I worry about the #MeToo movement
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The Masters and slaves here understand, but I worry that the #MeToo movement may drive us even deeper underground. It's difficult for the vanilla world to understand that this is all consensual. It's such a 1984 thing really, freedom through slavery. But of course that's exactly what it is for slaves. They no long have to worry, or keep score, that's entirely on the Master.

Have you had to change your approach to D/s with the heightened #MeToo dialog? Are you more circumspect about who you tell and how you explain it?

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Re: I worry about the #MeToo movement

I am not afraid for the majority of masters even it is unusual for the people outside.
Ask yourself about your respect for your slave and thats the answer.
And I am happy that all the brutal idiots (=no masters) may get a problem because this is not BDSM.
Pretty simple, or? Smile

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Re: I worry about the #MeToo movement

Do you think that "even deeper underground" is really something to worry about?
Before internet it was that way.
Closed circles where you needed to prove yourself and not select a role in a dropdown menu, the Divine Marquis books and Story of O were the reference books/film instead of the 50 shades of bs.

The best way to ruin a thing is to make it mainstream.

Better one real sub/slave or hundreds of Saturday night fantasy, Kik wannabes and recycled vanilla?

And then after last Argento/McGowan contradictory show...

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Re: I worry about the #MeToo movement

The way I see things unfolding I believe this lifestyle will be forbidden by law sooner than later.

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