So much more than Fifty Shades...
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i was rereading one of my favorite book series today. (Yes, i'm one of those crazy people who will actually re-read a great book). It's by MQ Barber and currently has four books in her Neighborly Affection series. The premise is fairly simple ... Alice moves in across from Henry and Jay and starts a friendship which eventually turns into a D/s relationship with Henry as the Master, and Alice and Jay as co-subs.

The relationship is slow to develop -- because Henry has more patience than i will ever possess -- but the interactions between the characters are rich and detailed, the sex scenes are inventive and just as detailed, and the entire series shows the beauty of a strong, self-possessed woman finding freedom and joy in submitting to a Man who has her best interests at heart.

While not the most extreme D/s relationship -- light bondage, light impact play, very low protocol -- and i'm sure there will probably eventually be a forum group on this website debating whether Alice is in fact a "real submissive", i still love the series.

What i love most about it, is that unlike 50 Shades of Grey, the Master actually has His sh*t together. Perhaps that's why 50 Shades went viral... because in addition having tons of money spend Christian Grey was a tortured little boy who never grew up but was somehow "saved" by the naive every-girl. If Anastasia did it, any woman could, right?

While i appreciate the fact that the 50 Shades series brought BDSM into mainstream consciousness, i really wish it had been MQ Barber and her Neighborly Affection series that had garnered so much attention.

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Re: So much more than Fifty Shades...

I remember "Playing the game" was written using the girl's POV. I didn't feel comfortable with that approach so I put it down.

About rereading, 'If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.' OW Smile

Thanks for sharing with us.

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