what i love i love submissive
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I will fit for those who want to explore them more and those who want to be a complete slave but not possible to relocate or do it in real due to some reasons i am not just a online master i am a cyber master who can control and trace u always making use of simple technologies

Iam looking for complete submissive who can submit completely on cyber
I will use various apps to control and monitor you 24/7 the bitches who are ready msg me soon i will like to have only one or two slaves i have one but i like to release it since it's physical condition is bad having some hormonal problem
I am a dom i really want a good slave i want to marry a slave. I mean not now just after few years after i get settled so anyone in India ready to relocate younger than me and ready to be slave wife contact me and i am also looking for online relationship so online submissives of any age can also contact and even if u don't feel my physical presence i will be always be there to control you . You may be thinking how it is possible i will explain it later so be ready to be a complete slave
And i am not a fool or a man without mind i don't force i know your limitations but I have some limitations in my mind i will only accept that so just biginers and experts can contact me

And the important thing u may have seen my age and some may have thought i am young such people don't contact because real submissives won't think so
So i am available on peperonity almost everytime so better try to contact me on that @masteramal in peperonity
Masteramal007 @ kik and masteramal123007@gmail.com on hangouts and masteramal123007@yahoo.com
I like every aspects of bdsm every means everything except homo

I know everyone is not shameless and exhibitiobists so i don't force for pics

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