I punish my stupid slave bitch
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After two weeks of silence ...
My Master and Lord writes to me ... as always ...
"Good evening, slave bitch bitch !!"
It's like a bell, waking up the [filtered word] that needs to bend, taming ...
What I personally understand for life is total surrender, I can not dominate anything easy ... I am too sober, that's why death and humiliation, the punishments that my Master and Lord demands of me, I have nothing comforting, son rough, hard punishments.
He ordered me to go on all fours to look for 7 tweezers to pinch my nipples, the clitoris, the tongue with two forceps, the lips with one each lip. The two pens inserted in the anus. Then, introduce the handle of the toilet brush ..
When I pinched my nipples I felt a little pain, after which, it comes a few moments to feel them burning, intensifying the pain ...... Anyway, I try to channel my attention in understanding the way of reacting of my Master and Lord.
The clip of the clitoris is rather stimulating ... My Master and Lord is forbidden to get wet ... and, knowing my body, I am achieving it ... I concentrate more on the pain part ... the blood has more torrent where the pain sensors act ..
Uffff ... the pens in the anus ... a problem ... they hurt me ... and not to mention the handle of the brush ... led me to ask for mercy from my Master and Lord.
It's a horrible feeling ... I do not want to have to repeat it ..
The tweezers on the lips, they hurt a lot .. I, that I have neither piercings, nor tattoos on my body ...
The two tongs of the tongue ... they hurt me moderately .... they make me salivate a lot, more than the gag that my master and Lord used with me in the first physical encounter.
I always keep the orders that my Lord and Lord imposes on me ... sometimes, I can not bear the full intensity of the punishment, begging for mercy

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