Proper Female Obedience
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What is a slave's job? Some might say it's to please her Owner, make sure His life is better, easier, see to all His needs, whatever that may be. And yes that is a big part of a slave's job. But the most important part of a slave's job is her obedience. As if the Owner is pleased with His property, than His property is pleased with herself. Obedience. That is the only thing that a true slave needs to be concerned about. To newbies it may seem like oh that's easy just doing what your told, I can do that. But the key to obedience is its easy to be obedient when it's something that you want to do but it's harder to be obedient to the commands of your Owner when it's something that makes you uncomfortable, something that normally you would never do. But one must remember we are not normal none of us are. We are those select few who either need to be Owned or be the Owner. I'm very new in my training with my Owner, and I'll be the first one to admit as a slave as His property I have a lot to learn. But there's one thing that is at my core it's my obedience to Him. Without the obedience factor in place, without me knowing that I have to be 100% obedient to Him 100% percent of the time. Obedience to me is very important as it helps me to remember who I am and who I am not. I am a piece of property I can be bought, sold, or traded at any given time. So that obedience needs to be always at the center of my life. Above everything else I do. I know if I'm not obedient to my Owner there will be consequences.
If I come home and think well I don't feel like being naked that's not being obedience to my Owner. That's having the wrong type of mindset, which can lead down a very slippery slope. Obedience doesn't take a Holiday, there's no days off. It's 24/7 365 days a year thing. True slavery is not easy, not for the faint of heart. But when you come to terms with knowing that the road you on is not easy, but knowing this is the only way you can live your life. Than there's no other choice but to be the slave you were always meant to be. Maybe this is where a lot of slaves struggle with that there's no on or off button to your obedience, to your servitude. I have talked to some submissives and even a couple of slaves who said that they could never serve or be under someone that they don't love. But don't get me wrong if you fall in love with your Owner than great, happy for you. But we must remember as slaves as females love and obedience do not need to go hand in hand. You do not need to love your Owner to be obedient to Him. You are obedient to Him because He is your Owner. If being a slave is truly who you are, at your very core of existence, you know you are a slave, you know you are nothing more than a piece of property. Than you know that you have no other option but to obey, to be obedient to the One.

I wont say I am like every female on this Earth because we are all different in our own way. But I will tell you this there is one thing that every single female on this Earth has in common we all want, need, desire the structure and guidance of a strong male. Now of course you will have some that will deny this. But if they seek their true hearts of hearts they know what they want. Now I have just come to the realization that this does not make me weak but makes me strong. For I need this structure and guidance myself. Without it us females are again like I've said like lambs out there getting ready to be slaughtered. We need the structure as it keeps us in line. It keeps our heads in the right game. Us females can easily be swayed one way or another its true. But with structure discipline we know that there is a strong male in our lives that will keep us on the right path. And if we happen to sway left or right on that path.
He will be a strong enough male to get us back on, with whatever means that may be. Honestly we all seek guidance even in the vanilla world. I seek guidance from my Owner all the time. As without the guidance how do we know if we are doing what is right. We must understand as females yes we can live a life without our Dom's/Owners/strong males but it's a life of unhappiness, unfulfillment, loneliness. Obedience is what we all as females should strive for. To submit, serve, be obedience to our Dominants/Owners.

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Re: Proper Female Obedience

Thank you for the nice comment Sir. I agree only "freedom" for females can come by submitting to a strong male.

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Re: Proper Female Obedience

Well said. If all women honestly embraced the truth of themselves as you do, this would be a much happier and harmonious world. This isn't some new
idea that is an experiment. Females' required obedience to the Male has been the cornerstone of sensible culture for many centuries, keeping the world
balanced and in good working order. Fads about "freedom" can come and go but natural gender needs and the consequent roles that spring from them
will never change. When a female knows that abject obedience is her proper role, then she is at last "free" to embrace the deep truth of her being and female destiny
with due passion and fealty.

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