Wanted: The One
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What could it possibly be that I am looking for?

A bitch, a slut, a cumdump, a woman, my woman...

A toy at my disposal, set of holes willing to do what needs to be done to please.

I will give you my attention, I will give you my best and the same is expected of you.

I don’t care about your location, although EU is preferred as if things go right, I would like to initiate real encounters and sessions.

I am not looking for a no limit individual but in fact for someone who has limits and knows those limits should be broken in order for them to fulfill their potential.

I do have extreme ideas and you should be ready to comply. If you can’t handle pain, can’t handle discomfort, can’t handle abuse, both verbal and physical, stop reading.

I am a visual kind of man. If I cannot see my designs, your body or your looks in positions I set you in, what’s the point? Not willing to show on camera, provide pics? Sorry, we won’t be a good match.

Are you disgusting fat fuck? Not interested. I find the visuals of that extremely off-putting. Just be of a normal build.

Be over legal age of 18, and be under 45, I don’t care much for that, I cherish the idea of having a young innocent slut to mold into what I want. As well as dominating someone who’s older, submissive MILF. How could I say no to that?

Three hole slut, if you are not in there yet, you will get there. I will get you there. The holes are mine.

As well as your pair of udders and those two bottom cheeks that redden under impact. Trust me, they will be red. And black. They will fucking glow with colors.

Within limits. You shall be hurt and possibly broken. But you will not be exposed to life threatening situations. Same as that, I don’t find interest in blackmail nor ruining your ordinary life.

Submission is a gift. Respect is earned. Relationship is a path.

Will you join me?

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