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STOLEN "rant about theft"

"Those who know me, know I like to make fun stuff. BDSM toys, mad toys with engines and scrap material art.

Some on here and one other site have had even received small gifts from me. Now, I know when I have given the limited images of my builds with people in them or just of the builds them self’s.

They may end up on the net.

Where I and them loose control of them, so they will appear in random places, on random sites.

This is the simple facts.

But what recently has angered me is on one site, one of my builds, with a friend into appeared.


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Female seeking male that knows what the word blog means

The blog area is not the correct place for personals. Of course I understand why someone would think so since every entry on the front page but one is.

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I am looking for good, serious written stories about female humiliation / degradation. Nothing is off limits. I feel like I have found all the sites and stories out there and I am bored. Please give me links to your favorite degradation stories. ( not the website..the actual story you like) please and thank you!!

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Where do we draw the line

so Mr I will turn you into a prostitute (whose blog seems to have disappeared) got me thinking:

I was watching a documentary on hbo this weekend about the cannibal cop. for those that don't know he was a cop that would go on fetish websites and talk about cannibalizing women. well he wound up getting prosecuted for it. the doc is interesting not so much because of his specific story but because it brings up complicated issues of when does thought become action, when is a "crime" really committed, when does public safety out weigh personal rights, what is thought crime?

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