Master seeking male slaves for his home and ranch!
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I am searching for a few submissives to join a small Gay community or family. As our family grows, submissives will have a different integral purpose for the benefit of its brothers and myself. I am creating a Gay family of men on my 95-acre ranch in the majestic mountains of Southern Colorado. I offer my commitment to provide a stable and secure home and structure for their lives, my time and energy to control and mold their behavior and attitudes so that my submissives can become the most that they can in life. My commitment to protect and care for them, my sincerity, honesty, realism, and trustworthiness, and my affection, which will develop over time into deep love for them. I am a caring Dominant looking for a full-time, committed submissives to serve me on many levels--not just sexually. I am searching for men who truly derive great pleasure from being of service too another man on all levels. A prospective submissive should be ready to totally dedicate himself to building a real Dominant / submissive relationship in a lifestyle of service. All prospective submissives must be honest, sincere, loyal and trustworthy. For me being a good Dominant is about more than a sexual relationship or just role-playing at times in the dungeon or bedroom. It means possessing the need in a relationship to accept absolute responsibility of another person, being worthy of his total trust, and creating a lifestyle where he can fulfill his need to derive pleasure from truly serving and pleasing another man. To be a Dominant, I must give the gifts of control, discipline, guardianship, structure and focus to men who are fulfilled living in service on all levels. With this power comes great responsibility and that responsibility is what focuses and grounds me, it makes sense of my life and it is spiritually fulfilling and gratifying. Being a Dominant requires integrity, passion, work, vision, dedication, commitment and, most importantly, realism in building a lifestyle in which someone can serve me. You must answer yes to all of the follow before contacting me. 1. You are prepared to relocate soon with in few months? 2. Do you truly have a submissives heart? 3. Are you serious and sincere?
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Re: Master seeking male slaves for his home and ranch!

there r no male sub/slaves allowed on this site, read red disclaimer on home page

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Re: Master seeking male slaves for his home and ranch!

Hello Sir! If it would please You Sir, this slave would love to hear from You Sir!! This slave believes that it could be a great servant to serve on Your ranch and to do it's BEST to meet ALL of Master's NEEDS, WANTS, and DESIRES!!!
i am not on this site very often.
slave wes

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Im a 36 year old male, weight 80 kg, height 188 cm, blond haired and green eyed.
I would like to be teached trained and hold like a ponyboy. Included to be bittet. When there is a decision made to hold me at 24/7/365, you can also cage and chain me and also dehumanizse or feminize me.
So, if theres no way for me to run away, you can also take me into chains. In the beginning with key. After you decided to hold me, you can brandmark me as your property and take me into welded chains on arms,legs and collar with no key anymore. Also the welded (no key) metallhooves to my feet will help to look like a horse and make the sound of one with every step i make.
if you wish other things to be done to my body to transfer me into a horse - no problem.
So let me know more about you,please.
perhaps your new

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