Conditioning a Slave
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Where do you suppose the above process starts ?
It certainly isn't due to some inherent domliness trait I possess.

It starts with someone willing to be controlled. Someone that desires that state.
The end state will be rewarding in and of itself. There are multiple avenues but probably does involve some element of submission or reward through service.

Somehow we meet. You know that first it probably helps if there is friendship.
Because that equates to trust and respect in both parties.

Slavery to a harsh disrespectful master might seem great in fantasy but the reality. I can't see that working as a reality for any length of time.

So friendship. trust. respect.

Which enables you over time to give more and more control to someone else.
To allow them to guide you and make decisions for you.

If that process interests you - because it's the journey that we live there isn't and end to this.
Let's have a chat.

If you happen to be in the UK specifically the South West or Wales - great. Because I think this works better when you can actually meet. In fact that would kind of be the point, wouldn't it ?

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