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I’ve been seeing a pattern over the years, to which it doesn’t bode well for Human culture or society. This pattern has been ever growing in popularity, and that pattern is this ever growing division of we’ll say “suitors”. I say this as I see individuality becoming more suffocated, and those who are deemed “too young to be experienced” or seeking experience in any field are being shunned and cast aside. I don’t merely refer to the lifestyle, but rather in trades in general. For example, I have knowledge in running a retail store, yet since I am not some 45 to 50 year old billionaire tycoon, I am treated as though I have no experience in leadership period, let alone how to be a successful businessman. I have actually been able to successfully operate a company for several years. Am I a multi-billionaire tycoon? No, not every business has the capacity for success, especially when the economy gets rigged to collapse and no one has any money to spend on luxury merchandise. Now, I’ve also been starting to observe this same thought process encroach it’s way into a lifestyle I hold in my core. The majority of slaves I’ve noticed are either seeking Doms far in excess of my age, or they simply aren’t interested in seeking as they’re either already owned; burnt out from fakes; or just not seeking to be owned. Am I whining? From a viewpoint you could say that, but as it stands I’m simply making an observation. This observation further states a grim detail: The male population is beginning to decrease at an extraordinary rate; that being said, male Doms are coming in even shorter supply, so let me leave off with this: If there is no one to pass experience, and knowledge to, what happens to the knowledge?

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Re: All the best ones...

I guess then, I’m simply being too impatient in waiting for the revival.

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Re: All the best ones...

Just like every other time in history when knowledge is lost/forgotten, we rediscover/reinvent it after a long awkward period. Simple as that. Same with people.

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