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a "sheltered" life, a life nestled away from the scrutiny and judgement and ignorance of lesser and shallower minds. thats what many ones I cross life paths on sites like this one and others lead. nothing wrong with warm safe familiar enclosure where one can lower their guard and unmask. "any enjoyment is weakened when shared." -MDS-

HOWEVER, I am not talking about them sheltered from NONE other than "the facade " they placate and attempt to bribe and deceptively attempt to pawn off a rendition of... a bad cover band act.. that they call "themselves"!

and the ones you shared your REAL self with, they probably admire you more than any one if them OR you realize. EVERYONE has a perversion. EVERYTHING has a deviation. EVERYWHERE has a detour. Conjoined in a conscious pattern or sequence, these entities come alive and are organic beings that metabolize. thoughts, wispers, moans, screams, sweat, tears...they all feed these entities generate within ourselves and thus, become the monster creator...and sometimes the world needs a monster. lol. "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).” -Mark Twain-
I have some NOVEL DEVIOUS notions that come to mind I may perhaps share with you if you ask Me to.. ehh...Beg Me to share with you.

you are LEARNING ABOUT your body and ABOUT yourself...I TEACH ones their body and their self...big difference that not even age or experience really help takes One who has been self, lost self, found Self, annihilated Self and put Ones Self back together as the church Nature demands to be worshipped to even surmise the Prowess, Wisdom, and Maerful touch to do such ... takes Ones who realizes that ALL is ONE..ALL IS EVERYTHING to manifest such.

"I have supported my deviations with reasons I did not stop at mere doubt I have vanquished, I have uprooted, I have destroyed everything in my heart that might have interfered with my pleasure. -MDS-

"Every man--I know this--turns weak, pliant, ridiculous as soon as he's in love -Masoch-

No dear O/ones: tinder, match, cupid, etc. Will never do once you have tasted the sweet nectar of living and being ALIVE sites such as collarspace, fetlife, ALT, etc. present O/ones with like a banquet with so many dishes and delicacies desserts drinks and libation that can quinch ones crave, hunger and thirst as the ladder aforemention have /has done. Caught in between and betwixt is the situation. W/we live and feel on meta levels...exist in a demimonde so to speak.
have you ever delved into so called Gautama Buddha' 8 fold path addressing the Four nobel truths? do you remember that jet li movie "the one"? there is specific cause I ask. you and I, W/we exist in every plane and pitch if every time and climes of every aeon that has ever been. In THIS manifest, many have difficulty adapting and or transcending back to their Native Plane of life. focus on defocus, learning to unlearn, dissolving and diluting: BEING raw, unhibited, omniscient omnipotent, and omnipresent conscious that causes everything and from which all things have grown is hampered by the thoughts that think, THE NOISE EFFECTS AND BACK CHATTER in ones head, NOT inherent but learned. "The struggle of the spirit against the senses is the gospel of modern man. I do not wish to have any part in it." --Masoch--

acquired. toxic...the freedom of a spirit in the rigidity of a corporal form et al. MANY DETAILS I will write in soon...simply some food for thought for now. this Path that has chosen U/us is INFINITESIMAL and on The Path, W/we learn The Line where divinity meets exactly W/we raise our thoughts to the and why W/we were made, UNCOVER the non circumscribed wisdom within each and every O/one of U/us.


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