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Cuckquean Part 9

I tried to repeat the rules, but I was crying too hard. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. As Evil as my Master had been, he had never forced me to have sex with dogs, and had only peed in my mouth on few ocasions, as a form of punishment, but to have to drink piss every day! And the dogs! That was really too much for me!

She laughed. She was really enjoying every tear of mine.

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Cuckquean Part 8

I had been locked in the playroom for the past day. I was cold and hungry, and and anxious, not knowing what do expect.

The playroom door was opened, and the both walked in. I imeadiatly positioned myself on my knees, with my head to the floor, trying to keep them happy. I was really hoping to avoid punishment.

He came towards me and shoved his left foot agains my face. It smelled. But I leaked it, eager to please. Desperate to keep him happy.

She grabbed my hair from behid me.

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Cuckquean Part 7

I had know idea how long I had been hanging there, but I was in true pain. And I felt really nervous about what was going to happen next.

As harsh as my husband had been, I was at least familiarized with how far he would go. But I sensed now that his new girlfriend was going to take things to a different level.

I could hear the car parking when they returned. I heard noises, of them going back and forth from the car into the house. I could tell they were carrying things.

The back and forth stopped, and the "playroom" door was opened.

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Cuckquean Part 6 - How I got here...

Note: this entry in 100% fiction - I believe in sane, safe and consesual in real life -

As I hang in the dark, not knowing what will happen when they come back, streched, in pain and humilliated, my mind starts wondering... how did I get here?

Rob and I started seeing each other when I was a foreign student attending college in the States. He was 10 years older than me, and we met a friend's party. I was very much in love with him.

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Cuckquean Part 5

I lay on the floor, my nipples and cunt lips in pain, the taste of his piss, still in my mouth. I'm really hoping he will say No. That he is the only one who gets to pee in my mouth. I can't stand the whore. I reaaly don't want to serve her.

- I bet she would love that! Lets have her beg you, then!

I stayed silent, in shock for a few seconds. Long enough for him to loose his temper, grab one of my nipple clamps and twist it so hard that I thought I'd pass out.

- P...Please, can you pee in my mouth?

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Cuckquean Part 4

After about half an hour of sitting in my face and having me clean her ass, she finally seems satisfied. This is not the first time she has been with my husband, but he had never forced me to clean her ass before, and I feel extremely humilliated. This a little past my limit and heknows that. I'm also feeling scared and confused as this is the first time he allows someone else to take pictures of me, and I wonder if he will let her keep them.

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Cuckquean Part 3

As soon as I'm done cleaning him - she pushes to the floor, and seats on my face. Twisting my nipples as hard as she possibly can, she orders me lick her ass clean.

I can taste his spunk mixed with her filth. It's all over my face, and she presses hard, still pinching my nipples, digging her nails on them.

Master, decides to torture my cunt while she is sitting on my face. He rubs some mint oil on my lips and clit, and then places some mean clamps. I can't see his face, but I know he is enjoying it. and I hear his cruel and hurfull words.

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Cuckquean Part 2

I can feel his strong hand pushing my head between her legs. Her juices all over my face. She is has come twice already, but keeps saying it was not goood enough.

- Make me cum slut! But do it right this time. Come on, cunt! aren't you good for anything?

Master is furious that I´m not pleasing his guest properly and starts hitting me with his belt.

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She comes in the house and master introduces me. I'm on my knees, bound, with wrists and ankles in shackles, wearing ballet boots, stockings a garter belt and the tightest corset. Breathing is hard as it is but becomes more difficult when she walks in the room. Of course no panties, as I'm never allowed to wear that. My small boobs are showing.

She is tall and beautifull, and has the big breast I allways wanted to have. She is sophisticated and intimidating at the same time.

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