Mind has been awfully needy lately !!!!
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It's. Been a while since I have posted anything here on my Blog. I know I have a over active mind at times. Lately it has spurred up Quiet bit. I have been on S F now going on 4 yrs .... Always hoping to find a Playmate. I have even recommended using Kik , & Skype ... Which I would like to say is a good way to cary on a Virtual Reality Relationship as long as Boundaries are meet, and are agreed to. There is lots of Fun , Experimenting , in Abuse , Teasing , Using , Dominance , Fulfilling Fantasies , & Testing Limits ... I have had a few experiences here that I have truly enjoyed as of Late and Hope to Continue Upon Mutual Agreements ... I Think with the Right Attitude & Willingness to cooperate The Possibilities are Endless... I am writing this Hoping to get Some Serious responses. Its all in the name of Bdsm , Kink , Pleasure , & Finding Pleasure in this Lifestyle. There are a few I am speaking to Directly & you know Who you are , its been a Real Pleasure Experiencing The Adventures we have Put Effort into , & I must say I want More !!! Its a Start to A Wonderful Friendship & Adventures in Something We can Say is Worth While .... We can have many more so don't stop reaching out , this Sir will Take Great Honor and Ownership of Our Accomplishments , it will Remain Solely with This Sir as Prized Moments or With a Understanding of Sir's Trust Worthiness & Agreement Between Myself & any other Willing Participants To Post Such Accomplishments With Honor of what Is Capable in A Virtual Environment , Showing True Obedience to Our Desires .... Anyone Willing To Work With Master??? Cum On Let's Have a Adventure that we can carry on at our Willingness & Capabilities' ....

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Re: Mind has been awfully needy lately !!!!

Where does one find sluts, slaves and lifestyles on kik, or other sites?

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Re: Mind has been awfully needy lately !!!!

I must be of some interest ... No one wants to open the door ??? It would be nice to Build some relationships that are of some interest , I have reached out Now its up to All you Slaves , Sluts , Nasty lil Pets , not Scared to Venture Forward ... I am not going no where , so why not strike up a Convo it may lead to some Unbelievable Great Memories !!!!

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