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Amy sipped her coffee and asked nineteen year old Bethany across the breakfast table, “You have class today?”
“Just a morning class at ten.”
Bethany glanced up from her homework, “How long is he going to be gone?”
“He’ll be home Wednesday evening. Remember, he will expect us to be on our best behavior while he’s away on business.”

Julie, two years older than Bethany, picked at the cantaloupe on her breakfast plate was about to say something when Steve came into the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee. Coming up behind Amy he leaned over. Craning her neck Amy kissed him.Walking around the table he received a kiss from the other two girls, sat in his chair and helped himself to a muffin, “I arranged for the Overby’s son to stay with you while I’m gone.”
“Oh my God, is he even legal?” Bethany pouted.
Amy hissed, “You know better than to question your owner! Would you rather be kenneled while he’s gone?”
Bethany sighed, “No…”
Cutting the muffin in half Steve spread strawberry jam on one half and took a bite, “Best I could do on short notice. He’s eighteen, and this is his first time as a head of house so go easy on him. He’ll have all privileges, so…”
“Of course,” Amy nodded.
Checking the time, Steve hurried through his muffin, “Have to run. I expect a good report when I come home.”
Kissing his girls goodbye he left and Bethany wrinkled her nose, “All privileges?”
“That’s what he said.” Amy rose from the table and dug out her phone from her purse, “Julie, you can clear the table.”
Dialing, Amy waited a moment then said, “Mrs. Overby? It’s Steve Anderson’s girl, Amy… I know! We are all so excited! If it’s not too much trouble, can I speak to your son? We need his instructions. Julie and I don’t have plans but Bethany has a class this morning… Heavens no! We won’t leave the house without his permission… Yes, I’ll hold.”
Bethany was occupied with her lessons and Julie was starting the dishes when Amy hung up. “Well. Mark will be here soon. Bethany, He wants you to attend your class and come straight home after. Julie and I are to stay home. Our temporary head of house has instructed us not to wear underwear.”
Julie giggled, “How shocking!”
Bethany wrinkled her nose.
“That’s enough Girls! For now, he is our husband and we will respect him as such!” Amy clapped her hands, “Dishes and homework will wait. We need to touch up our hair and makeup, I want us all looking our best!”


Bethany was finishing her homework when the doorbell rang and Amy called her from the entryway. “Just a sec!” Shutting down her laptop she shoved it into her bag and hurried to join the others. They were wearing dresses and heels, as usual.
Amy had already let Mark in, saying to him with a welcoming smile, “We are very excited to have you as our husband!”
He lived three doors down the street, and Bethany was a little surprised to see him wearing slacks and a button down shirt instead of his usual jeans and T-shirt. Mark blushed, “Yeah, I guess…? I’m kinda new to this…”
“No worries!” Amy assured him with a quick kiss, “You just tell us what you want done. You have absolute control. You know Julie and Bethany of course?”
Smiling, Julie kissed him, “Hi.”
Bethany kissed him and smiled, “Hello. I was just on my way…” Julie nudged her and Bethany started over, “May I go and attend my class?”
Clearing his throat Mark nodded, “Yes.”
“Thank you.” Bethany hustled out the door. She breathed once she was outside, ‘God… What an idiot! Master’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel!’
Julie followed as Amy took Mark’s arm leading him into the living room, “Master likes us wearing dresses. If you wish us to wear something else say so. Would you like something to drink? Iced tea, maybe? Or a soda?”
They stopped in front of the couch and he replied, “Soda I guess.”
Amy looked at Julie and she nodded on her way to the kitchen. Staying close to Mark’s side, Amy said, “You gave instructions about our underwear. You have something in mind?”
Mark’s ear’s reddened, “Yeah…”
“Wonderful!” taking Mark’s hand she settled it firmly on her ass, “That belongs to you while you’re here. Don’t bother asking. Julie and I are very docile. Bethany still has an attitude. Pay no attention to her whining, she has to learn what she’s for.”
Mark Overby was one in a long line of ‘husbands’ that had paraded through the house. Most of the husbands knew what to do, but occasionally Steve would bring in someone like Mark, shy and uncertain. Bethany and Julie were in training, and Amy was responsible for their training. She was thirty-six and in spite of a few areas that were beginning to sag, she was still pretty. Amy knew Steve was planning on bringing two or three new girls home to re-supply his stock from this business trip.
When Julie returned to the living room with an open can of soda and a glass of ice on a tray, Mark was lifting Amy’s dress upward. ‘Well. He didn’t take long to get started.’
Placing the tray on the coffee table, Julie stood next to Amy and pulled her own dress up to her waist. Feeling a hand on her ass, she leaned forward and spread her legs wider. Her warming vulva swelled, she was already going into heat. Julie was ready for sale and it wouldn’t be long before she was shipped to a new owner.

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