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sign here and here please, he was tall large and had no hair and i had just signed to say i agree he could pierce my clit and nipples, it was a week since i was punished by my Mistress friend i had also been punished again a couple of days later for calling her a fat lasy cow after she told me off for not doing a job correctly and making me do it again i was learning my place as a slave it was another two weeks before Mistress was due out of prison and her two friends were preparing me for her, this was why i was at a shop or i should say basement sho psigning to say i want to be pierced. he said take of your trousers and panties and hop up on the coutch. panties what panties i had not seen a pr since i came out of jail if i was not naked in the house i only had trousers and top on plus the leather collar i always had on i lay on the coutch as he rolled over a table with leg stirrups attached and lifted my legs one at a time he said that makes a change your shaved makes the job easy, putting on a pr of gloves he sais this will seen a bit cold as he cleaned the area around my clit he said to Grace Mistress friend hold her shoulder down in case she moves about i hear him say someone did a botched job here last time he look at me and said you sure you want a ring there i said yes go ahead, i tensed as he went about his job feeling the sharp pain as he pushed the needle through it was all over in a couple of mins he said i dont normally but im going to put a pad over that until you get home my nipple were very soon pierced and i was sore in three places he have me an envelope and said your after care instructions are in there make sure you keep the site clean untill they are healed and you should have no problems he said who done the job last time i said i don,t know i was drunk and on drugs he said some back steet prick i should imagine. any problems call in and with that we left the shop Grace took the envelope from me as we walk to get the tube back home, being pierced did not stop them from making me work and i was soon cooking the dinner. after serving them both dinner i was allowed to have my own i then washed and tidyed up before reporting to the lounge i had to sit on the stool i was not allowed to sit on the chairs or sofa i served them both with glasses of wine as they watched a film on the dvd at the end Mary said she was going to bed she came over to me put her finger through the collar and pulled me along with her turning into the bathroom she strip off turned on the shower and said wash me i steped in with here and started to wash and shower here it was nott he first time i had done it so know what she wanted after washing her top bits i knelt in the shower or i should say bath/shower and gently was her legs and thight before gently pulling pen her cunt lips and leaning in pushed my tongue over her clit licking and sucking and she bent her knees she pushed my head between her legs as she mmmmmmm and aaaaaaaed after about 5 mins she said get dried and wait in the bedroom again i know what to do put i was very carefull drying myself with my new piercings i look in the mirror my nipples were swollen and red and my clit was still sore althrough the pad had been taken off when we got home
in the bed room there was a low long bench i lay down on it face up legs over the side hands at side as Mary come in lifted one leg over the bench she knely down with her cunt over my face and said tongue.
Part one to be continued later
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