20 Male continuing his search for his perfect female slave
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Right sluts, slaves and subs listen up and take notes im looking to break in a new slave and mould them into a perfect slave

I should preface this by saying I'm looking for a Online relationship to begin with.

So down to business, I'm a 20 year old from the U.K with around 2-4 years experience in online BDSM.

So a bit more about me, as stated i'm 20 from the U.K. I am a student in the U.K studying Geography. Being a student means i have large amounts of time to dedicate to one of my favourite things BDSM!

**What it is I expect from you**
First and foremost you will, all of you belong to me, from the smallest hair on your slutty head to the smallest toe on your slutty feet and all the fun bits in between. I expect my sub to be well spoken and show her Dom the respect he deserves.
Some of my Kinks include Pain, humiliation and degradation. I am a self confessed sadist.
Some of the things you can expect to happen on a daily basis would be the following; daily humiliation, daily torture of either the breasts or pussy (or both if your lucky! or should that be unlucky haha?).
To me the sending of pictures and videos is a large part of this process some examples of pictures I'd expect you to send are; pictures of you doing tasks, videos of you saying humiliating things and i do enjoy seeing the odd selfie. So to put it bluntly if you wont send pictures don't contact me.

While I know its not everyone's cup of tea I am big into FPE (full power exchange) if your into this awesome, if you don't know what this is but want to know feel free to ask. If you do know and are not into it no worries its not a deal breaker!

while i wont go into vivid detail about my kinks I'm open to all things but bellow I'll list some of my favourites:

- Humiliation
- Degradation
- Body writing
- Pain (causing)
While i don't have a "specific" body type I'm only attracted to girls (sorry boys) i do ask that you are 18+ and a native English speaker, however if it is your second language i'll consider it.

Experience isn't an issue, I'm more than willing and happy to take new subs and break them down and build them up into the submissive you always wanted to be. I will also take experienced subs but be aware you may need remoulding into the sub that is the right fit for me as much like snowflakes each Dom is different.

**how i communicate**
I like to consider myself somewhat knowledge able about current technology as such i use a plethora of messaging apps.
the ones i primarily use are kik and whatsapp, at first id like to use kik then move on to whatsapp and eventually Skype sessions. As this will primarily be online a sub from a compatible timezone would be appreciated, mine is GMT so subs from the same timezone will have preferential treatment, other compatible timezones are those of the US, AUS, and NZ. However I can work with most timezones so i guess you don't know until you ask.

While I'm primarily searching for an online sub if we click and work well and live a resonable distance from one another maybe MAYBE we can transition into IRL

**toys and equipment**
It is both unfair and inconsiderate to expect every sub to own toys. If you don't have any that's fine there are loads of everyday objects that can be used in similar ways.

This post isn't definitive of what I like, it is a rough outline. If your interested but into things I've not listed please tell me, also if I've listed things you're not into please tell me as well

OK so that was a lot to write and a lot to read but if you have read all this then well done you have more patience than me haha.
please either message me on kik (my kik is rfgriffin97) or pm me with the following if interested:
Age, location, experience, a brief description of yourself and any questions you may have.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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