Before...Preparation (Part II of III)
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Before, Part II

You aren't given long before they pull you up from the bed and take you to the shower. You are set on your knees, the water turned on, blasting you with cold and eliciting a squeal before it slowly turns warmer. Four hands bathe you, rubbing soap all over you, once again teasing your intimate parts and making you want more.

"Did you bring the outfit?" he asks? You nod, your attention now fully turned on what comes next, only the slightest fear cascading through your stomach. "Put it on, then."

You dress in the outfit they told you to buy, the 5" black heels with a silver ankle bracelet, sheer black stockings with a garter belt, a skirt that is just on the edge of being too short and slutty, where if you lift your arms or bend over, little is hidden, the lace bra, and a tight, sheer white top. They are dressed casually. You leave the room, head to the parking garage, and enter their mini-van.

He drives, she sits in middle seats with you. During the ride she touches you constantly, once again putting you in a frenzy. "No cumming!" she warns.

You drive to the Loop, and park on the west end in a lot. It's a spring weekend, and the usual variety of folks are out enjoying the weather. Your still stirred up from the touching, and the slight embarrassment of being dressed as you are just adds to the feeling. The three of you walk the few blocks to the tattoo and piercing parlor, you between them.

He approaches the counter, and he and the tattooed, heavily pierced Goth girl chat for a bit, occasionally laughing and glancing over at you. Once again the rush of embarrassment stirs you up. The Goth girl goes in the back, and a short blond girl returns with her, motions at you to follow her. All three of you go into the back, entering an area with a reclining chair. The blond girl pulls a curtain across the entrance, and says, "Go ahead, take off your clothes and sit down."

You remove your skirt, shirt, and bra, standing naked in front of them and a woman you've never seen before.

"Sure you wanna do this, honey? Most people do it in stages, ya know."

"Yes, I'm sure," you reply. You've always wanted this, the piercings, dreamed of someone pulling on them, putting a leash on one and leading you into a bedroom, of weights hanging off them. But until now you hadn't found the courage. But you want to please them so badly.

She begins the process, getting out the forceps, the sterilizing agents, cotton gauze, and at the end everything is set up, and five sterilized needles, 3 14 gauage and 2 12 gauge sit there waiting to be uncapped and used. You swallow hard and look at them, smiling at the look of approval and lust they display on their faces. You notice she has a video cam and he has an expensive SLR camera, and another wave of pleausre runs around inside you.

"Honey, I'd recommend we start with the labia, and then the breasts, and come back to the hood. That okay with you?" You look up at them, they nod, and you say, "Okay, sounds perfect."

She begins. A cold spray of fluid, the clamp on your meaty labia, then a sharp poke. You take a deep breath, but remain otherwise silent. You feel a slight tug, then she says, "Perfect. Time for the next one." You didn't even notice the camera flashes, but now you seem them both filming it.

The process repeats, not nearly as bad as you had thought it would be. And her hands touching you down there add again to the fire inside you, another long-standing fantasy of being fondled by a stranger percolating through your mind.

She moves up. "You did well on those, babe, but these do hurt more. Sure you want to continue?" You nod, tentatively at first, then more strongly.

Again, the setup, then the largest, sharpest pain you've ever ts up in your right nipple. You zone out, losing track of what occurs, and the pleasure gets ever so larger within you.

The piercer moves around you to your left side, begins again. Suddenly she speaks, "Hon, can you please stop that?" You realize your hand is between your legs, your thumb gently stroking your clitoris. It was unconscious at best. You look up at them and they're both grinning madly at you, and you flush with embarrassment and pleasure, your hand slowly returning to the arm rest. You realize they both caught it on camera, a money-shot if there ever was one.

The left breast hurts a bit more, and then she moves back between your legs. More setup, then a high-pitched, keening pain above your clitoris, and it's finished.

As you dress the girl hands you aftercare instructions and talks to you about each piercing and what to expect. You listen and nod, having read about this over and over.

"Did you bring panties, hon?" asks the piercer. The words barely penetrate the haze. You want to cum so badly right now.

"Huh?" you respond.

"Panties, you need to put on good underwear to support these. Did you bring some?" Clearly the girl is amused by your reaction, although you know she's seen worse.

"Here," the woman says, "we remembered some." You realize that they were prepared for this, waiting for this moment for the small humiliation of having the piercer realize they were taking care of you like a child. She hands you white granny panties in your size, and matching bra. You put them on, redressing as the piercer cleans up and leaves, and then go out with them.

As you walk back to their van, they praise you. "You were very brave," he begins. "They are very beautiful on you. We'll send you the pictures and video when we get home."

"Now remember," she says, "the aftercare instructions. No touching yourself sexually, and follow them to the letter. If you have any problems at all, call us and we'll get them cared for. We don't want anything to go wrong now. Three months to the big weekend, and we want them strong and healed and ready!"

You just nod. On the way back to the hotel, she pulls down her jeans and has you lick her to orgasm as he watches intermittently in the mirror. You fantasize the whole time about the upcoming weekend, and how they will use your new jewelry...

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Re: Before...Preparation (Part II of III)

Hmmm...must be magic...

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Re: Before...Preparation (Part II of III)

I have been practising with the crystal ball and I can see that your next blog will start this way:

"It's been two months of agony for you. Specifically, 8 weeks, 6 days, and 13 hours since that last orgasm after the piercings. The agony of denial. You haven't cum since then, although the temptation has been driving you into distraction, to the point where you haven't been able to think about anything else. But you obeyed."

Oh! I can see the title too: " The Day has arrived "

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