First 24
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It will start by picking you up at the Airport, we will walk out to my car, where I will tell you to take your jacket off and put you on the back seat and give you handcuffs on and lay your jacket over and give you the seatbelt on.
It's a long drive home to me where there is no big conversation when we're home so will I remove the seatbelt and lead you into my home where I will take handcuffs of you and tell you to take all your clothes except panties.
I want to give you a collar on your neck and straps on your wrists, and chain you upright in the shower cubicle and force you to drink a bottle of water, I will just wait for you to humiliate yourself, 12 or 24 hours before you pee in your panties, I have time to wait
When you've been peeing in your panties, I'll take them off and put them in your mouth and give you a piece of ducktape over so you cannot spit them out.
Then it's time to get you washed thoroughly, your anal should also be washed well, so that it can be cleaned well
Then you have a small examination after I have dried you and removed the pants from your mouth. First, you are weighed, taken blood pressure and listened to your heart, so I put rubber gloves on with a little slip on my fingers and first examine your pussy, then your asshole and finally your mouth.

Time-wise it's not to know where we are here, I want to drive you tired and have you awake for more than 24 hours.
After examination, I will give you straps on the ankles and ball gag in your mouth and tie you to the cross. first chained with your back to me so I can find a whip that suits you, you will be used several times, so it will not be the wildest whip I find the first time I have some whips made of horsehair and it will be the first pain I want you to learn.
When I'm satisfied, I'll turn around and chain you with the front to me
I will put screw clamps on your nipples and squeeze until I can see the pain in your eyes and hear you give a mood
Also, the riding crop has come to the ride on your pussy, small calm monotonous stroke over and over, interrupted a little hard blow on your inner thighs and pulling in the clamps.

When I think I have work long enough on the front of you, I will give your wrists chain enough to kneel down, take the gag out of your mouth, lift my pants down and put my cock in your mouth .
Once I have delivered my sperm into your mouth, I will raise you up and chain you to the cross again. And let you stand while I cook food for you.
When the food is ready I will unchain you and serve the food on the floor in a dog bowl where I will of course deliver a saliva in your food, the cane will be ready to help you if you are having trouble eating
When you have eaten, wash and brush your teeth, it's also time for you to sleep in your place under my bed.

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