Master in need of new sub/slave kik GIRLS
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Experienceed Master in need of a new kik sub slave girl first timers most welcome. Master looks for the girls that like 24/7 control sexual and non not just girls that what to get off and go. Full control is best control.

Master needs a girl that is :

Obedient from the start

Willing to submit fully

Let master take control of cloths hair and makeup to have every day

how to play with yourself when and where.

Full control of pics and videos from the start no questions

Sexul and non sex tasks set at masters choosing for testing skills and progression.

Punishments given in different ways

And much more. Very experienced and always ready to train first time girlsNo time wasters as a live picture is to be given at application. Girls that want to submit full control to master is who I'm here for let master take care of you and tell you how to do everything.

Intrested k ik " accept me sir from SF" to MasterDom360

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Re: Master in need of new sub/slave kik GIRLS

Still looking?

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