Free milk!!! Do you want a lease???
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Okay, okay. Yes. It's true in theory that no one will buy the cow if they can get the milk for free.

Even if we disregard that in a blow job you 'milk' the cock, but whatever. Wait, it does go both ways, so never mind. A guy with a magical cock shouldn't give away his milk for free either! That was a total stereotype.

So, is it wrong to give a taste of your milk to find the right cow? I mean, you can always give out samples like at Costco??? right??? You don't want to buy 5,000 mini hot dogs without trying them?

You run the risk of getting a reputation that you just give it away to every Tom and Dick or Judy and Jane... but even at Costco there's a "membership", right?

I mean even if it appears you're just sucking dick and keeping the Trojan company in business but if you feel a spark with a person, what is so wrong with trying that dick out? I've tried lots of less savory things after waiting in line forever for a morsel of less salty samples at the store.

Whether it's a spark of curiosity, one of respect, one of curiosity, there was a spark that made you want to investigate it more.

There are other sparks that result in massages, ear rubs, hand holding, lip locking and even just friendly banter.

Sampling does not make it free milk, unless of course you consider a life full of giving samples with glee, always a smile on your face and wanting for nothing else "free". Sounds like a happy life with lots of friends to me.

I guess you could always negotiate a lease... cows can't be that expensive to lease... and the mileage should be pretty low???

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Re: Free milk!!! Do you want a lease???

Sheesh I stepped in that one.

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Re: Free milk!!! Do you want a lease???

Issib, then I'm sorry. But I hear goats are even less expensive to lease and their milk is not as inflammatory for those L.I.'s... lol

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Re: Free milk!!! Do you want a lease???

But what about the lactose intolerant? (weg)

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