.

My own brand of TPE is not BDSM.

I still want to know more in general about these kinds of things, will you please provide me some info?

If you're serious about pursuing this lifestyle, then yes. It's is a simple thing, but simple things are not always easy. This is a style of relationship that does require work like everything else.

Links will be provided upon showing serious interest, not just idle curiosity.

*after reading links*

This sounds great! I think I'm a natural sub and...

Let me stop you right there and ask you to read my links before we continue. Thanks.

That's all well and good, but what are you really looking for? Preferences, requirements, etc.

Obviously, I need a person who was born a woman.

Someone who/is:
-Single (as in not in any relationship)
-Does not smoke, drink, or do drugs of any kind
-Does not have STDs or offspring
-Does not want offspring
-Able to relocate to my area without financing
-Also have a means of transportation, and a place to stay.
-Is ok with being in a nonsexual relationship (but is ok with general affection, cuddling, and some groping)

Wait, wait, wait...nonsexual? Are you serious?

Yes, I'm asexual. Not into that whole oral, penetration...whatever. However I am not a monster, if you earn the right to pleasure yourself, than all the better and no...I do not share or believe in open relationships.

Have not considered a harem either, but I am not necessarily against it.

So why don't you just have frien--

Because love is required and needed, and love does not equal sex. Love is more valuable and (I feel) often times more rarer than sex. You can't buy love, but you can buy most everything else.

You'll never find this/I know what you need to do to fix this/If you could just alter this like so...

Thank you for your opinions, I must've accidentally turned off my speakers because I didn't want to hear this at all.

Attitude aside, (and going back to the previous comment). I can live without this, but I could not be in a relationship and still live without many things I (fortunately or unfortunately) require.

People can live without romantic love (maybe not thrive though), and other forms of love...well they exist and are more readily available I admit, but it's not always enough.

I'm sorry I interrupted, what were your preferences again since you already mentioned your requirements?

Thank you for asking, by the way "ideals" are just "ideals", so if you don't meet these, they are NOT deal breakers. I doubt I'm your perfect man either.

Preferably a woman who has really large breasts (F cup or above)

Preferably have a matching hourglass, but if you lack that...well boobs.

I like "soft" women, but not really into bellies and if all you have is a lower half...well. That's nice I guess. I don't hate it, but it won't earn you any bonus points.

Be willing and able to gain weight/alter your appearance as I see fit.
I hate short hair on women.
But again, I used the word "preferences" for a reason.

Ok, sounds good so far. What will I do?

Whatever it is I ask, at any time, or place. Before you ask about if it's "within reason" or not. That's for me to decide, isn't it?

Yes, yes....but what EXACTLY is it that I will do?

Whatever. I. Ask. Did I stutter?
You will know, only when it your time to know. Que sera, sera.

Now obviously there are a few things I won't do...

Where said command conflicts with any existing laws and may lead to fines, arrest, or prosecution of the slave.

Where said command may cause extreme damage to slave's life, such as losing their job, causing family stress, etc.

Where said command may cause permanent bodily harm to the slave.

Where said command may cause psychological trauma to the slave.

See above plus there may be situational things too. I also have a contract written up that is required of you to sign once I deem you worthy.

Contract? So you are serious about this...

Yes, I am. This is a lifestyle, not a short term thing or a session or something to "try out".

"Lol didn't read."

Then go read or go home. My time and my efforts (like yours) are important and should be respected.
I doubt anyone looks for work or shops for homes or insurance in a "devil may care" attitude so why with someone that you will spend the rest of your life with?

But I don't always have time. I have (insert everything and anything both stupid and reasonable) to do or be....

Yes, we all do. However for important things we MAKE time. So...starting with this. I am priority one. Make time for me, as I would for you.

I want to know about you first. Who are you?

I will tell you only after you apply and I approve.

I've read all you asked, showed initiative and eagerness not just once but consistently, am loving, intelligent, sweet, can be an adult, forgiving, understanding, and can be much more because I can tell you really do care and I want to be the most amazing woman I can be with your guidance. I really hope we can work out. How do I apply?

Wonderful. I'm glad you are interested.

To Apply:
If you are still interested please send me an email/private message (PM) with the subject "Slave Application" with the following:

And this is ONLY after you ask permission for my email address first!

Measurements (cup size, waist, hips):
STDS (if any):
Offspring Yes, No?:
Are attached (married, bf/gf/etc)?:
Experience level:
Food allergies:
Food type preferences:
Food favorites:
Medical needs/illnesses (mental counts):
Do you (drink/smoke/do drugs(marajuana counts))?:
Detailed bio:
Any additional information:

Subject: "Slave Application"

This should be 1 page minimum single spaced, be elaborate, don't settle for bare minimum though. Please give your message proper structure and it always helps to make it look nice.

Include 3 full body pictures (front, body, side) that are tasteful and revealing. Nudity isn't required, bra and panties are perfect, but at least nothing baggy or concealing in any way.

This is an application, you are presenting yourself to me. Laziness is not allowed.

If you're not interested after us talking for a while, please let me know.

Obviously, if you're not interested from the beginning, I will take your silence as a good enough answer.
After all, I am not forcing you into anything. It is, and will always be, your choice to enter into this consensually.

Any additional questions, comments, and/or concerns, please include them in your email/message.

Please remember that I expect you to relocate under your own financing if applicable.

I don't want this to be an online relationship or a series of endless emails. There's no point if you're going to do these kinds of things halfway. And if you're scared, don't be. You'll find a whole new wonderful side of you that you may never knew existed.

Please be willing to meet me relatively soon.

Take a chance, give yourself to me.

Thanks for reading. I know it's long, but it's worth it. I hope to get to know you soon.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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