Experienced Master Looking For a Young Slavegirl
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Dominant Male experienced in local lifestyle. Due to my current situation only interested in online BDSM ownership, training and mentoring.

I've owned slaves from 18 to +40 and enjoyed most of relationships but this is a fetish that I want to explore more now. I know that a big age gap is not always necessary for a relationship, but personally I prefer a good age gap, so preference will be given to younger applicants.

If you expect that a Daddy Dom or Master to be soft or less strict, then i am the wrong dom. I'm very strict, demanding, kinky and dominant. I'll dictate strict practices to my new slave, I'll take into account your experience to regulate intensity, but your age will not be a key factor.

My ideal slave needs to be interested in the following fields:

- Impact play: Self spanking with hand and different tools that can be home made.
- Simple Bondage: Basically tits bondage or body harness. More intricate bondage could not be safe without someone else close, specially for a newbie.
- Pain: Nipple & pussy clamps (or clothespins), nipple suckers, etc.
- Humiliation: Abuse, body writing, begging, nude inspection, etc

- Oral, vaginal and anal penetration. If you're not experienced in anal, you should be ready and willing to be trained for it.
- Orgasm tease and denial, edging.
- Toys: Dildos, vibs, butt plugs, etc.

If a low number of the practices are outside your limits, it can be negotiated. Newbies are encouraged to apply.

Message me expressing interest along with your basic details on kik: SadistDaddie

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Re: Experienced Master Looking For a Young Slavegirl

I'm am very interested. Message me master

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Re: Experienced Master Looking For a Young Slavegirl

Master I am here. I'm willing to become your slave. I'm younger than I say I am so my push is right just for you

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