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I am actively looking for a live-in slave who desires to orient her life entirely in service of a greater being. I offer stability, structure, and depravity. I have my own limits regarding safety and sanity - not looking to accommodate any limits beyond that.
Now a bit more about myself and my limits. I have been in the community (or doing my private kink) for many years. I have a rather enormous toy collection and a good amount of experience with my toys. Both privately and publicly, I am quite careful and prefer to err on the side of safety. I never break my possessions. I am not an extreme sadist and I am not here offering a sadistic Disneyland.
Arguably more important than toys is sex. I have a very high drive and typically wear out my partners, even ones who profess to be on the nympho side. For example, I can and often do have sex without interruption after an orgasm. I am looking for a slave who is able to handle my requirements.
And finally, more important than sex is ownership and submission. I am interested in a Owner/property version of Ms. Negotiation happens once, consent is given and henceforth there is no more discussion. I am looking for someone who is in many ways a doormat. An abject slave who does as she is told and does not think because she does not want to think.

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