Corporal Punishment and Domestic Violence
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My Owner told me today what my blog entry would be about. And I have taken most of the day to think about this certain topic. And as I have been thinking about it has brought back memories, thoughts, feelings on both subjects. Now I remember when I was a child my father would tell me there's a fine line between discipline and child abuse. As I get older I see that there's a fine line between corporal punishment and domestic violence. As when I was a child I got spanked, I got slapped upside the head if I needed it, my father and grandfather was not shy about hitting slapping me if needed it. But every single time I got the back of the hand I deserved it, I was either saying something, acting a certain way that was in appropriate, I knew better. Neither one of them every abused me in any way, shape, or form. But as I got older teenager years I rebelled, in my twenties did the same thing. But did I get the back of the hand when I got older. No. Did I do things that deserved the back of the hand. Yes. So makes me wonder why is it ok in this society for parents to give their child the punishment they deserve but as they get older they stop. I still needed it, I need it today. I need the corporal punishment more today than I might of when I was a young child, as there are more distractions in this World today that can get us women off the course.

I have never been in a domestic abusive relationship, I suppose I have been lucky that way. But like all women I have heard the stories, who hasn't seen at least one episode of Dr. Phil or Oprah. So we know that the domestic abuse is real, its out there. But what's the difference between domestic abuse and corporal punishment. To me domestic abuse is when a man hits a woman out of angry, not giving her a reason for why He's beating her, that is not ok nor will it ever be. But corporal punishment is when the man is calm, cool, and collective He will punish the woman now it could be with the back of the hand or belt it doesn't matter how He does it but the woman knows exactly why she's getting hit. She knows she deserves it, she knows that she did wrong. Than she apologizes admits her wrong doings, than for both the man and woman it's over.

The purpose of corporal punishment is an easy one. It let's the slave keep in mind who's always in charge, helps her keep the proper mindset of knowing who she is, what she is, that she's only a piece of property to be used with how her Owner sees fit, it's good for a slave to learn a lesson for what not to do. I think men who have been filed or do domestic violence they just loose it, they don't know how to control their own temper, their own emotions. They are probably good men but lack self control. As yes all women if we are getting out of line, over spoken, not obedient we need that slap across the face, or that feel of the swift belt on our exposed skin. But we need the punishment in the right way, by the right man, and for the right reasons.

There's a huge difference between play time and punishment time. During play time I have felt a flogger, belt, etc. but that's play time. In my adult life I have never felt the sting of the belt as a punishment, the slap of my face, or anything of that natural. Unfortunately I have been looking for most of my adult life a man to take me by force, to use physical force to make sure I stay obedient, to stand up and be the man I know men are suppose to be. So when I was 27 I got into the Lifestyle hoping to find this said man. It took me just recently to find the Dominant I always been looking for. Yes, I have been with several Dominants. I wont use names but when I was 28 I joined a couple to be their third. The woman needed the corporal punishment more than I ever knew a woman to. One day the man and woman was fighting, yelling, I was trying to stay out of it be on the side lines per say was not my argument I had no reason to jump into the fight. Well she got into the man's face he was angry. He told her to back up, to go. She didn't. So he slapped her across the face just once. She got angry and walked away. My thoughts at seeing this was not if she was ok. But wanting to feel that sting across my face. Over the course of my relationship with the Dominant I did everything I could to feel the sting but never did. Come to think about it out of all the Dominants I have been with not one has every gave me the proper corporal punishment I deserve. And yes at times I deserved a slap, or the belt I was not begging for it with words but with actions I was. So here recently I received what I like to think as my first punishment as an adult. It was unpleasant, I didn't enjoy it, but it showed me how much my Owner cared that I disobeyed Him, he punished me, than we moved on. Knowing I learned my lesson that needed to be learned.
What I am trying to say in this blog is for all woman, all slaves corporal punishment is not something that is only for the masochists, only for the pain lovers. No. It's for every single women, as women we need the reminder of our place not only in society but our place in our relationships.

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Re: Corporal Punishment and Domestic Violence

Thank you Sir for the comment. We will have to agree to disagree.

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Re: Corporal Punishment and Domestic Violence

You have a lot of opinions, my dear, which you state as facts in your 5ish recent blogs. There is a difference between opinions and facts, as is there a variance in the way that Masters/Doms and slaves/subs should act, feel and be. None of us get to say what is right for all women or all slaves/subs and especially all Masters & Doms.

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