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Respect. It's something most of us learned at an early age. I know I did. I respected my parents, any one that was an adult. As a child if I didn't show the proper respect I knew there would be consequences for my actions. So I wonder why most of us learned respect as a child but forgot it as an adult. I also remember that I lived down South when I was an adult for a time I learned to show the proper respect as saying Yes Sir or Yes Ma'am. Now that's in the vanilla world where as civilized people we should show proper respect to one another.
I want to write about what I have noticed during my time in the BDSM Lifestyle some people think that respect is something that is earned not just given freely. Some submissives and Dominants have this same view as submissives think and say I will not refer to a Dominant as Sir after the first message that is something He must earn not just something that is given. Yes calling a random man or Dominant Sir is not the same thing nor has the same meaning as calling your Owner Sir. But I strongly believe every man, every Dominant should get our respect. An referring to Him as Sir gives Him just that. But also Dominants I believe you should show us woman slaves a line of respect as well.
Before I truly became a part of this Lifestyle I spent sometime online reading, talking, getting the information on what this Lifestyle truly is. And I was on many sites over the years. And through it all I have noticed on other websites and on the internet in general some men will tend to say things they normally wouldn't say to a female. Now just because a man or Dominant is being rude to you does that give you the right as a female as a submissive to be rude right back at him. No. Simple as that. As the female creatures we are we must show that person respect and respectfully reply back to his words. But also on the flip side of the said coin I think us submissives should receive a certain amount of respect. No we are not equal to men nor well we ever be but respect is something we should be given. How a man talks to us especially in the first few messages of a conversation should be with a tone of respectfulness. Now once communication is built, even a relationship between submissive and Dominant just because Dominant treats a slave in a certain way, says certain things, this does not show her any less respect but shows her more. As said Dominant knows His property that well to know what she needs, even if she has been trying to deny for years what she truly needs, wants, and desires.
How respect is shown is not just referring to a man or Dominant as Sir but as stated that's the first thing we do. But it's also how we talk in general to Him, we don't show Him attitude, we should talk speak in a manner that a proper woman should meaning no foul language, no sass, none of those things that society says a woman should speak to a man like. Even in our body language should be respectful don't roll eyes, don't sigh, you are in the presence of a man whether it is your Dominant or not He deserves respect and should get it. As I think a lot of woman want respect from a man but they don't want to show the same respect back at him. That is not right. Woman know your place respect the man.
I think we all deserve respect in some way, shape or form. As I look at this way any man you have respect for your car, you treat your car good, you care for your car, you want to keep your car running as it should. So in the same way you respect your property for that is what us woman are. We are our man's/Dominant's property nothing more nothing less.

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