Nettles, zip ties and soapy enemas
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Another adventure.

I walked off to a nearby forest and got a large handful of stinging nettles while wearing painfully tight zip ties around my breasts under my clothes. Back at home I stripped off and braced for the staggering pain I knew was coming. I gave my painfully swollen breasts about ten swats with the bunch of nettles. OMG that hurt! Big red marks and blisters appeared within minutes. Burning pain and itchiness. I followed this up with ten nettle lashes to my fat tummy. OMG... the pain!
Last part of the night was trying to fill myself with 2 x 2L hot soapy water enemas. That was harder than I thought. The soap burned and tingled and I ended up exploding all over the place three times. In the end I fell asleep having failed my enema challenge.
I tried very hard though... Smile

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Re: Nettles, zip ties and soapy enemas

You need to punish yourself for not being able to complete your punishment

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