is it working ?
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does it work here in that site ?
its my third and i hope its not just a spam as others , full of spams and scams very annoying
any dom could find his sub/slave here ?? or any sub found her dom here ?? i would like to know if it works for u tell me so i have better hope here lol
and i guess there is some kind of bug stop profile pics from showing up i hope this site have manager or admin can fix that on my and others profile
and last thing , i been master for 5 years and seeking sub live in east texas or texas in general can kik me (moej0e) the o in j0e is a zero
only serious , no scams no games i wont tolerate that sry
subs from any other place but texas if wanna txt me np but it will be just friends or teach u if u want and chetchat but thats it , it cant get serious with sub from out side texas coz i wont relocate .
finaly sry for my english i talk way better with very lil accent lol , am egyption live in usa , no wonder am a master , after all ,, its in our blood since pharaohs Wink

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Re: is it working ?

u latterly answered all my wonders lol
thank u for ur time Smile

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Re: is it working ?

Does it work? Yes it works but this site is not a meat market, we are a lifestyle site. So how you approach people is just as important as if you approach someone. Simply stating you are a Dominant and sitting back waiting for subs to flock to you does not work. By the same token, carpet bombing and reaching out to message any member with tits does not work either.

Suggest you read My blog Coves some of My thoughts on the matter.

As for profile pictures, the sites software is a bit quirky. It can take several hours to show up. Information on how to do that can be found at

Yes the site does have moderators an and admin but they are volunteers with lives outside the site. They do actively seek out the scammers to remove them from the site but as easily as you registered for the site they can sign-up and reregister so it is a bit like herding cats. Please privately let the mod staff know if you come across one (see the Mods menu on the site menu bar) and they will investigate.

Best of luck in your search.

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Re: is it working ?

i hope the mod team fix the profile picz issues too then

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Re: is it working ?

mod team work hard to keep scammer out from the site
they will be kicked as soon we see them


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